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Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan

أفضل وكالة لتوظيف القوى العاملة للمملكة العربية السعودية في باكستان

AGT Services International is known to be the best manpower recruitment agency for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. Our many clients there will gladly testify to this fact. Many large and well-known Saudi companies are on our panel, and we enjoy very close relations with them.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 & AGT Services International

Thanks to Vision 2030, KSA will see a rise in the demand for human resources in various industries. Sectors in Saudi Arabia with a high workforce demand include construction, mechanical, manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, healthcare, education, telecom, oil and gas and security industries. On the other hand, we are fully equipped to provide any kind and size of workforce for any industry. AGTSI provides labourers, engineers, craftsmen, tradesmen, professionals, and managerial staff.

We are the best manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan for Saudi arabia. AGTSI has provided manpower recruitment, trade testing, and training services to Saudi employers for several years. Our company has strong ties with Saudi businesses and has had a positive experience working with them. AGTSI has helped place many labourers, skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, professionals, and executives in Saudi Arabia directly or indirectly. We’ve never had any complaints thanks to our careful selection process and good client relationships.

Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Saudi Arabia

Reasons Why Pakistani Job Seekers Find Saudi Arabia So Attractive

There is always a huge demand for jobs in Saudi Arabia here in Pakistan. Our people hold Saudi Arabia very dear to their hearts and love to work there. There are many reasons Pakistani job seekers are so strongly attracted to Saudi Arabia–some have been highlighted below;

1. Strong Ties To Saudi Arabia:

Pakistan has strong ties with Saudi Arabia. Many Pakistani manpower have worked there for generations for the past 60 years or more. Subsequently, many Pakistanis have close relatives who live and work in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Kingdom’s historical ties and familiarity make it an attractive place for Pakistanis to work. To make a point, KSA is like a second home to many Pakistanis.

2. Close Proximity To The Haramain - The Two Holy Mosques

Going for Hajj or Umrah is a dream and an aim for all Muslims. This is true for Pakistanis too. Obviously, Pakistani manpower realizes that living and working in KSA can make doing Hajj or Umrah so easier for Pakistani job seekers if their company or sponsor is okay with it.

3. Affinity For Saudi Culture

Pakistanis have a strong liking for KSA and its culture. Passionate attachment is because the KSA is the birthplace of Islam and also because its culture is similar to Pakistani job seekers. Many aspects of Pakistani and Saudi culture are identical, including religion, family structure, norms, social structure, and hospitality. Moreover, Pakistanis love Arabic, as it is the language of the Holy Quran. To sum it up, very few cultural differences and a love for the language and customs make living and working in Saudi Arabia easier for Pakistanis.

Emloyers - Why We Are The Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan for You

We know the 2030 working vision has started in Saudi Arabia, and mega construction and mechanical engineering projects in the Kingdom are in progress. Projects like The Line, Trojena, Sindalah, OXAGON, Siranna. So Pakistan is a major source of labor for Saudi Arabia, specifically for its oil & gas, construction, and mechanical industries. In fact, as per the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, there were over 1.3 million Pakistan workers in KSA as of 2024. KSA’s Construction and mechanical industries employ a mix of skilled, unskilled, professional, and managerial staff.

To be clear, skilled workers like electricians, plumbers, masons, welders, etc., have specialized training in specific aspects. By comparison, unskilled workers are responsible for lifting and moving materials. Furthermore, professional and managerial staff oversee projects, overall management, etc.

Working in construction and mechanical industries can be physically difficult and dangerous. Grueling and unsafe firstly, due to the nature of work, and secondly, because of the weather in KSA. To make a point, Pakistani job seekers are well suited to these strenuous and risky conditions because of their physical and mental conditioning. This is so because 60% of Pakistan has weather conditions similar to KSA’s. In short, hiring your workforce from Pakistan through us, the best manpower recruitment agency for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan holds many benefits.

Benefits of Hiring Workers Through The Best Manpower Recruitment  Agency in Pakistan

  1. AGTSI has vast experience working with Saudi organizations. Doing business with large Saudi Companies helps us understand Saudi clients better. Consequently, it allows us to identify better the talent that meets their expectations.
  2. Overseas employers can be sure they will hire the best Pakistani manpower through us, thanks to our staff’s vast international industry experience.
  3. AGTSI offers all the services you need under one roof. Truth be told, this is a rarity here, and it is safe to say we are the only ones in Pakistan who do so.
  4. Finally, we make the process much more reliable, fast, and convenient.

An Employer Can Get All The Services They Need Under One Roof

AGT Services International is the best manpower recruitment agency for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. AGTSI offers a wide range of manpower recruitment services, as described below, all under one roof. No other company in Pakistan can claim this.

A summary of our services:

#1. Manpower Recruitment Services 

We provide all-inclusive recruitment services, staffing solutions, and executive search services for all businesses and industries. AGTSI specializes in talent search and short-listing the best people for all your hiring needs. (Read More)

#2. Trade Testing Services 

Our team is dedicated to helping carefully assess candidates’ skills and knowledge by providing all-inclusive trade test services.

