How to Register with the Saudi Council of Engineers?

How to Register with the Saudi Council of Engineers? Latest Guide 2024


In the dynamic landscape of Saudi Arabia, the role of expatriate engineers and technicians is pivotal in propelling the nation’s progress. This guide unravels the essential steps for registering with the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE), a cornerstone for the renewal of Iqama and the continuation of professional endeavors within the Kingdom.

Embarking on the SCE registration journey is not merely a procedural requirement; it’s a gateway to a myriad of opportunities for individuals contributing to Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning sectors. Beyond compliance, this process opens doors to professional recognition, access to exclusive resources, and a streamlined pathway to career advancement.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of SCE registration, unveiling the numerous advantages it holds for those navigating the intricate landscape of engineering and technical professions in Saudi Arabia.

Who Needs SCE Registration?

Before delving into the registration process, it’s essential to understand who needs to register with the Saudi Council of Engineers. The requirement extends to all types of engineers and a specific list of 136 technician professions. This registration is a prerequisite for Iqama renewal, emphasizing the importance of compliance for expatriates working in Saudi Arabia.

SCE Registration Requirements:

To initiate the registration process, several documents and details are required. These include a photograph, scanned copies of your Iqama and passport, an authorization letter from the Saudi Council of Engineers, a letter of introduction attested by the Chamber of Commerce, and your academic transcripts or mark sheets. These meticulous requirements ensure that the SCE maintains a standardized and verified database of its registered professionals.

The Fee for SCE:

Understanding the fee structure is crucial for a smooth registration process. The SCE registration involves a one-time registration fee of SR 500, along with an annual membership fee of SR 200 for technicians and SR 250 for engineers. The total fee sums up to SR 700 for technicians and SR 750 for engineers per year. Knowing the cost breakdown helps individuals plan accordingly and prevents any surprises during the registration journey.

How to Register with the Saudi Council of Engineers?

If you’re an expatriate engineer or technician working in Saudi Arabia, registering with the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) is a crucial step for Iqama renewal. Here’s a detailed guide on the registration process, combining information from various sources for a comprehensive understanding.

Step #1. Document Scanning

The process kicks off with scanning essential documents like your passport, passport-sized photos, subscription details, appointment letter, and relevant certificates or mark sheets. Ensure all scans are clear and readily accessible.

Step #2. Visit the Saudi Council of Juniors Website

Begin by searching for “Saudi Council of Engineers” on Google and navigate to the official website. Click Here to direct access. Look for the registration or sign-up option on the main page.

Step #3. Registration

If you don’t have an existing account, click on the registration option. Provide your email ID, create a secure password, and fill in personal details, including nationality and membership classification. Verify your registration through a valid mobile number. After registration log in to the website by this link.

Step #4. Profile Setup

Complete your profile by entering details such as passport number, entry visa number, and your profession. Upload a clear image of yourself, adhering to specified requirements.

Step #5. Personal Information

Provide extra information like your birthdate, the city you live in, and details about your school or institute. It’s essential to be accurate and thorough when filling out this part.

Step #6. Membership Selection

Choose the duration for your membership and verify the associated cost. The process will be navigated by the system, providing you with step-by-step guidance on completing the payment.

Step #7. Qualification and Specialization

Select your qualification and specialization, providing details about your graduation year, college/institute/school name, and other relevant information.

Step #8 Document Upload

Upload necessary documents, including your passport, diploma certificate, authorization letter, job letter, and mark sheet. Ensure correct labeling and accuracy in every document.

Step #9. Final Confirmation

Review the information provided, make any necessary corrections, and confirm your registration. This leads you to the payment section.

Step #10. Payment

Pay the required registration fee, typically mentioned on the website, following the provided instructions.

Step #11. Confirmation

After a successful payment, your registration is confirmed. Keep an eye out for the confirmation message via email or on the website.

By following these detailed steps, you’ll navigate the SCE registration process seamlessly, ensuring a smooth renewal process for your Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

Distinguishing Between Diploma Holders and Others:

For diploma holders, additional steps are involved. The system prompts users to indicate whether they hold a diploma certificate. After this, you’ll need to provide information like your area of expertise, the country where you graduated, the year of graduation, and the name of the educational institution. Uploading the necessary documents, including academic records, degree certificates, and authorization letters, is a crucial step in this phase.

Technicians Without a Diploma:

Individuals lacking a diploma can also finalize a temporary registration procedure with the Saudi Engineering Council. When prompted, individuals must select “NO” when asked about holding a diploma or certificate. It’s essential to note that this temporary registration is valid for 12 months, after which individuals must either change their Iqama profession or obtain a relevant certificate.

Payment of SCE Registration Fee:

A payment of SR 500 is necessary for the registration fee, and an SMS containing the SADAD bill number is sent for payment. This fee is a prerequisite for the SCE to start auditing the registration request. The Yaqeen verified status indicates successful Iqama verification by the Ministry of Labor records.

Jawazat Verification and Further Steps:

Upon payment, the SCE initiates the verification process, during which individuals may be asked to provide additional documents or clearer copies. Following successful verification, an SMS is sent to pay the membership fee. Once paid, the account status changes to Yaqeen verified and Jawazat updated.

Common Reasons for SCE Registration Rejection:

Understanding common rejection reasons is essential for those who might face challenges during the registration process. Reasons include incomplete or unclear documents, degrees not attested by the Saudi Culture and Embassy, fake documentation, engineers with less than five years of experience, and Iqama professions reserved for Saudis. In case of rejection, contacting the SCE helpline at 920020820 is advised for guidance.

Iqama Renewal:

Iqama renewal is possible when the SCE membership is valid, even if it has only two days left. Alternatively, it is essential to promptly commence the renewal procedure for Saudi Council of Engineers membership.

Upon successful registration, individuals can visit any SCE office to collect their SCE certificate and membership card, signifying their official recognition by the Saudi Council of Engineers.

Deactivate/Delete SCE Account:

For those who no longer have access to the registered email address, a request for account deactivation or deletion can be made to the SCE. This involves submitting a letter attested by the Chamber of Commerce, leading to account deactivation. After a waiting period, individuals can re-register with the Saudi Council of Engineers using a new email.

Final Thoughts:

Register with the Saudi Council of Engineers stands as an important step for foreign engineers and technicians employed in Saudi Arabia. This complete guide has outlined the step-by-step procedure, requirements, and common pitfalls to ensure a smooth registration experience. By adhering to the outlined steps and understanding the nuances of the process, professionals can contribute to the growth of the Kingdom while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.