Best Manpower recruitment agency for Qatar in pakistan 2023

Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Qatar in Pakistan

أفضل وكالة توظيف القوى العاملة لقطر في باكستان

AGT Services International (AGTSI) is the best manpower recruitment agency for Qatar in Pakistan.  We have established strong ties with a number of reputable companies in Qatar. These companies trust us as the best manpower recruitment agency for Qatar in Pakistan.

EMPLOYERS - Why Are We The Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Qatar in Pakistan for YOU?

There are several reasons for AGTSI being known as the best manpower recruitment agency for Qatar in Pakistan. Some of the benefits of working with us to hire workers from Pakistan include:

  1. Firstly, vast experience working with Qatari organizations has allowed us to develop an understanding of the needs of Qatari companies. This allows us to identify and recruit talented workers best suited to the needs of your organization.
  2. Secondly, our panel of industry experts with foreign experience ensures that you easily and quickly obtain the best manpower.  Risk-free manpower recruitment.
  3. Thirdly, we are the only company in Pakistan to offer such a complete suite of recruitment services under one roof.  We make recruitment a breeze.
  4. And last but not least, we make the whole process much more controllable, reliable, fast, and hassle-free for you.  

All The Services The Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Qatar in Pakistan can provide

AGT Services International is not the best manpower recruitment agency for Qatar in Pakistan for nothing.  It offers the widest range of services with unparalleled service.

A Summary of Our Services

Our key services have been summarized below

1. Manpower Recruitment Services

AGTSI offers complete recruitment, staffing, and talent search services for businesses and industries of all types. We are experts at identifying and selecting the best candidates for all your hiring needs. (Read More)

2. Trade Testing Services

Our team is dedicated to help finely assess the skills and knowledge of candidates by providing all-inclusive trade test services.  You will be given access to the best and most well equipped trade testing labs/workshops in Pakistan at AGTSI.

As the best manpower recruitment agency for Qatar in Pakistan we offer outdoor trade testing too.  Outdoor trade testing is important for the on-point assessment of the skills and abilities of drivers, heavy machinery operators, mechanics, auto technicians, etc.  In fact, this allows companies to assess candidates in real-world settings while using actual equipment and facilities.  Just to be clear, we use only the best equipment and facilities for our outdoor testing.

 (Read More)

3. Training Services

Train your workforce for top-level performance through our refresher courses, short-term training, and customized training programs. (Read More)

4. Visa Processing & Travel Arrangements

Besides our other services, we can also provide visa processing services if the client wants.  Furthermore, our sister concern, AGT Travel, and Tourism can make travel arrangements for the client’s workforce if needed. 

Why Choose Workers from Pakistan?

1. Resilient With Excellent Learning Ability, Skills & Experience

Pakistan has a large pool of skilled and unskilled workers from all kinds of industries. These workers are known for their hard work, loyalty, skill and learning ability.  Moreover, their ability to work in harsh weather is truly impressive. As you know that about 60% of Pakistan is similar in climate to Qatar.  This, most definitely, makes them good workers for Qatar.

2. Because Pakistani Workers Find Qatar So Appealing

Pakistanis love Qatar.  We always see much demand for Qatari jobs here. Our people have a strong desire to work in Qatar and are eager for the opportunity to do so. Some of the reasons Pakistanis love working in Qatar are;

3. Strong Ties To Qatar

Pakistanis have very strong ties with Qatar.  Many have worked there for multiple generations for the past 60 years or so.  On the other hand, many have close relatives living and working there. These longstanding ties and familiarity with the country make it an attractive place for Pakistanis.  In fact, Qatar is often referred to as a second home by many Pakistanis.

4.Proximity To Saudi Arabia and The Two Holy Mosques

Going for Hajj or Umrah is a dream and a lifetime aim for all Muslims.  This is true for Pakistanis too.  Obviously, they realize that living and working in Qatar brings them a lot closer to Makkah & Madinah.  Consequently, they find Hajj and Umrah cheaper and easier because of Qatar’s proximity to Saudi Arabia, of course, with permission from their sponsors.

