How to Convert Family Visit Visa to Iqama in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide

How to Convert Family Visit Visa to Iqama in Saudi Arabia? A Complete Guide


Starting the process to change a family visit visa to Iqama in Saudi Arabia is an important step for people from other countries who want their kids to have a stable and long-lasting place to live in the Kingdom of KSA. This detailed guide will take you through the steps to make sure you change your dependent visit visa KSA national ID card smoothly. Let’s learn about how to convert a family visit visa to Iqama!

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Recent Updates: Family Visit Visa to Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Some news from Jawazat (the passport folks) talks about changing family visit visas. On March 22, 2022, Jawazat sources said it’s not allowed to change family visit visas to residency permits (Iqama) right now. Jawazat’s sources confirm it because people were assuming that the dependent visit visa could be changed on social media. Jawazat sources also said if a family comes on a visit visa, you can’t work, and if you do, you might get at risk. Watch out for official updates to know if there are any new rules related to transferring family visit visas to Iqama.

But, on August 27, 2022, there was good news for families with kids under 18. Now, if parents already live in Saudi Arabia regularly. In that case, the Jawazat says parents can change a child’s visit visa to Iqama. Just follow the rules, like not extending the family visit visa for more than 180 days.

Make sure to leave Saudi Arabia before your family visa ends because it’s super important. Remember, Jawazat doesn’t deal with giving out family visit visas; you need to talk to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Keep updated to make changing family visas easier and legal.

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Requirements to Change Family Visit Visa to Iqama

To start the process of changing the household visit visa to Iqama, make sure both parents have their Iqamas and that the kids are under 18. Remember, this rule converting a visit visa to Iqama only applies to kids and not to other family members like mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa. Also, you can’t turn visit visas into work visas.

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Converting Family Visit Visa to Iqama Process – Step by Step:

Step 1: Schedule a Jawazat Appointment

Start the process of converting a dependent visit visa by setting up a meeting with Jawazat in the “Resident Services” section. Meeting with Jawazat step is important to get into the passport office and begin the conversion process.

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Step 2: Visit Jawazat

Collect everything you need to change your household visit visa, like your child’s birth certificate approved by the Saudi Embassy and MOFA KSA, Children’s vaccination cards, their regular passports, small photos of Kids, copies of parents’ Iqama, copies of parent’s passports, and health insurance for your kids.

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Step 3: Submit Documents

Go to the Jawazat office in the city that deals with family issues. Give all the papers they need to the person at the special desk for family cases in the Jawazat office. Jawazat office person will check the papers of the kids and ask to remove the family visit visa from the child’s passport.

Step 4: Second Visit to Jawazat

About a week later, go back to the Jawazat office to see how your request to convert a kids’ visit visa to Iqama is doing. You should pay an extra fee at this time.

Step 5: Pay the Dependent Fee

If the Jawazat office person says “yes” to your request, then you need to pay a certain fee for all your kids. This fee covers the time until your Iqama card expires.

Step 6: Convert Family Visit Visa

Head back to the Jawazat special desk for family issues, show them the receipt, and the Jawazat office will change the family visit visa to Iqama or a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia. Jawazat office will give you the important papers you need.

Step 7: Print the Iqama

After the Jawazat office says it’s okay to change, bring the papers they give you to the place where they print Iqama. The print person will quickly make a copy of the family Iqama, showing that the family visit visa is now a permanent family visa.

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Important Notes:

  • Make sure to keep up with any new information or rule changes related to family visa policy by checking the official sources.
  • It’s really important to follow the rules about family visas to make sure the process of changing from one type of visa to another goes smoothly.
  • It’s important to leave Kingdem KSA before the family visa ends, and the visa needs to be proper for you to leave Saudi Arabia.

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Final Thoughts:

Converting a family visit visa to Iqama in Saudi Arabia is an important move to give kids a stable and endless home. By following this detailed guide, which contains helpful information from official sources, you can make the converting visa to iqama process smooth. It’s important to keep up with the latest info from trusted sources and get tailored advice for positive knowledge.