How We Work together

There are three different ways in which we collaborate with our clients to help them hire their desired workforce–these are the standard practices for recruiters. Upon receiving your demand specifications, any one of these three methods may be chosen by mutual agreement.

We can arrange its arrival and post advertisements; we put together a suitable list of candidates for your consideration. You fly in to meet them and conduct the final interviews and their trade tests as required. Once you’re satisfied, you can relax while we make sure all the travel arrangements have been made.

We gather all suitable candidates pre-assess them and send the CVs of the most suitable ones to you. you then confirm the final selection on the basis of these CVs. once the selection process is complete we proceed with the departure arrangements

At AGTSI, we understand that there are many reasons why an employer may not be able to send their own representatives to a job fair or other recruitment event. That’s why we offer our services as a proxy for the employer. We will screen and interview potential candidates on the employer’s behalf, and then provide the employer with the details of the finalists. We can also help with arrangements like visa processing and travel arrangements. This way, the employer can be confident that they are getting the best candidates for the job, even if they can’t be there in person.


Our Pre-Assessment

We have set criteria for pre-screening candidates before sending their details to you for further assessment. A candidate only makes it through to you if our staff of highly experienced industry professionals considers him or her capable of fulfilling the following requirements

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