Affinity For Arab Culture

Pakistanis have a strong affinity for Arab culture.  As a matter of fact, Qatar’s culture is quite similar to that of Pakistan.  Many aspects of both cultures, including religion, family structure, norms, social structure, hospitality etc. are alike. Moreover, Pakistanis’ love of Arabic stems from their love and respect for the Quran.  To sum it up, very few cultural differences and a love for the language and customs makes living and working in Qatar very attractive for Pakistanis.

Proximity To Home

Qatar is relatively close to Pakistan, which can make it easier for Pakistani workers to visit and maintain ties with their families back home.  As a matter of fact, it takes less time to travel between Qatar and Pakistan than it takes to travel between Islamabad & Lahore!

JOB SEEKERS - Why Are We The Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Qatar in Pakistan for YOU ?

Get in touch with us if you want to get hired in Qatar.  AGTSI is one of the best manpower recruitment agencies for Qatar in Pakistan and can help you find a great job.

Great Salaries, Benefits and Job Security in Qatar

We can find you great jobs in Qatar.  Qatari companies offer great salaries and benefits.  The Government of Qatar is paying special attention to uplifting the living and working conditions for ex-pats.  Furthermore, a fast-growing economy and a healthy business environment mean that salaries and benefits will keep getting better and better.

Get in touch with us in case you’re interested.  AGTSI is one of the best manpower recruitment agencies for Qatar in Pakistan and can help find you a great job.  

Some facts about Qatar:


Key Facts About Qatar



GDP (PPP) per capita

4th Highest In The World


GNI per capita (Atlas method)

11th Highest In The World


Human Development Index (HDI)

3rd Highest In The Arab World


Natural Gas Reserves

3rd Largest In The World


LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Exports

One Of The World’s Largest Exporters


Qatar – Numbeo Crime Index By Country

Ranked The Safest Country In The World Since 2017.

Strong Ties With Qatari Companies:

Being the best manpower recruitment agency for Qatar in Pakistan means that we are the best at our job.  That is to say, our commitment to honesty and transparency is unparalleled.  Furthermore, we always make customer satisfaction our No. 1 priority.  Consequently, Qatari clients trust us, resulting in very strong ties with them.

Our Policy of Complete Transparency

We strictly follow a ‘total transparency’ policy.   This helps to build trust between all involved.  Moreover, it ensures that no grievances occur between the employer and employee later.  Firstly, we never make compromises on merit, and secondly, we check and recheck the candidate’s documentation and references to make sure they’re reliable.  In addition, we clearly state everything that is on offer so as to be 100% transparent with our hires. 

In short, we never overstate or sugarcoat facts under any circumstances.  

Clear Briefing

The items given below are explained to the new hires in special briefings while being shot on camera.  To clarify, these sessions help make things crystal clear for the hires.  Moreover, these recordings help resolve any disputes that might arise in the future.  Hires also sign a statement confirming that they understand and accept all terms and conditions plus all duties.  Moreover, these signed statements are prepared in both Urdu, and the host country’s language.  We do this for clarity’s sake.  In addition, the employer receives copies of both the briefing as well as the signed document for their perusal and record.   

What is this briefing about?

  1. Salary and benefits offered by the hiring company.
  2. Overtime opportunities as per Qatari labor law.
  3. Whether Food will be provided by the employer or not.
  4. Details about the accommodation facility being provided.   
  5. Availability of transport facilities like pick and drop to and from work.
  6. Provision of Air tickets – one way or two way?
  7. Details about the job contract and its requirements.
  8. Job description
  9. Leaves, like annual leaves or total leaves, etc.  All about the company leave policy.
  10. Probationary period
  11. Anything else that might be related to the employer’s expectations from you and yours from the employer?
  12. To confirm that you understand and accept all the above, you will sign a document.  This document goes into our archives.


In conclusion, we are the best manpower recruitment agency for Qatar in Pakistan that can help you land a great job there.  Someone from our office will contact you if you leave your details on the Job Seeker Portal.

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