How to Check Company Status (Nitaqat) or Iqama Red or Green, Yellow, Color

How to Check Company Status (Nitaqat) or Iqama Red or Green, Yellow, Color? Complete Guide

Introduction: Iqama Color Check

For expatriates in Saudi Arabia, understanding the Iqama and company Status Color is super important. This guide is like a flashlight, helping you see the Red, Green, and Yellow categories. These colors show how well a company follows Saudization rules, which means hiring Saudi nationals. Started in 2011, the Nitaqat program sorts companies based on how much they hire Saudis.

This guide is like a friend, explaining step by step how to check your Iqama and company Status Color. It’s easy to read, making sure expatriates know what each color means. Keeping an eye on your company’s Nitaqat status is like staying updated on work and residency decisions.

Are Checking Company Status and Verifying Iqama Status Two Distinct Processes?

Certainly! When you’re checking the status of a company, you’re looking at something called Nitaqat color. It’s like a rating that shows how well the company is following the rules about hiring Saudi nationals. The colors are Green, Red, or Excluded, and each color has its own meaning for the company and its employees.

Now, when you’re verifying Iqama status, you’re basically checking a person’s permission to stay in Saudi Arabia. For people from other countries working there, their Iqama can be Platinum, High Green, Low Green, or Red. Each color means different things for their job.

So, checking a company is like looking at how good it is with hiring locals, and verifying Iqama is like making sure an individual has the right to stay and work there. Two different things, but both important!

What are Nitaqat Categories? Understanding Iqama Colors

The Nitaqat program, introduced by the Saudi Ministry of Labor in June 2011, aims to boost Saudization – the employment of Saudi nationals in the private sector. The Iqama Color, often referred to as Nitaqat Color, classifies companies into three categories:

What if Iqama Status is Green Color?

  1. Indicates a high Saudization rate if Iqama is Green Category.
  2. Eases visa processing for foreign workers.
  3. Allows sponsorship transfer without the Kafeel’s permission.
  4. Permits profession changes for employees.
  5. Allows Iqama renewal three months before expiry.

What if the Iqama Status Color is Yellow?

  1. The Ministry of Labor abolished the Yellow category on Jan 26, 2020.
  2. Entities in the Yellow category shifted to the Red category.

What if Iqama Status Color is Red?

  1. Implies restrictions and challenges for the company if Iqama is Red Category.
  2. No new visas for foreign employees.
  3. No sponsorship transfer from other sponsors.
  4. Limited renewal options for Iqamas.
  5. Inhibits profession changes for employees.
  6. No new branch openings.

Excluded Category (مستبعد):

  1. Applicable when a company has fewer than six registered employees.
  2. Exempt from Nitaqat requirements.
  3. Equivalent to the Green category in terms of compliance.

How to Check Iqama Red or Green Color Status? 6 Easy Steps

Verifying your Iqama Color Status is a simple procedure accessible through the Ministry of Labor website. Follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Visit the Ministry of Labor website:
  2. Navigate to the Non-Saudi Employee Inquiry page.
  3. Input any of the following identification numbers: Iqama number, border number, or passport number.
  4. Enter the image code for verification.
  5. Click on the “Search” button.
  6. The outcomes will showcase your Iqama Color Status, revealing whether your company is categorized as Platinum, High Green, Low Green, or Red.

What is Company Nitaqat Status? Red or Green in Saudi Arabia?

Understanding your company’s Nitaqat status is crucial for career stability in Saudi Arabia. Follow these simple steps to check your Kafeel-Sponsor-Company Nitaqat color online.

How to Check Company Nitaqat Status Red or Green in Saudi Arabia?

  1. Access the official website of the Saudi Ministry of Labor.
  2. Enter Iqama (Muqeem) Number:
    • Locate the 2nd text box labeled “رقم اللقامه.”
    • Input your Iqama (Muqeem) number.
  3. Enter Image Code:
    • Below the image, enter the provided code in the fourth box.
  4. Begin the search:
    • Press Enter or click on the “Search” button to initiate the inquiry.

Understand Company Nitaqat Status: Green Yellow and Red Colors

  1. Platinum Status (✔):
    • Meaning: Excellent Saudization rate.
    • Implication: High number of Saudi employees, indicating a stable work environment.
  2. Green Status (?):
    • Meaning: Good Saudization rate.
    • Implication: Your position in the company is secure; the Kafeel supports Saudization.
  3. Yellow Status (?):
    • Meaning: Needs improvement; potential for enhancement.
    • Implication: Encourage the company to offer more job opportunities to Saudi citizens.
  4. Red Status (?):
    • Meaning: Low Saudization rate.
    • Implication: Limited benefits; the company may face restrictions.

Tips for Action According to Company Status:

  1. Frequent Checks:
    • Periodically verify your company’s Nitaqat status for updated information.
  2. Communication with Management:
    • Engage with company officials to discuss and support Saudization efforts.

Additional Considerations

  1. Checking Domestic Workers and Dependents:
    • It’s important to highlight that the Iqama Color Status cannot be checked for domestic workers and dependents since they are not registered with the Ministry of Labor.
  2. Disclaimer:
    • Although numerous expatriates often look for Iqama status on the website, it’s crucial to note that the Iqama Color Status (red/green) is exclusively accessible for checking on the Ministry of Labor website. does not provide this utility.

Iqama And Company Status: Final Thought

Understanding your Iqama Color Status is really important for people living and working in Saudi Arabia. This guide makes things simple, so you can easily know what each category means. It helps you stay in the know about your company’s Nitaqat status, which helps you decide what’s best for your job and residency renewal. If you have any questions or worries, feel free to ask below and share this article with others. It’s here to make understanding Iqama Color Status easier for everyone!