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Multi Disciplinary Manpower Agency in Pakistan at its best!

Your hiring goals fulfilled like never before! Hit new highs in work efficiency, beat your competition & maximize profits by hiring the best & most competent workforce in your industry through us!

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Customized Training Modules Available

We offer customized training for your newly hired workforce. Whether in company specific procedures or multiple skills. We like a topnotch manpower service company train them as per your requirements while they wait for their visas & document.

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Customized Training Modules Available

We offer customized training for your newly hired workforce. Whether in company specific procedures or multiple skills. We like a topnotch manpower service company train them as per your requirements while they wait for their visas & document.

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AGT Services International

Overseas employment Promoter & Human resource Development Company

License # 3388/RWP/2013

AGTSI is one of the best Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan. We offer headhunting, recruitment, trade testing, training and human resource consultancy services to companies. 

Professionalism, Dependability, Transparency, and Commitment are our ethos and satisfied clients are our goal.

AGTSI was established by AGT Group in 2005 on persistent requests of our clients who had, till then, been benefitting from AGT Institute of Technical and Professional Education’s  Trade Testing and Training services for their recruitment activities through other smaller recruitment agents.  In light of our excellent services, our clients wanted us to get licensed as an official manpower recruitment agency so that we alone could handle A to Z of their recruitment needs.  We complied and are now one of the best recruitment agencies in Pakistan, not only that, we are the only manpower recruitment agency that . We have helped our many clients with finding and hiring more than 7,000 people directly while around 120,000 as sub-contractors for other manpower recruiting agents.  

Some Noteworthy Statistics

Total People Trained
Total Candidates Trade Tested
Total Recruited by AGTSI

What We Do

We offer headhunting, screening, , trade testing, visa processing,  companies in the Gulf, Japan, Malaysia, Europe etc. with Specialized, Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Un-Skilled manpower from various trades and industries from Pakistan. We also have the facility and staff to conduct trade tests for all these trades. We help our clients recruit only the best and most highly skilled manpower available in Pakistan in a hassle free, quick and professional manner.   
AGTSI has provided manpower consultancy and recruitment services to some very well-known overseas organizations. We have trade-tested over 120,000 candidates for overseas manpower recruitment.   
AGTSI welcomes prospective clients to come visit our in-house facilities like our trade testing center, labs and equipment along with our interview hall equipped to seat over 400 candidates at a time. We also provide foreign delegations with separate fully equipped offices, allowing them to conduct the interviews with convenience and in complete privacy. 
AGTSI also offers pre screening services to help reduce our clients’ work load. From placing advertisements for job openings in print and social media, getting all government clearances, and completing all related paperwork to the pre-departure briefing and the final departure of the manpower

Why Choose Us

Not only do we muster and recruit selective people from all over Pakistan, we can provide them with any sort of training if required by the client.  Not only this, we also have our own fully equipped, government approved Trade Testing Center that the client can use to test the skills and experience of the people they’re hiring. Moreover, AGTSI employs  professionals from all kinds of technical fields qualified to perform trade testing and offer training services.  

Getting all these facilities under one roof makes the whole selection and hiring process very very convenient and efficient.  Over the years, we’ve developed such strong bonds with our clients that many of them give us their demand for manpower well in advance of projects yet to begin.  We then hire suitable people and custom train and polish them, creating a bespoke workforce ‘designed’ specifically as per the customer’s requirements.  

Our Goal

Our goal  is to help you seek, pre-screen, interview, train, trade test and recruit specialized, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled people as perfectly matched to all your hiring needs as is possible, while having you, the customer, expend as little time and effort in doing so as possible.

Our Objective

Our objective is to bring better employment opportunities, better experience and greater exposure to Pakistan.  We do so  by ensuring that the manpower we provide does not only meet but exceeds the expectations of our clients in all aspects.

Our Mission

We strive to delight you with the quality of our service, in its entirety, while making the whole process as professional, hassle free, efficient and cost effective as possible for you as well as your employees to be.

Message from the Chairman

Chirman AGT Services International Malik Faisal Arfat

“Our business philosophy is not just profit maximization; rather, we strive for the long term by trying to provide our client with the best in product and service in every possible way.”

Malik Faisal Arfat, Chairman & CEO

Some of the companies we have directly and indirectly supplied manpower to

More than 200 overseas manpower recruitment companies in Pakistan have gotten their manpower for their international clients through AGT Institute and have used its Trade Testing Services over the last 16 years for these and many other companies.
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