How to check Efada medical report Online for Saudi iqama?

How to check Efada medical report Online for Saudi iqama?

Introduction: Efada Medical Report 2023

Embarking on the journey to get or renew your Saudi Iqama? There’s a crucial step you can’t skip—getting your Efada medical report. This piece of paper is super important for folks like you, living in Saudi Arabia. It’s like a badge that says you’re medically good to call the Kingdom your home. We’re here to guide you through this whole process of checking your Efada medical report online. Trust us; it’s not just about meeting health rules; it’s about making your journey through these important steps as smooth as a breeze.

And hey, just so you know, we’re not throwing random advice at you. This guide is based on real research and experiences. We, at AGT SERVICES INTERNATIONAL Manpower Recruitment Agency, deal with providing manpower to KSA and other countries. So, when we say it’s a seamless process, we’ve got some hands-on knowledge. Let’s dive into this uncomplicated guide on how to check Efada medical report for your Saudi Iqama and make your Saudi adventure a breeze!

Understanding the Significance of Efada Medical Report:

Before we delve into the process, let’s recognize the importance of the Efada medical report. This report is a crucial component in the issuance or renewal of your Iqama, certifying that you are medically fit to stay in the Kingdom. It encompasses various tests, including a blood test, stool test, HIV/AIDS test, TB Xray, eyesight, and hearing tests.

How to Obtain an Efada Medical Report?

Go to a medical center approved by Efada:

Start by locating the nearest Efada-approved medical center. This ensures that your medical tests are conducted at a recognized facility.

Submission of Passport and Fee Payment:

Upon arrival, submit your passport at the reception and pay the required fee, usually around SAR 200. This fee covers the medical tests necessary for your Iqama.

Undergo Medical Tests:

The medical center will conduct various tests, including a blood test, stool test, and others mentioned earlier. Get ready for a thorough examination.

Understanding the Efada Medical Report Result:

Once the tests are complete, the medical center will issue your Efada medical report. You can easily see the report status by going to the Efada website.

Check your Efada medical report online:

Visit Efada Website:

Access the Efada website ( and select “Certificate results” in the inquiry type.

Please provide the border number and phone number :

Input your border number and the phone number you provided during the sample collection.

Understanding the report:

The system will generate your report, indicating an “Approved” status if you have passed the medical tests.

How to check Efada medical report Online for Saudi iqama?

Alternative Method: Checking through MOH Website:

Visit MOH Website:

Explore the Ministry of Health (MOH) website at

Provide the border number and sponsor ID:

Enter your border number and sponsor ID, select “Iqama Issuance,” and click on “search.”

Verification and Result:

Input the verification code accurately, and the system will display the result, usually consistent with the Efada website.

Certainly, I’ve reviewed the competitor’s article on how to check the Wafid medical report status online. I’ll integrate this additional method into the article, maintaining a seamless flow. Here’s an updated section:

Another way to see your Wafid Medical Report Status:

Visit the Wafid Website:

If you are planning to travel to a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country for work and belong to one of the 21 listed countries, including India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, you might need to undergo the Wafid medical test (formerly known as the GAMCA medical test). Start by visiting the Wafid website at

Select “View Medical Reports:

On the homepage, locate and select the “View Medical Reports” option.

You’ll land on a fresh page where you can search using your passport number or Wafid slip number. Pick the method that fits you the most.

Provide your information:

If you choose the “by passport number” option, enter your passport number, and then pick your nationality from the drop-down menu.

Click “Check”:

Once you’ve provided your information, go ahead and click the “check” button to move forward.
After following these steps, the system will show your GCC medical report status. A “FIT” status in green signals a successful test, displaying your photo and personal details. If it reads “UNFIT,” further testing or treatment may be required before you’re considered ready for employment in the GCC.

Obtaining the Efada medical report for your driving license:

Go to a medical center approved by Efada:

If obtaining the report for a driving license, visit an Efada-approved medical center with required documents, including sponsor ID, original Iqama, original driving license, two photographs, and the test fee.

Medical Tests and Report Update:

Undergo blood tests, eye tests, and a general checkup. After passing, the medical center updates your report on the Absher portal.

Status Check:

Although the status cannot be checked online, the medical center notifies you via SMS once the report is updated on the Absher portal.

Final Thoughts: Medical Report Online KSA

So, wrapping it up—getting and checking your Efada medical report for your Saudi Iqama is like following a straightforward plan. Keep your health in mind, stick to these steps, and use the online tools they offer. It’s pretty easy and makes things smooth. Just take care of yourself, and let Efada help you figure out all the health stuff you need for your Iqama and driving license in Saudi Arabia. Wishing you a good and healthy time in the Kingdom!