In-house Training & Trade Testing Facilities

Third party training and trade testing is no longer required. AGTSI Pakistan manpower agency offers a complete range of Professional Training Courses along with Trade Testing Facilities equipped with modern labs stocked with a wide range of tools, equipment and industry professionals.

Customized Training Modules Available

We also offer customized training for your newly hired workforce. Whether in company specific procedures or multiple skills. We like a topnotch manpower service company train them as per your requirements while they wait for their visas & documentation.

Your hiring goals fulfilled like never before! Hit new highs in work efficiency, beat your competition & maximize profits by hiring  the best & most competent workforce in your industry through us! AGTSI are a licensed Manpower Agency in Pakistan. We provide manpower recruitment, hiring, trade testing, training and consultancy services for companies based in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain, Malaysia, Singapore, Iraq, Germany, Romania, Japan, Poland, South Africa etc. Like a leading Manpower Agency in Pakistan, we strive to maintain very high standards of the services we offer. We want our customers to rest assured that we work in a completely transparent and professional manner. We are well known overseas manpower consultants in Pakistan and abroad for our competence and professionalism as one of the best manpower agencies in Pakistan. We not only recruit and hire people from all over Pakistan, we provide them training if required and also offer trade testing facilities. AGTSI Pakistan manpower agency has professionals from all kinds of technical fields qualified to perform trade testing and offer training services too.

Trouble Free Hiring

All related services available in-house. No third parties involved. We take care of everything.

Reliable Service

Whatever the number of people required, large or small, whatever the skills or industry, whatever the time constraint, we as a topnotch overseas manpower consultants always come through!

Professional Setup

A licensed, government approved, professional setup based on industry professionals, managerial staff, equipped labs for trade testing all under AGTSI manpower services company

Message from the Chairman

Malik Faisal Arfat CEO AGT Rawalpindi

“Our business philosophy is not just profit maximization; rather, we strive for the long term by trying to provide our client with the best in product and service in every possible way.”

Malik Faisal Arfat, Chairman & CEO

M/W# +923005205130 (ONLY FOR COMPANIES)

Featured Works

Our Goals

Our goal, as AGT Services International, is to help you seek, pre-screen, interview, train, trade test and recruit specialized, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled people as perfectly matched to all your hiring needs as is possible, while having you, the customer, expend as little time and effort in doing so as possible.

Our Objectives

Our objective, as a socially responsible and patriotic team of individuals, is to motivate international employers to hire their manpower from Pakistan thus bringing our people better employment opportunities, better experience and greater exposure. AGTSI Pakistan manpower agency do so by working to ensure that the manpower we export to other countries is capable of not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of their employers in terms of skill, competence, diligence, mental attitude and aspirations.

Our Mission

We strive to delight you with the quality of our service, in its entirety, while making the whole process as professional, hassle free, transparent, streamlined, efficient and cost effective as possible for you as well as your employees to be.

What we do

We as a topnotch Manpower Agency in Pakistan provide international organizations with Specialized, Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Un-Skilled Labor and Manpower from various trades, skill-sets and industries from Pakistan. We also have the facility and the staff to conduct trade tests for all these skill sets. We are recruiters of only the best and the most highly skilled manpower available from all over Pakistan, UAE, Far East and Europe. AGTSI has provided manpower consultancy and recruitment services to some very well known overseas organizations. AGTSI has trade tested over 120,000 candidates for overseas manpower recruitment and supply. We also have a stand by list of over 40,000 qualified and experienced candidates from various trades (as mentioned above) waiting to be hired by overseas companies. AGTSI Manpower Agency in Pakistan welcomes overseas clients to visit our facilities at any time. We have inhouse trade testing facilities as well as all facilities that would be required to conduct interview of over 400 candidates at a time. We also provide the hiring companies with separate offices, fully equipped, allowing them to conduct the interviews with complete convenience and privacy. We also offer pre screening services to help reduce our clients’ work load. From placing advertisements for job openings in print and electronic media, getting all government clearances, completion of all related paper work to pre departure briefing and the final departure of the manpower hired through us, we as a true overseas manpower consultants
take care of everything.