Can House Drivers Change Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia?

Can House Drivers Change Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia?

Introduction: House Drivers Iqama Profession

In Saudi Arabia’s job rules, house drivers changing their Iqama profession is a big deal. Knowing how this process works is super important if you’re a house driver and want to do a different job. In this guide, we’re going to talk about how house drivers can switch their Iqama professions. We’ll explain things in a way that’s easy to understand and share helpful tips for a good experience. So, if you’re curious about changing your job, keep reading!

Can House Drivers Change Their Iqama Profession?

The short answer is yes, house drivers in Saudi Arabia have the opportunity to change their Iqama profession under certain circumstances. However, the process varies based on the nature of their employment and the specific conditions outlined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

1. Company Driver Iqama Profession:

If you are employed by a company, and your Iqama is issued by a business establishment, the process of changing your Iqama profession is relatively straightforward. This allows you to transition to other professions such as labor. The key is to follow the prescribed process diligently.

  • Understand the procedures involved.
  • Make sure your employer approves of the profession change.
  • Follow the necessary documentation and submission process.

2. House Driver to Domestic Worker:

For house drivers working under individual sponsors at private residences, the process involves a different set of considerations.

  • If your Iqama designation is “house driver,” you have the option to switch to different domestic roles like “Housecleaner” or “عامل منزلية” with the consent of your Kafeel (sponsor).
  • The entire process, including documentation and approvals, is facilitated by your current sponsor.

3. House Driver to Business Driver:

Changing from a house driver to a business driver involves a more intricate process. Although it’s feasible to shift to a labor or business profession, moving to a business establishment poses challenges due to strict regulations governing the transfer of sponsorship for domestic workers.

  1. Changing the Iqama profession becomes possible when transferring sponsorship to a business establishment.
  2. However, transferring from a domestic worker status to a business establishment is generally considered difficult.

Recent Updates and Improvements:

1. Ministry’s Amendment to Rules:

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development recently revised the regulations concerning the transfer of services for domestic workers. The amendment aims to streamline the process and enhance the contractual relationship between employers and domestic workers.

2. Expanded Circumstances for Transfer:

The update includes new circumstances under which the transfer of service is allowed without the current employer’s consent. These circumstances include delayed wage payments, failure to receive the domestic worker promptly, and abuse by the employer or their family.

3. Additional Considerations:

  • Termination during the probation period is now recognized as a valid reason for Iqama profession change.
  • Improved regulations regarding the transfer of domestic worker services without their knowledge or consent.

Final Thought:

In summary, it’s possible for house drivers in Saudi Arabia to change their Iqama profession, but the process is a bit detailed. If people know the particular situations, follow the new rules, and keep in mind recent changes, they can make this transition well. This article aims to help you understand these things, giving you the information you need to succeed.

Can I change my house driver profession on Iqama?

Yes, under certain circumstances. The process varies based on your employment status and conditions set by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. Follow the rules and procedures for a successful profession change.

How can I transfer a domestic worker to a company in Saudi Arabia?

Change your sponsorship to a business establishment, but be aware of challenges due to stringent regulations governing sponsorship changes for domestic workers.

What are the new rules for Iqama transfer in Saudi Arabia?

Recent amendments by the Ministry aim to streamline the process, introducing circumstances allowing transfer without the current employer’s consent.

What is the salary of a house driver in Saudi Arabia?

Varies based on experience, location, and contract terms. Negotiate salary details with your employer before accepting a position.