How to Check Iqama Number Issued in Saudi Arabia Online 2024 Latest Guide

How to Check Iqama Number is Issued in Saudi Arabia Online? 2024 Latest Guide


Upon arriving in Saudi Arabia, getting your Iqama, also known as a resident visa, is a crucial step for many important things. This official paper is like a pass that helps you use services and explore opportunities in the country. In this guide, we’ll go through the steps to see if your Iqama number has been given to you. We’ll talk about the common questions that expatriates have.

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Understanding the Iqama Number:

Your Iqama card contains lots of important details, and one key thing is a 10-digit Iqama number. This special number is really important for many things, like setting up a bank account or getting health insurance. Now, let’s look at how you can find out if your Iqama number has been given to you yet.

How to Online Check Iqama Number is Issued or Not in KSA?

To guarantee a smooth experience in Saudi Arabia, it’s crucial to confirm your Iqama number. This ensures you can seamlessly handle transactions and access various services. Now, let’s go through the easy steps to check if your Iqama number is ready.

Method 1: How to Check New Id Card Number is Issued with Border Number?

How to Check New Id Card Number is Issued with Border Number?

Step 1: Open MOL Portal

Visit the Ministry of Labor (MoL) Portal

Step 2: Language Selection

Change the language to English for user-friendly navigation.

Step 3: Enter Border Number

Input your Border Number, a crucial piece of information provided during your entry to Saudi Arabia.

Step 4: Date of Birth Entry

Enter your date of birth as per your passport.

Step 5: Fetch Details

The system will fetch details such as your name, gender, nationality, and, most importantly, your residence permit number if it has been issued.

Step 6: Verification Process

If the residence permit number is not displayed, it indicates that it has not been issued. In such cases, check if your work permit has been processed by the MoL.

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Method 2: How to Check New Iqama Number is Issued by Passport Number?(Limited)

Unfortunately, as of recent updates, checking the Iqama status with the passport number directly is no longer possible. However, you can use this method to verify if the work permit and Iqama fees have been paid.

 How to Check New Iqama Number is Issued by Passport  Number?(Limited)

Step 1: Visit MoL Online Web Portal

Go to the MoL online portal.

Step 2: Select “خدمة رخص العمل” Service

Choose the service related to work permits.

Step 3: Enter Border Number and Code

Input your Border Number and the 6-digit code.

Step 4: Fee Status Check

The system will display the status of work permit fees. “تم السداد” indicates payment, suggesting that the Iqama number issuance is imminent.

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Method 3: What if the Iqama is Not Issued?

If your Iqama is not issued within 90 days of arrival, you have the right to transfer sponsorship without the need for your employer’s consent. Seek a new job and initiate the transfer process.

Final Thought:

Ensuring that your Iqama number is issued is important for a smooth stay in Saudi Arabia. By following the outlined methods and understanding the intricacies of the process, expatriates can navigate the system effectively. Stay informed, regularly check official portals, and leverage the provided services to make your Iqama journey seamless.

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