Complete Guide to Pay Sponsorship/Naqal Iqama Transfer Fee In Saudi Arabia

Complete Guide to Pay Sponsorship/Naqal Iqama Transfer Fee In Saudi Arabia


Thinking about moving your Iqama sponsorship in Saudi Arabia? It’s a big move, but figuring out the fees can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry; we’re here to help make it simple.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything about Iqama transfer fees, making it simple to understand and pay. Whether you’re a pro at this or just getting started, we’ve got your back. Let’s dive in and make your Iqama sponsorship transfer a breeze!

How Much are the Iqama Transfer Fees?

The Iqama transfer fee is an integral part of the sponsorship transfer process, known locally as Naqal Kafala. The fees vary depending on the number of times the transfer is initiated:

  1. First Transfer (نقل كفاله): SAR 2,000
  2. Second Transfer: SAR 4,000
  3. Third Transfer Onwards: SAR 6,000
  4. Explaining the Payment Process:

To streamline the payment process for the Iqama transfer fee, we’ll delve into the two major banks commonly used for this purpose in Saudi Arabia – Al Rajhi Bank and SNB Al Ahli Bank.

How to Pay Sponsorship/Naqal Iqama Transfer Fee in Al Rajhi Bank?

Get started by downloading the Al Rajhi Bank application, available on both PlayStore and iTunes.

Step #1. Log in to Your Internet Banking Account

Access your internet banking account within the application.

Step #2. Navigate to Payments

Select the Payments option from the menu.

Step #3. Government Payment

Click on Government Payment.

Step #4. Alien Control

Under Alien Control, find and select Transfer of Services.

Step #5. Transaction Type

Choose Payment.

Step #6. Enter Iqama Details

Enter your Iqama number, and the system will fetch the details, displaying the amount to pay.

Step #7. Confirmation and Checking Funds

Confirm the payment, enter the secret code received on your mobile device, and check available funds on Absher after completing the transaction.

How to Pay Sponsorship/Naqal Iqama Transfer Fee in SNB Al Ahli Bank?

Download the SNB Bank Application: Download the SNB Bank application from PlayStore or iTunes.

Step #1. Log in to Your Account

Log in to your SNB Al Ahli Bank account.

Step #2. Access SADAD

From the menu, select SADAD.

Step #3. Government Payments

Click on Government Payments.

Step #4. Select Alien Control

Under Biller, choose Alien Control.

Step #5. Transfer of Services

In the Service section, select Transfer of Services.

Step #6. Enter Iqama ID

Select “Unregistered” and input your Iqama number.

Step #7. Confirm and Pay

Confirm the displayed fee and proceed to pay by clicking the “confirm” button.

Responsibility for Payment:

In Saudi Arabia, the obligation to cover the Iqama transfer fee is usually defined by the terms mutually agreed upon between the employer and the employee. As per Article 40 (3) of the Saudi Labor Law, the employer to whom the employee is transferring is responsible for the Iqama transfer fee. However, some companies may share the cost with the employee.

How to Pay Iqama Transfer Fee for Dependents?

If you need to pay the transfer fee for a dependent under your sponsorship, there are three options available:

  1. Transfer Dependent to be the Head of Household
  2. Transfer Head of Household to be Dependent
  3. Transfer Dependent to a New Head of Household

Final Thought:

Navigating the Iqama sponsorship transfer fee payment process in Saudi Arabia is no longer a daunting task. By following the steps outlined above, Using online banking services, and understanding the responsibilities associated with the fee, you can ensure a smooth and efficient transfer.