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How to Easily Check Your Iqama Status Online in 2024

In Saudi Arabia, your Iqama is crucial for accessing services and privileges. Regularly checking its status is vital. The Red-Green Classification system is key to understanding your Iqama’s status. In this article, we’ll explore methods to easily check it online, whether obtained through a Saudi company or recruitment agency. Stay informed to ensure your residence permit’s validity. Let’s get started on this journey for essential information.

Checking Your Iqama Status Online in Saudi Arabia

Checking your Iqama status online in Saudi Arabia is a straightforward process that allows expatriate residents to stay updated on their residence permit’s validity and other related information. This convenient method ensures that individuals can access essential services and maintain compliance with the country’s regulations. Whether you need to confirm your Iqama’s validity or check your red-green status, the online options provide a hassle-free way to do so, ensuring peace of mind and a smooth experience in Saudi Arabia

Checking Iqama Status with Border Number

Step 1. Visit the Iqama Portal

Visit the Ministry of Labour’s Iqama portal.

Checking Iqama Status with Border Number​

Step 2. Language Selection

If needed, select your preferred language from the right-side bar.

Step 3. Enter Identification Details

Enter your choice of either your Iqama number, passport number, or border number.

Checking Iqama Status with Border Number (11)

Step 4. Captcha Input

Input the captcha number.

Step 5. Search for Information

5: Click the ‘search’ button.

Checking Iqama Status with Border Number (10)

Upon submission, you will receive information such as your

  • Name
  • Work permit number
  • Employment status
  • Iqama color status
  • Company’s legal status

Final Thoughts:

In summary, it’s crucial for expatriates in Saudi Arabia to stay updated on their Iqama status. We’ve provided simple methods to check it online, including using your border number. The Red-Green Classification is essential; red means your employer doesn’t meet requirements, while green offers more opportunities. Staying informed about your Iqama status is a key step for a smooth life in Saudi Arabia.

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