Can Saudi Iqama Holders Get Dubai On-Arrival Visa?

Can Saudi Iqama Holders Get Dubai On-Arrival Visa? Latest Guide 2024


Dubai is well-known for its amazing buildings and lively lifestyle, making it a top destination for travelers worldwide. If you’re a Saudi Iqama holder, getting a Dubai on-arrival visa used to be an easy way to visit this bustling city.

But things have changed recently, causing some confusion for expatriates. That’s why we need a clear guide on the current situation and the rules for Saudi Iqama holders who want a Dubai on-arrival visa.

Can Saudi Iqama Holders Get Dubai On-Arrival Visa?

As of the latest updates, Saudi Iqama holders are no longer eligible for Dubai on-arrival visas. The previous convenience of obtaining a visa upon arrival, which was available before 2016, has been replaced by an online application process. To visit Dubai, Saudi Iqama holders must now fill out an online visa application form, departing from the earlier system of on-arrival visas.

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However, certain professions are still eligible for on-arrival visas, and individuals are advised to refer to the official list provided by the UAE Embassy [source:] to determine their eligibility. If your profession is not on the list, contacting the UAE Embassy or Dubai Airport for confirmation is recommended to ensure a smooth visa application process. Stay informed to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience to this vibrant city.

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Eligible Iqama Professions for On Arrival Dubai Visa

Understanding the confusion among expatriates, especially in GCC countries, regarding eligible Iqama professions is crucial. The following is a translated list of professions eligible for on-arrival visas, derived from a visit to the UAE Embassy:

Eligible Iqama Professions for On Arrival Dubai Visa
NumberProfession Name (English)Profession Name (Arabic)
1TV Technicianفني تلفزيونى
4University Teacherاستاز جامعى
5System Analystمحلل نظم
8Special Teacherمدرس خاص
9Sales Personمندوب مبيعات
10Sales Managerمدير مبيعات
12Ray Technicianفني اشعه
13Purchase Personمندوب مشتريات
14Purchase Managerمدير مشتريات
18Petroleum Technicianفني بترول
20Nurse Specialistممرض متخصص
22Managers of Companiesمدراء الشركات والمؤسسات
25Laboratory Technicianفني مختبر
28Importer and Exporterمسنول استيراد وتصدير
30Gas Technicianفني غاز
31Expert in Economic Affairsخبير شؤون اقتصاديه
34Employees of Airlinesموظفى شركات طىران
38Contagious Programsمعد برامج
39Computer Technicianفني كمبيوتر
40Computer Programmerمبرمج كمبيوتر
44Auditorمدقق حسابات
45Art Oil Wellsفني ابار نفط
46Art Montageفني مونتاج
47Architectural Draftsmanرسام معمارى
48All Government Employeesجمىع \لمهن الحكومية ما عدا المهن العالمىة
50Administrative Monitorمراقب اداري
51Administrative Assistantمساعد اداري
53Relationship Officerمسنول علاقات
54Quality Monitorمراقب جوده
55Roads Monitorمراقب طرق
56Meteorological Monitorمراقب ارصاد جويه
57News Observerمرصد اخبار
58Flight Attendantمضيف جوي
59Wireless Technicianفنى لاسلكى
Eligible Iqama Professions for On Arrival Dubai Visa

This complete list is important for individuals to as certain of their eligibility for a Dubai on-arrival visa based on their profession.

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While the days of Saudi Iqama holders enjoying Dubai on-arrival visas may be behind us, the process remains accessible through online applications. Understanding the eligibility requirements specific to your occupation is crucial to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. As Dubai continues to evolve, staying informed about the latest visa requirements ensures a positive user experience and hassle-free travel to this dynamic city.

Do Saudi Iqama holders need a visa for Dubai?

Yes, Saudi Iqama holders need a visa to enter Dubai. The on-arrival visa facility for Saudi Iqama holders was available before 2016, but now they need to apply for a visa in advance.

Which country provides on-arrival visas for Saudi Iqama holders?

As of now, Saudi Iqama holders do not have the option for on-arrival visas in Dubai. They need to apply for a visa before traveling.

Can GCC residents get a visa on arrival in Dubai?

Yes, certain GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) residents can get a visa on arrival in Dubai. The eligibility criteria may vary, and it’s recommended to check the official list of eligible professions.

Who can get on-arrival visa in Dubai?

Specific professions, as listed by the UAE Embassy, are eligible for on-arrival visas in Dubai. This includes various categories such as government employees, managers, doctors, engineers, and more. It’s crucial to refer to the official list for accurate information.