How to Check Iqama Number Issued in Saudi Arabia Online 2024 Latest Guide

How to Check Iqama Number is Issued in Saudi Arabia Online? 2024 Latest Guide


In Saudi Arabia, checking your Iqama Number after arrival is important. The Iqama card contains essential information , such as name, picture, where you belong, and when you were born. The Saudi National Card helps Foreigners use services and research opportunities in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we will guide Saudi people how to Check online Iqama number?

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Understanding the Iqama Number:

Residents’ Iqama cards have many important details, including a unique 10-digit number. This number is significant for many things, like opening a bank account or getting health insurance. Let’s discuss how you can check if you’ve been given your Iqama number.

How to Online Check Iqama Number Issued or Not in KSA?

Checking your Iqama number is Important for maintaining a smooth experience in Saudi Arabia. The process ensures you can perfectly manage transactions and access different services. Now, we Review step by step how to check the online Iqama number issued. 

Method 1: How do you check a new ID card number issued with a border number?

How to Check New Id Card Number is Issued with Border Number?

Step 1: Open MOL Portal

 In Saudi Arabia, visit the Ministry of Labor (MoL) Portal.

Step 2: Language Selection

 Change the language to English for Translate. 

Step 3: Enter Border Number

Input your Border number, which you received when you came to Saudi Arabia.

Step 4: Date of Birth Entry

Enter your correct date of birth according to your passport.

Step 5: Get Details

The system will bring details such as your name, gender, nationality, and, most importantly, your residence permit number if it has been issued.

Step 6: Verification Form

If the residence permit number is not shown, it means that it has not been issued yet. In such cases, check if the MoL has processed your work permit.

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Method 2: How do you check the New Iqama Number Issued by Passport Number? (Limited)

Sadly, as of current updates, checking the Iqama status with the passport number is no longer possible. But do not be upset. You can use this method to verify if the work permit and Iqama fees have been paid. Here is a step-by-step Guide.

 How to Check New Iqama Number is Issued by Passport  Number?(Limited)

Step 1: Visit the MoL Online Web Portal

Go to the MoL online platform.

Step 2: Select ”Work’s Permissions Service.”

Choose the service related to work permits.

Step 3: Enter the Border Number and Code

Input your Border Number and the 6-digit code.

Step 4: Fee Status Check

The system will show if the work permit fees have been paid. When it says “Payment is made,” the Iqama number will be issued soon.

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Method 3: What if the Iqama is Not Issued?

If resident Iqama is not issued within 90 days after arrival, you can share sponsorship without your employer’s permission. Search for a new job and start the transfer process.

How to Check Iqama number Via SIM card:

Getting a SIM card in Saudi Arabia is related to your Iqama. As an Iqama holder, you’re allowed a maximum of two SIM cards. To check the number of SIM cards registered under your Iqama, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the CITC(Communications and Information Technology Commission) website.
  2. Pick the inquiry service and select ‘individual.”
  3. Enter your Iqama number and correct birthdate according to the Hijri calendar.
  4. Confirm if you have a mobile phone.
  5. Input the captcha code.
  6. Click ‘search’ and enter the OTP(One-time password) number sent to your mobile.
  7. Click ‘submit’ to view your registered SIM card numbers.

If you don’t have a mobile number, select “No, I don’t have a mobile phone.” Then, the system will show the names of phone companies where you can get a SIM


Ensuring your Iqama number is issued is essential for Settlers to stay in Saudi Arabia. By following the traced methods and understanding the  details of the process, expatriates can guide the system. Stay informed, regularly check official portals, and leverage the provided services to make your Iqama journey seamless.

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