How to Change Religion on Iqama

How to Change Religion on Iqama: A Complete Guide for Expatriates in Saudi Arabia


Beginning your adventure in Saudi Arabia as an expatriate involves an important responsibility—making sure your Iqama correctly shows your religion. This easy-to-follow guide breaks down the process of changing your religion on the Iqama. It explains the key role of sponsors, like the General Relations Officer (GRO) for employees or the family head for dependents. From booking a Jawazat appointment to understanding real-life stories of fixing family Iqama religion, this guide is a simple map for a smooth journey in the Kingdom.

Understanding the Importance of Changing Religion on Iqama:

The religion stated on your Iqama holds significant importance, particularly if you aspire to visit the holy cities of Makkah and Madina. Saudi Arabia, being the custodian of Islam’s holiest sites, imposes restrictions on non-Muslims entering these cities. Therefore, it becomes imperative to ensure your Iqama accurately reflects your religious affiliation.

Initiating the Process – Your Sponsor’s Role:

Whether you are an employee or a dependent, the process of changing religion on the Iqama involves your sponsor. For employees, the General Relations Officer (GRO) of the company serves as the sponsor, while for dependents, it is the family head.

If, for any reason, your religion is incorrectly stated or you have embraced Islam after entering Saudi Arabia, the sponsor plays a crucial role in facilitating the necessary changes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Religion on Iqama:

Book a Jawazat Appointment:

  • Begin the process by booking a Jawazat appointment under the Resident Services category. This is a crucial step that initiates the official procedure for changing Iqama information.

Fill Out the Information Change Form:

  • Upon securing the appointment, fill out the required form. Pay attention to specific points, such as Point 9 for “تغيير الدين على الإقامة” (Change of Religion on Iqama), Point 10 for “غير زلك /غير مسلم” (Non-Muslim), and Point 11 for “إسلام” (Islam).

Visit the “Ask me or Information Help Desk”:

  • Contact the “Ask Me or Information Help Desk” area within the Jawazat office. The team there will assist you in finding the right section to continue with the process of changing your religion.

Identify the Family Iqama-Related Cases Section:

  • Seek out the section that handles Family Iqama-related cases. Here, you will inform the officer about the necessary changes required in your Iqama, particularly the correction or update of your religion.

Officer Verification and Changes:

  • The officer will verify the details provided and proceed with making the required changes. Be prepared to answer questions about your conversion to Islam if applicable.

Validate Changes on Absher Portal:

  • Following the completion of the procedure, the officer may congratulate you on your recent conversion and instruct you to obtain the print of the new Iqama from another window.

Adding Value: Real-Life Experiences in Correcting Family Iqama Religion

In our ongoing exploration of the process to change religion on Iqama, we’ve gathered valuable insights from members of our community who have faced specific situations related to correcting the religion on the family Iqama. Here’s an account of a real-life experience:

Community Member’s Experience:

One member, acting as the sponsor for their family, recently encountered a situation where the family Iqama had an incorrect religion printed on it. Seeking guidance, they initially reached out to their company’s General Relations Officer (GRO). The GRO indicated that, for the member’s own Iqama, the GRO would be responsible. However, for dependents’ Iqamas, the correction process would need to be handled directly by the family head.

How to Correct Family Iqama Religion? Corrective Steps Taken

Online Jawazat Appointment:

  • The corrective process was initiated by booking an online Jawazat appointment, selecting the Riyadh Main office for the visit.

Required Documents:

  • Necessary documents, including the family head’s Iqama, family Iqama, and copies of the family’s passports, were brought along.

Guidance at “Ask me or Information Help Desk”:

  • At the Jawazat office, guidance was sought from the “Ask me or Information help desk” section, receiving direction on the specific section to visit for family Iqama-related cases.

Identification of Relevant Section:

  • Following the guidance, the member identified the sub-section dedicated to handling family Iqama-related cases.

Changes Request and Verification:

  • The officer was informed about the required corrections, and after verifying the details, proceeded with the correction process.

Validation on Absher Portal:

  • The corrected information was validated on the Absher portal, becoming visible within a short span of 2-3 minutes.

Note from the Community Member:

In this specific case, no form was required to be filled out. However, the member observed another individual at the Jawazat office who had a filled form. Additionally, the member highlighted a language barrier at the Riyadh Main office, where English communication posed a challenge. They advised fellow expatriates to seek assistance from individuals proficient in translation if needed.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, changing one’s religion on the Iqama in Saudi Arabia is a structured process that involves coordination with the sponsor, careful form-filling, and interaction with Jawazat officials. By following these steps diligently, expatriates can ensure that their Iqama accurately reflects their current religious affiliation, allowing for a seamless experience in their life in Saudi Arabia.

We trust that this handbook has provided valuable insights and guidance for navigating the intricacies of changing religion on the Iqama. Feel at liberty to delve into additional articles on our platform, and be sure to subscribe for consistent updates. Wishing you a smooth and positive experience in your journey in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Importance of correct religion on Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

Crucial, especially for visiting Makkah and Madina; Saudi Arabia restricts non-Muslims. Iqama must reflect your religion.

Sponsor for changing religion on Iqama?

GRO for employees, family head for dependents.

First step in changing religion on Iqama?

Book Jawazat appointment under Resident Services category.

Points to consider when filling Information Change Form for religion change?

Focus on Points 9, 10 (Non-Muslim), and 11 (Islam).

How to validate changes on Absher portal?

After officer’s changes, validate on Absher. Download digital Iqama for updated info.