What is Iqama in Saudi Arabia

What is Iqama in Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia Resident Identity Card Information and Its Types: Latest Guide 2024

In the realm of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the term “Iqama” holds significant meaning for expatriates. This article embarks on a complete journey to unveil the essence of “What is Iqama in Saudi Arabia” while examining the diverse array of Iqamas dispensed by the Saudi authorities. Our exploration begins with a concise summary. 

What is Iqama in Saudi Arabia? (Saudi Arabia resident identity card)

Iqama, a Saudi government-issued ID, is tied to a sponsor (employer) and acts as a residency card in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It is an important document for expatriates, serving as proof of legal residency and facilitating access to a range of services and privileges within the country. The application process for obtaining an Iqama is known for its complexity, with foreign employees initially granted one-year work visas that are subject to annual renewal.

What is the Purpose of Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

The Iqama in Saudi Arabia, your official identification, holds paramount importance for legal employment. It acts as indisputable evidence of your association with a local sponsor and functions as both your residence and work permit. This document is a crucial requirement in the Kingdom, ensuring compliance with immigration and work regulations and establishing a structured framework for expatriate employment.

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What Are the Benefits of Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

  • Business Opportunities:

    • Ability to establish and manage a company in compliance with foreign investment regulations.
    • Encourages entrepreneurial endeavors among expatriates.
  • Travel Freedom:

    • Freedom to enter and exit Saudi Arabia without the need for a visa for each visit.
    • Streamlines travel logistics and enhances overall convenience for residents.
  • Family Visits:

    • Privilege to apply for visitor visas for family members.
    • Facilitates family reunions and visits, fostering stronger connections among loved ones.
  • Active Participation in the Saudi Economy:
    • The Privilege Iqama aligns with Vision 2030, positioning residents and expatriates as integral contributors to the Saudi economy.
    • Aims to boost consumption growth by elevating quality purchasing power, promoting economic activity across various sectors, fostering the establishment of small and medium enterprises, and generating employment opportunities for Saudi citizens.
  • Legal Framework and Consequences:
    • Emphasizes accountability by stipulating conditions for maintaining the Privilege Iqama. Non-compliance with obligations may lead to its cancellation.
    • Specifies factors leading to cancellation, such as providing false information, criminal convictions, or deportation orders, ensuring a transparent and lawful framework.

Who Needs Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

For all residents in Saudi Arabia, including children, adults, and the elderly, possession of an Iqama is mandatory. If you plan to relocate with your family, the initial step is obtaining the Iqama, enabling you to sponsor your spouse and/or children. Additionally, be aware of the annual renewal requirement for Iqama.

If you plan to move to Saudi Arabia or stay there for more than 90 days, you’ll need an Iqama or Saudi ID Card. Iqama is super important for people from other countries who live and work in Saudi Arabia. This card not only shows that you’re allowed to be there, but it also gives you access to lots of cool things and services in the country. So, it’s a must-have if you’re planning to call Saudi Arabia your home for a while!

How Many Types of Iqama (Residence Permit) in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers a range of Iqama types to cater to the diverse needs of expatriates.

  1. Domestic Worker Iqama
  2. Labor Class Iqama
  3. Professional Class Iqama
  4. Dependents Iqama
  5. Government Employees Iqama
  6. Business Iqama
  7. Special Privileged Iqama or Green Card

Let’s explore each type in detail:

1. Domestic Worker Iqama

The Domestic Worker Iqama is granted to foreign household employees hired by Saudi citizens. This category includes housemaids, drivers, nannies, and watchmen. Holders of this Iqama can access government hospital services. However, they are not eligible to apply for permanent family visas or family visit visas.

2. Labor Class Iqama

Labor Class Iqama is issued to workers in labor-intensive fields, such as construction site workers, welders, plumbers, cleaners, and painters. Individuals in this category receive insurance coverage from their sponsoring companies. Nevertheless, they are not permitted to sponsor family visits.

3. Professional Class Iqama

Professional Class Iqama is reserved for individuals with professional degrees, including doctors, nurses, engineers, pharmacists, and more. These professionals working in the private sector receive insurance benefits from their employers. Holders of this Iqama can sponsor family members for visits and permanent stays and can also apply for visas to countries like the UK and the USA. However, they often require registration with specific regulatory authorities in KSA, depending on their profession.

4. Dependents Iqama

The Dependents Iqama is a specialized document designed for the family members of expatriates or foreign workers residing in Saudi Arabia. Obtaining this document requires the expatriate’s presence under a permanent visa. To facilitate this, the expatriate must take the initiative to initiate the Iqama application process on behalf of their family members.

5. Government Employees Iqama

Foreign government sector employees of KSA are granted Government Employees Iqama. This Iqama allows them to access government sector services and sponsor family members for visits or permanent visas without incurring a dependent’s fee.

6. Business Iqama

The Business Iqama is held by a limited number of individuals who intend to engage in business activities in Saudi Arabia. To obtain this Iqama, one must indicate “businessman” as their profession in the application and go through SAGIA registration (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority). Business Iqama holders also have the privilege of purchasing property in Saudi Arabia.

7. Special Privileged Iqama or Green Card

The Special Privileged Iqama, colloquially known as the Green Card, presents a unique avenue for foreign nationals to attain resident status in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This exceptional opportunity, however, carries a notable one-time fee and an annual renewal cost. In exchange, this Iqama category grants access to an array of privileges, including the ability to secure permanent family visas and the freedom to work within any organization without the necessity of transferring sponsorships.

Final Thoughts

To put it briefly, an Iqama in Saudi Arabia goes beyond a simple residency permit; it wields significant influence over the daily lives and experiences of expatriates in the Kingdom. The specific category of Iqama an individual possesses dictates their legal standing, access to various services, and entitlements within the country. It’s imperative for individuals to acquaint themselves with the nuances of their particular Iqama category to fully optimize their time in Saudi Arabia.

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