Saudi Council of Engineers SCE Test for Iqama Renewal

Saudi Council of Engineers SCE Test for Iqama Renewal: A Complete Guide for Expat Engineers


In a big step to make sure that engineering professionals in Saudi Arabia are top-notch and genuine, expatriate engineers must now complete the Saudi Professional Verification Program SCE Test for Iqama Renewal. This important decision, mentioned in recent news, shows a strong dedication to maintaining high standards in the industry and dealing with the problems caused by fake engineering qualifications.

Understanding the Saudi Professional Verification Program:

The Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) has introduced a program called the Saudi Professional Verification Program. It requires both Saudi and expatriate engineers to take specific tests before they can get licenses to work in the Kingdom. This tough process is in place to stop fake certificates, making sure that only real and well-qualified engineers are part of projects that help the country grow.

Discoveries of Fraudulent Certificates:

The SCE recently uncovered a concerning issue in the engineering field – lots of fake certificates. Shockingly, about 1,200 expat engineers were caught using phony credentials, putting past projects at risk. This discovery made the authorities take quick action, and that’s how they introduced the Saudi Professional Verification Program.

Testing Modalities:

The Saudi Professional Verification Program uses a two-step testing method. The initial test is designed to check the fundamental concepts of engineering, especially for recent graduates starting their careers. The second test is for engineers with ten years of experience, allowing them to qualify for important roles like project directors. Working together with the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education (Qiyas) shows the dedication to keeping testing standards at a high level.

Frequency of Testing:

To make sure engineers, especially those who have recently graduated, keep growing professionally, they need to take courses every year. This helps them keep their work licenses valid and ensures their careers move forward following the rules of the industry. This shows that the SCE is focused on making sure engineers stay well-informed and updated in their field.

SCE Test for Iqama Renewal Impact:

The Saudi Professional Verification Program plays a role in the process of renewing Iqama. Expatriate engineers must not only get their first Iqama but also pass a professional test for the renewal of their residency permits. This fits in with the bigger plan of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif, who wants the Interior Ministry to carefully check engineers’ qualifications before allowing them to stay.

Iqama Renewal Without Professional Test:

In a recent update, expatriate engineers received good news as they can now renew their Iqama without having to take the professional test. The Saudi government has temporarily allowed this exception, giving a bit of leeway for a specific time. During this period, expatriates are encouraged to use their time wisely to make sure the job titles on their Iqama match their actual professions.

Preparing for Future Tests:

Even with the temporary break, it’s important for expat engineers to take some smart steps. They should make sure their Iqama job details match their actual work so that when the test starts again, they’re ready. This way, they can easily show they’re good at their job when the testing comes back.

Challenges Faced by Temporary Memberships:

Now, let’s talk about people who have temporary memberships with the SCE. When these individuals try to renew their memberships, they face some challenges. The SCE requires them to submit their diplomas or certificates for the renewal process, making it tough for many of them.

Options for Temporary Members:

Facing difficulties, temporary members were given the choice to renew for one more year without submitting certificates. Yet, the unclear status of renewing without certificates in 2022 leaves temporary memberships in a state of uncertainty for the future.

Collaboration with Pearson VUE:

To make sure the testing process works well and is secure, the SCE joined forces with Pearson VUE. This teamwork uses modern computer-based testing ideas, making the qualification tests trustworthy and believable.

Final thoughts:

The introduction of the Saudi Professional Verification Program demonstrates a dedicated effort to enhance the capabilities of engineers in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we’ve delved into significant aspects of this program, such as understanding how the SCE Test for Iqama Renewal works, identifying fraudulent certificates, collaborating with Pearson VUE, and its impacts on the renewal of Iqama. By emphasizing ongoing learning and testing, the SCE is not only safeguarding the integrity of the engineering field but is also contributing to the stable development of the country. For international engineers facing these new tests, staying informed and prepared is essential for their success in the Kingdom.