How to Easily Change Iqama Picture in KSA Online?

How to Easily Change Iqama Picture in KSA Online?


I just wanted to let you know that changing the picture on your Iqama, the special ID card in Saudi Arabia, is something you need to do. Your Iqama is like your official ID, so it’s important to ensure the picture is correct and up-to-date. This guide will help you understand how to change the picture on your Iqama in Saudi Arabia, step by step. We’ll also talk about why it’s necessary to do this and explain how to update the picture, especially for kids. Come along as we explore the How to Change Iqama Picture.

Why Change Your Iqama Profile Picture?

Reasons to change the picture on Iqama

Changing the picture on your Iqama can be prompted by several reasons.It’s crucial to comprehend the significance of this procedure:

Damaged Iqama:

If your Iqama card has been physically damaged, it can affect the visibility of your photo. When your picture isn’t clear or if the card is damaged, it’s a good idea to consider changing the photo.

Blurred or Outdated Photo:

A: If the picture on your Iqama is blurred or no longer resembles your current appearance, it can lead to recognition issues. This holds particular significance for ensuring seamless interactions with government offices and authorities.

B: Upon your initial arrival in Saudi Arabia, the immigration officer captured your image for your Iqama. Over time, you may have noticed that your Iqama still displays the same photograph, even though years have passed. This can pose several significant reasons for you to consider changing your Iqama picture.

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Change Iqama Picture for Children

If you need to change the picture on your child’s Iqama, the process is slightly different. Here are the steps you can follow:

Option 1: Contact Mandoob (Government Representative):

You can get in touch with a government representative, often referred to as a Mandoob, to facilitate the process of changing your child’s Iqama picture.

Option 2: Request Immigration Officer Assistance:

Another method is to request the assistance of an immigration officer when traveling to or from another country with your child. If you can provide a solid reason for the picture change, they may replace the old photo with a new one immediately.

Option 3: Take an Appointment at Jawazat:

Alternatively, you can follow the same procedure as changing an adult’s Iqama picture. Schedule an appointment with Jawazat through the Absher platform and visit with the original documents, including your child’s Iqama.

Now that you understand why changing your Iqama picture is vital, let’s explore the steps to make this change.

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How to Change Iqama Picture Online?

Steps to change Iqama picture through Absher

Changing your Iqama picture involves a series of steps that you must follow meticulously. Here’s a detailed guide on how to change Iqama picture online through Absher in Saudi Arabia:

Step 1: Book Appointment Through Absher:

How to Book an Appointment Through Absher
  • Step A: Log in to Absher using your username and password.
  • Step B: Upon entering your login details, Absher will send a verification code (OTP) to your registered mobile number. Simply enter this OTP to proceed.
  • Step C: After successful verification, your profile page will open. Here, you’ll find various options, but for booking appointments, click on “Manage Appointments” or “Manage and Book Appointments.”
  • Step D: By selecting “Manage Appointments,” a new window will open for booking a new appointment. Click on “Book New Appointment” and then choose “Passport” as the appointment type.
  • Step E: Another window will appear, prompting you to select “Resident Services.” In the “Book of Transactions,” enter “1” and click “Select Branch.” Then, choose your region, city, and the specific branch (usually the Passport branch).
  • Step F: Click on “Choose Date and Time” through a calendar and then proceed to “Confirm Appointment.” Your appointment will be confirmed.

This organized step-by-step process will help you efficiently book your appointment through Absher.

Step 2: Visit the Jawazat Office:

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, head to the Jawazat office at the allotted time. It’s crucial to be punctual for a smooth process.

Step 3: Describe Your Issue:

When you arrive at the Jawazat office, visit the counter where a camera is set up. Explain to the officer the reason for your visit, which is to change your Iqama picture. Provide your existing Iqama for verification.

Step 4: Fingerprint Confirmation:

To verify your identity, you’ll be required to provide your fingerprints for confirmation. This is a standard security procedure.

Step 5: Capture a New Picture:

The officer at the Jawazat office will capture a new picture of you. This updated photo will replace the existing one on your Iqama.

Step 6: Print Your New Iqama:

After the new photo has been taken, proceed to another counter where you can print your updated Iqama with the new image.

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Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, changing the picture on your Iqama is a straightforward process that can be done through the Absher web portal. It’s essential to have a valid passport and a recent passport photo with an uncovered head to initiate this change. Keeping your Iqama photo up-to-date is vital to avoid recognition issues and ensure a hassle-free experience in Saudi Arabia.

By following these easy-to-read steps and understanding the reasons behind the Iqama picture change, you can ensure that your Iqama accurately reflects your current appearance. This process is particularly important for residents and expatriates in Saudi Arabia, as it is linked to various official interactions and services.

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