How to make CITC complaint STC Mobily Zain

How to make a CITC Complaint? STC, Mobily, Zain Easy Steps


CITC Complaint: In the busy world of phones and the internet, sometimes things go wrong with big companies like STC, Mobily, or Zain in Saudi Arabia. Maybe you’re having problems with your bill, your service isn’t working right, or you’re not happy with customer service. Don’t worry! The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) is here to help you. This guide will show you the simple steps to CITC complaints about these big telecom companies.

Why File a CITC Complaint?

Before delving into the process, it’s crucial to understand why filing a complaint with CITC is a beneficial step. Common issues that might prompt a complaint include unexplained charges, frequent service disruptions, poor network coverage, or unresolved customer support issues.

The Essential Requirements

To start the complaint process, gather the following:

  1. A Complaint Number is registered with your mobile company.
  2. Access to your Nafath account.

Lodge a Complaint with Your Mobile Service Provider

Initially, it is essential to register a complaint with your mobile phone service provider before escalating the matter to CITC. The most straightforward approach for filing a complaint is to contact their helpline numbers via a phone call.

STC Helpline900
Mobily Helpline1100
Zain Helpline959

After submitting the complaint, be vigilant in noting down the complaint number. This number will play a crucial role in escalating the complaint to CITC.

Raise Your Concern to CITC

If your mobile company takes no action within 5 working days, it’s time to elevate the matter to CITC. Follow these steps:

Step #1. Visit the CITC website

Step #2. Click on “Individuals

Step #3. Initiate the process by clicking on the Start Service button

Step #4. Provide your Iqama Number

Step #5. Approve the Nafath request

Step #6. On the subsequent screen: Select the mobile company

Step #7. Confirm if the ticket was presented to the service provider (Yes)

Step #8. Specify if the ticket is on behalf of someone (NO)

Step #9. Choose the client type as “Individual

Step #10. Select your Mobile Number

Step #11. Enter the ticket number received from the mobile company

Step #12. Specify the type of ticket (e.g., Low Level of Service)

Step #13. Describe the details of the service

Step #14. Click on the Submit button

And that’s it! You’ve successfully escalated your complaint to CITC

CITC Helpline Number

It’s important to note that the provided helpline number is the only way to lodge a complaint with CITC against mobile companies like STC, Mobily, or Zain. The CITC Helpline Number is +966-11-4618000.

For the latest updates, consider joining their WhatsApp group or Telegram Channel.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, navigating the CITC complaint process against STC, Mobily, or Zain is a strategic way to address telecom issues. Remember, your feedback contributes to enhancing the overall quality of telecom service.

FAQS(Frequently Ask Questions)

How do I complain to CITC?

Visit CITC’s website, click “E-Services,” select “Complaints,” then choose “Communication Complaints.” Fill out the form, submit it, and note the reference number. Check for updates on the CITC portal. Verify steps on the official site for accuracy.

How do I raise a complaint in STC?

 raise a complaint with STC, you have various channels for quick assistance. Connect through live chat on mystc or reach out via Telegram at 969. Traditional options include fax at 8003030969 or a direct call to 900. If you’re outside Saudi Arabia, use the international number +966 114 55 5555. For marketing services-related concerns, dial 920025022, 8003040018, 8003040027, or 0114439965. Take advantage of interactive SMS support for efficient query resolution.

How do I complain to Zain customer service?

If you need to address inquiries or file a complaint with Zain customer service, you have multiple options. Reach out to Zain customer services by calling 959 or 0590000959 from other operators. Alternatively, visit a Zain shop in person, and to locate the nearest one, refer to the provided link. Access the self-service portal, “My Zain account,” on the Zain website, or use the Zain App for convenient assistance.

How do I complain to Mobily?

address concerns with Mobily, and utilize their Support Portal to open a complaint ticket for mobile, data, or FTTH issues. Alternatively, call their customer service at 1100 or 0560101100. For in-person assistance, visit a Mobily outlet and register your complaint through a customer service representative.