list of Reserved Iqama Professions for Saudi citizens

Iqama Professions Exclusively Reserved for Saudi Nationals in 2023

Introduction: Reserved Iqama Professions

In 2023, Saudi Arabia ushered in a transformative policy known as “Saudization,” capturing the spotlight both domestically and globally. This policy represents a deliberate effort to give precedence to Saudi nationals in the job market by designating specific professions and work opportunities exclusively for them. Throughout this article, we will comprehensively explore the details of this pivotal policy shift and examine the array of professions that now fall under the category of “Reserved Iqama Professions” for Saudi citizens.

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Understanding Saudization

Saudization, formally known as the Saudi nationalization scheme, is a strategic policy implemented by the Saudi government. Its primary objective is to increase the participation of Saudi citizens in the country’s labor market. This initiative holds immense significance, as it addresses several economic and social aspects of Saudi society. It’s designed to create more job opportunities for Saudi nationals, reduce unemployment rates, and elevate their role in shaping the nation’s economic landscape.

The Significance of Reserved Iqama Professions

Iqama, the Saudi residence permit, holds a crucial place in the lives of expatriates working in the country. It serves as the legal document allowing foreigners to live and work in Saudi Arabia. As part of the Saudization policy, the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Advancement (MHRSD) has released a list of Iqama professions reserved exclusively for Saudi citizens. This move signifies a bold and impactful shift in the Saudi labor market, with the intention of increasing employment opportunities for the local population.

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The Impact on Expatriates

For expatriates employed in the reserved Iqama professions, this shift necessitates a change in their Iqama status. The once routine process of renewing their Iqama is no longer an available option. Instead, individuals in these professions now face a critical choice: they must either shift to a different job or decide to exit their current employment.

List of Reserved Iqama Professions for Saudi Citizens

The list of Reserved Iqama Professions for Saudi citizens in 2023 is extensive, covering a diverse range of job sectors. These include roles in customer service, clerical work, and various managerial positions. Here is a selection of the professions:

  1. Cashier
  2. Complaint Clerk or Claims Clerk
  3. Booking Clerk
  4. Customs Clearance Clerk
  5. Director of Personnel Relations
  6. Director of Labor Affairs
  7. Reservation Agent
  8. Tourist Program Designer
  9. Duty Clerk or Attendance Control Clerk
  10. Employment Clerk
  11. Executive HR Manager
  12. Female Sales Specialist for Ladies Shop
  13. Head of Personnel Department
  14. HR Manager
  15. Senior HR Coordinator
  16. Payroll Officer
  17. HR Director
  18. Compensation and Benefits Officer
  19. Training Manager
  20. Key Specialist
  21. Labor Affairs Manager
  22. Receptionist (General)
  23. Receptionist (Hospitals)
  24. Receptionist (Hotel)
  25. Recruitment Clerk or Employment Clerk
  26. Representative or Broker
  27. Security Guard
  28. Treasurer
  29. Staff Affairs Clerk or Personal Affairs Clerk
  30. Staff Relations Manager
  31. Staff Relations Specialist
  32. Individual Affairs Clerk
  33. Timekeeper
  34. Typist
  35. Shops Selling Eyeglasses and Frames
  36. Car Spare Parts Shop
  37. Shops Selling Watches
  38. Medical Appliances and Equipment Shops
  39. Electrical Appliances and Electronic Shops
  40. Building and Construction Material Shops
  41. Shops Selling Carpets
  42. Automobile and Motorbike Showrooms
  43. Home and Office Furniture Shops
  44. Readymade Garments, Children and Men’s Wear
  45. Household Utensils Shops
  46. Confectionery Shops and Patisseries
  47. Light-Vehicle Driver
  48. Order Taker
  49. Safety and Security Officer
  50. Safety and Security Supervisor
  51. Food Service Employee
  52. Telephone Operator
  53. Supervisor of Telephone Operators
  54. Data-Entry Clerk
  55. Administrative Clerk
  56. Secretary
  57. General Services Supervisor
  58. Room Service Supervisor
  59. Maintenance Supervisor
  60. Sales and Marketing Supervisor
  61. Tourism Programs Supervisor
  62. Front Office Supervisor
  63. Director of Security and Safety
  64. Acting Director
  65. Maintenance Manager
  66. Room Service Manager
  67. Customer Service Manager
  68. Administrative Manager
  69. Sales and Marketing Representative
  70. Director of Tourism Programs
  71. Director of the Front Office
  72. Director of Staff Relations
  73. Health and Safety Professionals
  74. Customer Care Service Officer at Call Centers
  75. Translator
  76. Stock Keeper
  77. Real Estate Broker
  78. Real Estate Sale and Rental Broker
  79. Land and Real Estate Registry Clerk
  80. Real Estate Marketer
  81. Property Manager
  82. Certified Sustainable Engineer
  83. Certified Resident Engineer
  84. Quality Inspector Engineer
  85. Building Inspector
  86. Real Estate Arbitrator
  87. Government Relations Officer
  88. General Manager
  89. Customs Categorizer
  90. Customs Clearance Broker
  91. Copilot
  92. Air Controller
  93. Dispatcher
  94. Meteorologist
  95. Tourist Information Clerk
  96. Call Center Clerk
  97. Customer Service Center Inquiries Clerk
  98. Query Clerk
  99. Customer Data Clerk
  100. ATV Splitter Operator


The 2023 Saudization policy, with its extensive list of Reserved Iqama Professions for Saudi citizens, marks a significant milestone in the transformation of the Saudi labor market. This strategic move is expected to enhance the participation of Saudi nationals in various job sectors, thus contributing to the nation’s overall economic growth and development. As the policy’s implementation progresses, the effects on expatriates and local employment rates are subjects of great interest and will continue to be closely monitored.

This comprehensive list of Reserved Iqama Professions for Saudi citizens reflects the commitment of the Saudi government to prioritize its own citizens in the workforce, and it remains a crucial aspect of the country’s journey toward economic diversification and growth.

What are the new Saudization rules in 2023?

The new Saudization rules in 2023 are a set of policies aimed at prioritizing Saudi nationals in the labor market by reserving specific professions and job opportunities exclusively for them.

What professions are 100 percent Saudization?

The professions with 100 percent Saudization in 2023 include Assistant Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Flight Attendant, Air Transport Pilot, and Airhostess in the field of civil aviation.

What is the best profession for Iqama?

The best profession for an Iqama holder in Saudi Arabia depends on various factors such as qualifications, skills, and personal preferences. However, with the new Saudization rules, certain professions may be more accessible to Saudi citizens.

What is the percentage of Saudization in 2023?

The percentage of Saudization in 2023 varies by profession. Some professions are fully Saudized, while others have specific targets for the employment of Saudi nationals. The exact percentages may differ based on the profession and the stage of implementation.

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