How to Read 12 Iqama Details? Latest Guide 2024

How to Read 12 Iqama Details? Latest Guide 2024


In Saudi Arabia, the Iqama card serves as a important document, acting as a residence permit for expatriates. Understanding the information incorporated in this card is essential for various purposes, from legal activities to daily life. Let’s explore the 12 key Iqama details, examining the process step by step for better understanding

1: Iqama Name in English

The top line on your Iqama, positioned just above the Iqama number, features your name in English. When you initially receive your card, ensure:

  • The English name aligns with its Arabic counterpart.
  • The spelling on the Iqama matches that on your passport.

Tip: Mistakes? Don’t proceed; rectify them with your sponsor or the results office before accepting the card.

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2: Iqama Name in Arabic

Directly beneath the Iqama number, the second line reveals your name in Arabic. Confirm that it corresponds accurately with your English name.

3: Iqama Number

The third line displays your Iqama number in Arabic numerals. Analyze the 10-digit format, as it follows a ordered sequence issued by Jawazat. Your Iqama number is a 10-digit sequence assigned by the Saudi Ministry of Interior. It’s crucial for transactions and inquiries, located near the bottom or center of Iqama ID.

This ordered number reflects your stay and legal status, serving as your identity in official records. Use it to check your Iqama status on the Ministry of Interior’s webpage for residency confirmation, renewals, and updates. Understanding this structured code empowers you to navigate administrative processes and stay informed about your legal standing in the Kingdom.

Tip: Memorize this number; it will be required for various transactions.

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4: Iqama ID Version

The Iqama ID version signifies the number of cards issued for the cardholder. With the residency card valid for five years, the serial number will change on the second card after this period.

Tip: Understanding the ID version helps you grasp the card’s issuance history.

5: Place of Issue

Historically, until 2017, the place of issue indicated the city where the residency permit card was issued. However, in the present, it simply states “Electronic Services,” denoting electronic issuance.

6: Date of Issue

Located on the face of the Iqama, the date of issue is written in Arabic, following the Hijri calendar. Note that the date of expiry is no longer printed on the Iqama.

Tip: Although not printed, the Iqama does have an expiry date, typically five years from the date of issue.

7: Date of Birth on Iqama

Your Gregorian date of birth is the next crucial detail. Ensure it matches the one on your passport. Any discrepancies should be addressed promptly.

Tip: Consistency in details avoids potential issues.

8: Iqama Profession

Your Iqama profession communicates your job to others. According to Article 38 of Saudi Labor Law, this profession should align with your actual occupation.

Tip: Divergence may lead to penalties, including deportation.

9: Nationality

Your nationality holds significance, influencing how government officials treat you. Recognize the different treatment patterns for expatriates from Western and South Asian countries.

Tip: Be aware of cultural nuances that might affect interactions.

10: Religion

The designation of your faith on your Iqama is a decisive factor in regulating entry to the sacred cities of Makkah and Madina. Non-Muslims are restricted from entering these cities.

Tip: Plan travel accordingly, adhering to religious requirements.

11: Name of Employer

The Arabic designation of your employer gracefully adorns the space above the Iqama number, elegantly juxtaposed with the English script.  It is strictly illegal to work for someone who is not your designated employer.

Tip: Cross-check this information, as it influences your legal work status.

12: Iqama Number in English

For those who find reading Arabic challenging, the Iqama number and name are printed in English at the left bottom corner of the card.

Tip: Use this English version for ease in various transactions.

Iqama Details: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, decoding the 12 Iqama details is essential for a smooth expatriate experience in Saudi Arabia. By understanding each element and ensuring accuracy, you not only comply with regulations but also navigate daily life seamlessly. Stay informed, and make the most of your time in the Kingdom.