How to Download Iqama jawazat Form for Saudi Jawazat? Complete Guide 2024

How to Download Iqama Form for Saudi Jawazat? Complete Guide 2024


In the Kingdom of Saudi Jawazat procedures, obtaining and filling out the Iqama Jawazat Form is a key step. Whether you’re a newcomer applying for the first Iqama for dependents or someone aiming to replace a lost Iqama, this guide will walk you through the process of downloading the necessary “Jawazat Iqama Form.”

Last Updated: 01/01/2024

Direct Access to Jawazat Form:

For those looking for quick access to the Jawazat form, you can instantly download it from the official Saudi government website by clicking here. However, if you’re willing to understand the step-by-step process of downloading the Iqama form from Jawazat, including helpful tips and considerations, continue reading the complete guide below.

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How to Download Iqama Jawazat From Muqeem? Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Navigate to the Official Portal:

Start by steering to the official Muqeem portal, which provides a secure and trustworthy internet connection for a smooth experience.

How to Download "Iqama Form" From Muqeem

Step 2: Login Process:

Log in using your company’s set username and password. This step is required for accessing the necessary forms and services.

Step 3: One-Time Password (OTP):

After successful login, expect to receive a One-Time Password (OTP). This adds an extra layer of security to your transaction.

After successful login, expect to receive a One-Time Password (OTP)

Step 4: Language Selection:

Once logged in, guide to the language settings and switch to your preferred language, providing ease of understanding throughout the process.

Language Selection:

Step 5: Accessing the Forms Section:

Look for the “Forms” section on the portal. Click on it to show the available forms for different purposes.

Accessing the Forms Section:

Step 6: Form Options:

Within the “Forms” section, specify the specific form you need. In this case, the “Iqama Jawazat Form” is the focus. Click on the form to proceed.

Step 7: Fill or Download:

You’ll find options to either fill out the form online or download it. Choose the option that best matches your personal choice for maximum comfort.

7. Fill or Download FORM

Step 8: Form Filling:

If you choose to fill out the form online, make sure to enter the necessary information carefully. The system might ask for details like the common number based on why you’re filling out the form.

Step 9: Downloading the Form:

For those who like doing things themselves, hold the Iqama Jawazat Form PDF and fill it out at any time that suits you.

Step 10: Printing the Form:

Once the form is filled, if online or manually, you have the option to print it directly. This is especially useful for forms requiring a physical copy.

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Additional Tips and Considerations:

  1. Ensure the accuracy of the information provided, especially when filling the form online.
  2. Double-check the common number and other relevant details to avoid errors.
  3. Seek assistance from an agent if needed, particularly for those less familiar with the online processes.

Why Do You Need the Jawazat Form?

The need for the Jawazat form appears in various situations related to residency matters, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Here are a few reasons why people may require the Jawazat form:

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1: Change of Iqama

If you are looking to transform your Iqama, the Jawazat form becomes necessary. This might be due to personal cases or shifts in your residency status.

2: Lost Iqama

In the sad event of losing your Iqama, the Jawazat form is required to start the process of obtaining a replacement Iqama. The form acts as a legal request for a new residence permit.

3: Unreadable Iqama:

When your existing Iqama becomes unreadable for any reason, you may need to renew it. The Jawazat form simplifies this process by providing a structured way to express the need for a renewal.

4: Religious Change on Iqama

If there is a need to reflect a change in religion on your Iqama, the Jawazat form is the selected means to share this change with the management.

5: Newly Born Baby Inside Saudi Arabia:

For people with a newborn born inside Saudi Arabia, registering the child’s Iqama is a essential step. The Jawazat form helps in starting this registration process.

6: Newly Born Child Outside Saudi Arabia:

Similarly, if your child is born outside Saudi Arabia, the Jawazat form is used to register the child’s Iqama upon their entry into the Saudi Arabia.

7: Naqal Maloomat of Passport:

The Jawazat form is used for sharing information related to your passport. This is important for keeping your records up to date and providing smooth arrangement between your passport and Iqama details.

8: Employee Account Renewal:

Someones employed in Saudi Arabia may need to renew their employee accounts, and the Jawazat form is part of the process for such renewals.

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Final Thoughts:

Acquiring the “Iqama Jawazat Form” from the Saudi Jawazat is a basic yet simple procedure. This complete guide provides that you can navigate the portal with trust, addressing various methods such as changing your Iqama, replacing a lost one, or facilitating a religious change. Embrace online convenience, empowering your Jawazat experience with productivity and trust.

How can I download the Iqama form PDF?

You can download the Iqama PDF by visiting the official Muqeem portal and navigating to the “Forms” section. Choose the specific Iqama Jawazat form you need, and there will be an option to download the PDF.

How do I print the Iqama Jawazat Form?

After filling out the Iqama Jawazat form, whether online or manually, you have the option to print it directly. This can be done for forms requiring a physical copy, ensuring you have the necessary documentation.

What is the Iqama Jawazat form of Saudi Arabia?

The Iqama Jawazat form of Saudi Arabia is a important document used for different purposes, including applying for the first Iqama for dependents, exit re-entry visas, registering newborns, transferring Passport information, replacing lost Iqamas, and more. It’s an important part of residency procedures.

Can I seek assistance if I am not familiar with online processes?

Yes, you can seek help from an agent if you’re not aware with the online processes. The article suggests checking the common number and other details for accuracy and highlights the option to seek help for a smoother experience.

Are there additional tips for filling out the Iqama form online?

Yes, some tips have ensuring the accuracy of the provided information and double-checking details to bypass errors. These tips contribute to smooth online process.