As the best manpower recruitment agency for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan, we also offer outdoor trade testing. Outdoor trade testing is compulsory for correctly assessing the skills and abilities of drivers, heavy machinery operators, mechanics, auto technicians, etc. In fact, outdoor trade testing allows companies to evaluate candidates in real-world settings while using actual equipment and facilities. AGTSI uses only the best equipment and facilities for outdoor testing.

 (Read More)

#3. Training Services

We offer a variety of refresher courses, short-term training programs, and custom training programs to equip your workforce with the skills they need for top-quality project implementation. (Read More)

Why Saudis Employers Choose Workers from Pakistan?

Pakistan has a large pool of skilled and unskilled workers from various industries. Pakistani job seekers are known for their hard work, loyalty, skill and learning ability. Moreover, their ability to work in harsh weather is awe-inspiring. This, most definitely, makes them a suitable choice as workers for KSA.

The Toughest of Workers Who Have Proved Themselves

Pakistan has a variety of climates, including hot, dry deserts, snowy mountains, and humid regions. About 60% of its geographical areas have weather similar to that of Saudi Arabia. Since 60% share the weather with Saudi Arabia, Pakistani workers are well suited to working there since they’re good at working in harsh weather conditions. Pakistani workers have worked in Saudi Arabia for over 60 years, with many having family ties to the country, making it feel like a second home.

Pakistani workers have played a vital role in the development of KSA, particularly in road work and construction, which is demanding work in a hot climate.

Excellent Range of Skill, Knowledge & Experience

Pakistan is a known exporter of very high-quality products from different industries. Its textiles, sports goods, surgical equipment, garments, leather goods, pottery, electrical products, etc., are world-famous. As a result, Pakistan produces excellent factory workers, general laborers, skilled and semi-skilled workers, craftsmen, and tradesmen. Its construction industry workers, teachers, doctors, paramedic staff, and engineers are some of the best.

To conclude, AGTSI, the best workforce recruitment agency in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia, can provide any talent from any industry for all your hiring needs.

Job Seekers - Why We Are The Best Manpower Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia for YOU

Contact us if you want a good job in Saudi Arabia. AGTSI is one of the best human resources recruitment agencies for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan and can help you find a great job.

Great Salaries, Benefits and Job Security in Saudi Arabia

KSA is undergoing major economic changes as part of its Vision 2030 plan. As a result, the demand for migrant workers is going up. In addition, the plan focuses on improving living and working conditions for expats. As an example, two of the key directives given on Vision 2030’s site, under the topics of ‘A Thriving Economy’ and ‘Increase Employment’ are:

1- ‘Improve Living Conditions for Expats’

2- ‘Improve Working Conditions for Expats’


This, of course, is great news for job seekers wanting to work in Saudi Arabia.

Strong Ties With Saudi Companies

Being the best workforce recruitment agency in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia means we are the best at our job. Our commitment to honesty and transparency is unparalleled. Furthermore, we always make customer satisfaction our No. 1 priority. Consequently, Saudi clients trust us, resulting in strong ties.

Our Policy of Complete Transparency

We strictly follow a ‘complete transparency’ policy. Our focus on honesty and transparency helps to build trust between all involved. It ensures that there are no misunderstandings or issues that could cause problems. For one, we never make compromises on merit, and two, we check and recheck the authenticity of all documents and references provided by a candidate. In addition, we maintain complete transparency with our candidates, clearly explaining everything the employer has or does not have to offer.

In conclusion, we never over state or sugarcoat facts, whatever the case.

Our Policy of Complete Transparency

The items below are explained to new hires in official, on-camera briefings. This is done so that all terms and conditions are crystal clear for the employee. Furthermore, the recorded briefings help us resolve any disputes that occur in the future. Employees will also sign a statement confirming that they understand and accept all terms and conditions, including their duties. Moreover, to make things transparent, this signed statement is prepared in Urdu and the host country’s language. In addition, the employer receives copies of both the briefing and the signed document for their perusal and record.

What is this briefing about?

1- Salary and benefits offered by the hiring company.

2- Overtime opportunities as per Saudi labor law.

3- Food – Provided or not provided by the employer?

4- Details about the accommodation facility being provided by the employer.   

5- Availability of transport facilities like pick and drop from residence to work site and back to residence.

6- Provision of Air tickets – one way or two way?

7- Details about the job contract and its requirements.

8- Job description

9- Leaves like annual leaves or total leaves etc.  All about the company leave policy.

10- Probationary period

11- Anything else that might be related to the employer’s expectations from you and yours from the employer.

12- You will be required to sign a document stating that you understand and accept  all of the above.  This document is for our archives.

In conclusion, we are the best manpower recruitment agency for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan, therefore, if you would like us to find you a great job there, then, please leave your details on the Job Seeker Portal on this website, and subsequently, someone from our office will get in touch with you.

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