Emergency Numbers and Important Websites in Saudi Arabia

Emergency Numbers and Important Websites in Saudi Arabia

Introduction: Saudi Arabia Emergency Numbers and Site

In Saudi Arabia, it’s essential to have quick access to emergency numbers and important government websites, especially if you are a resident or a visitor. From medical emergencies to reporting incidents, knowing these numbers and websites can be a lifesaver. This article will provide you with a complete list of emergency contact numbers and essential websites to keep you well-informed and safe in Saudi Arabia.

Emergency Numbers:

Kingdom Emergency (without the SIM card) – 112

In case you don’t have a working SIM card, you can dial 112 for immediate assistance during any emergency.

Civil Defense – 998

The Saudi Civil Defense handles various emergencies, including fires, rescues, and natural disasters.

Ambulance – 997

In medical emergencies, the ambulance service can be reached at 997 for immediate assistance.

Police – 999

For general safety concerns and reporting crimes, dial 999 to reach the police.

Traffic Accidents – 993

In case of a road accident, dial 993 to report the incident and seek help.

Roads Security – 996

This number is for reporting issues related to road security and infrastructure.

Coastguard – 994

The coastguard is responsible for coastal safety and maritime emergencies.

Natural Disasters – 966

In the event of natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes, dial 966 for assistance.

Emergency – Office of Deaths – 990

In case of a death, you can contact this number for necessary procedures and assistance.

Criminal Investigation – 992

For reporting and seeking help regarding criminal activities and investigations, dial 992.

Flying Ambulance – 123

A special emergency service for critical medical situations involving air transportation.

Commercial Violations – 1900

To report commercial violations or seek information related to business activities.

Bank Complaints with Saudi Central Bank – 8001256666

If you have complaints or inquiries about banking matters, call this number.

Najm (Incidents of Insured Vehicles) – 920000560

For reporting accidents involving insured vehicles.

You can contact the General Presidency of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice at 1909.

Contact this number for inquiries related to maintaining public order and receiving religious guidance.

Saudi Airlines – 920022222

For inquiries and assistance related to Saudi Airlines and air travel.

General Intelligence – 985

This number is for security and intelligence concerns.

Saudi Customs – 1918

For matters related to customs and imports/exports.

Arsad – 988

This number is for reporting spies and espionage activities.

Balady – 940

For municipal affairs and services.

Border Guards – 994

In matters related to border security and incidents.

Unified Emergency Number – 911

The primary emergency number for immediate assistance in all types of emergencies.

Electricity Emergency – 933

For electrical emergencies and power outages.

Narcotics Control – 995

To report issues related to narcotics and drug control.

Ministry of Health – 937

For inquiries and assistance regarding health-related matters.

The contact number for the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services is 938.

For transportation and logistics inquiries.

Land Line Phone Book Inquiries – 905

For directory assistance and phone book inquiries.

Nazaha – 19991

To report corruption and ethics violations.

Important Websites of KSA:

Here are some important websites to stay informed and access government services in Saudi Arabia:

Organization/Portal NameWebsite Address
Saudi Ministry of Labour, Riyadhwww.mol.gov.sa
Saudi Ministry of Interiorwww.moi.gov.sa
Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairswww.mofa.gov.sa
Saudi Food and Drugs Authoritywww.sfda.gov.sa
Saudi Customswww.customs.gov.sa
Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhiwww.mea.gov.in
MADAD Portalwww.madad.gov.in
Indian Passport Authoritywww.passportindia.gov.in
Embassy of India, Riyadhwww.indianembassy.org.sa
e-Migrate Portalwww.emigrate.gov.in
Consulate General of India, JeddahConsulate General of India in Jeddah
Saudi Schools Portalschools.madrasati.sa
Al Arabiya News & Media Publishersalarabiya.net
Altibbi (Health – Other)altibbi.com
Madrasati (Programming and Developer Software)madrasati.sa
Kooora (eCommerce and Shopping – Other)kooora.com
Haraj (eCommerce and Shopping – Other)haraj.com.sa
Important Websites of KSA:

Emergency Contacts and Key Online Resources in Saudi Arabia: Final Thoughts

Having quick access to emergency numbers and important websites is crucial for your safety and well-being in Saudi Arabia. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, make sure to keep these numbers and websites handy, as they can provide you with essential assistance and information during various situations. Ensure your safety and stay well-informed while in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.