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Manpower Recruitment Services for Marine & Shipyard Industry

Looking for reliable and efficient manpower recruitment services for the Marine & Shipyard industry? Look no further! AGT Services International is the best manpower recruitment agency for marine and shipyard industry in Pakistan. We offer a comprehensive range of recruitment solutions to help you find the right candidates for your organization. Contact us today to learn more.


AGT Services International is a licensed manpower recruitment agency committed to providing top-notch services to clients across the globe.

We specialize in countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and several European countries including Romania, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Our expertise covers all trades, ranging from general workers to skilled and semi-skilled technicians, engineers, executives, and office staff.

We cater to various industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Production & Manufacturing, Hospitality & Tourism, FMCG, Security Guard Services, Food & Agriculture, and Transport & Trucking. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver customized and precise manpower solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client.

At AGT Services International, we aim to provide top-quality services under all circumstances without exception. Contact us today to experience the difference.

AGTSI Can Provide You Manpower for the Following Trades & More for the Marine & Shipyard Industry: 

·         GTAW or TIG Welders

·         SMAW or Stick Welders

·         Plate Cutters

·         General Workers

·         Millwrights

·         Metal fabricators

·         Pipefitters

·         Machinists

·         Marine Painters

·         Tool Makers

·         GMAW or MIG Welders

·         Oxy Acetylene Welders

·         Electricians

·         Machine Operators

·         Scaffolders

·         Riggers

·         Laborers

·         Crane operators

·         Forklift operators

·         Truck drivers

Why Pakistani Workers are the Best Choice for the Marine & Shipyard Industry?

Pakistani workers are the ideal kind of workers for the Marine & Shipyard Industry.  They are great at technical work and possess above average intelligence.  They are loyal, hardworking men who are quick to action and not afraid of working in high risk situations.  Given below are various reasons for why Pakistani workers are best for the Marine & Shipyard Industry.

They are Strong and Robust Hard Workers:

Hard workers are the most prized type of workers in any industry.  Working hard is a part of Pakistani culture and is thought to be normal and is a necessity given the economic conditions in Pakistan.  It is considered to be honorable to work hard and to financially support relatives and loved ones and to provide for them.  Hard workers are held in the highest regard by the people of the community.  

Coming from agricultural backgrounds, Pakistani workers are very tough and robust too.  Since Pakistan has all types of weather like extreme cold and scorching heat, from frozen mountain ranges to scorching hot deserts, its people are capable of working in any type of weather.  Furthermore, besides being strong, they are quite smart, and can fulfill complex and difficult tasks much very competently. 

Strong, robust, intelligent and hard working is an exact representation of a Pakistani worker.  All these qualities come together in each Pakistani worker to make them the best workers in the world.  And also an ideal fit for the Shipyard and Marine Industry.

They are Long Term Employees:

Workers from Pakistan prefer long term employment because they have to support and provide for their families back home.  They try and avoid changing jobs as much as possible.  Such employees tend to work harder, are peaceable and law abiding and are willing to put in extra effort to please their employers.  This makes them highly valued employees in the Marine and Shipyard Industry.

Pakistani Workers Love to Work Abroad:

Pakistani workers face many problems at home, such as low wages, high unemployment, job instability and poor healthcare, working & living conditions.  Working abroad allows them to overcome all these issues. Moreover, working abroad also offers Pakistani workers the chance to learn new skills and technologies, experience new cultures and places, and access better medical facilities.  Because of this desire to work abroad, Pakistani workers easily fit into foreign cultures and work environments and prove to be some of the best workers for their employees.

Pakistani Shipyard Workers are Experienced & Well Trained:

There are many shipyards in Pakistan but Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW) and Gadani Ship Breaking Yard are the most well known.  These yards employ thousands of trained and seasoned workers who are considered to be among the best in the world at their trade.

  • Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW): It is the oldest and the largest shipyard in Pakistan. It is located in Karachi, Sindh. KSEW has the capacity to build and repair a wide range of vessels, including cargo ships, tankers, tugboats, submarines and all kinds of other naval vessels.  For more details about KSEW please click here.
  • Gadani Ship Breaking Yard: It is the largest ship breaking yard in Pakistan. It is located in Gadani, Balochistan. Gadani Ship Breaking Yard has the capacity to break up a wide range of vessels, including supertankers and is responsible for earning millions of dollars in revenue each year.  For more details on Gadani Ship Breaking Yard please click here.

These workers are highly experienced and are willing to work abroad in search of better job opportunities.  Get in touch with us and we can help you hire these exceptionally talented workers for your ideal Marine & Shipyard workforce.

Why are We The Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for the Marine & Shipyard Industry in Pakistan?

AGT Services International is a reliable and reputed manpower recruitment services provider for companies operating in the Marine & Shipyard Industry. We are known as the best manpower recruitment agency for the Marine & Shipyard Industry in Pakistan because;

Experience and Reach in the Industry:

We have the necessary experience and connections in the industry to provide you with qualified and experienced workers from the Marine & Shipyard Industry including shipbuilding, ship maintenance, port operations, dry docks operations, ship repair and ship breaking etc.  Whatever your demand may be, or however big, AGTSI can very quickly arrange the right people for the right job.

We are Trainers So We Understand Your Requirements Better Than Most:

Besides being a renowned manpower recruitment agency, we are a government recognized and respected training institute as well.  Thanks to the more than a hundred internationally experienced industry experts on our panel, we offer a multitude of technical and vocational courses along with customized training programs.  Our courses and training programs are all designed as per industry standards and are accepted internationally. 

Furthermore, our sister concern, AGT Institute runs a regular program for training welders, fitters, fabricators, electricians and other main trades from the Marine and Shipyard industry.  Our program for welders covers all major types of welding, like GTAW, GMAWFCAW, SMAW  For 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G & 6G welding positions, including Oxy Acetylene (Gas Welding).  For further details, please visit AGT Institute Welding Program.

Being trainers, we have a much better understanding of industry requirements, compared to other recruitment agencies, making us exeptionally good at finding you the right talent.  AGTSI gives you faster and better results than any of our competitors.

Our Low Cost Hiring Solution:

As a low cost hiring solution, AGT also trains fresh candidates for clients in any trades related to the Marine & Shipyard Industry including Shipbuilding, Ship Maintenance, Port Operations, Dry Docks Operations, Ship Repair and Ship Breaking industries etc. 

Our international experts for trades from related industries train the most promising candidates as per industry standards, with an emphasis on hands on, practical training.  These are young, energetic individuals who are eager to prove themselves and are hardworking, loyal and eager to perform.   Furthermore, being inexperienced (although well trained), they are perfectly happy working for lower salaries as compared to their experienced counterparts.

Ethical Recruitment Practices:

At AGTSI, we are committed to upholding the principles of ethical recruitment. We firmly believe that treating job seekers and clients with integrity and fairness is crucial for building trust and fostering long-term relationships.

We firmly believe in promoting ethical labor practices, which is why we meticulously screen employers and advocate for decent working conditions for our candidates.  We prioritize ethical recruitment practices, ensuring transparency between all parties involved. 

All our fees and charges are stated clearly to our clients.  Moreover, we do not charge the candidates for our services.  All our services charges are borne by the client.  Candidates are only charged government fees etc. as per our agreement with our client. 

  Our commitment to ethical recruitment extends to providing accurate and transparent information to job seekers, guiding them through the process, helping them make informed decisions and ensuring that future disputes and misunderstandings do not rise between the employer and employee.  We give them a comprehensive briefing drawn upon the terms and conditions of the client; 

We call this our ‘Clear Briefing’.

Clear Briefing Provided to Candidates:

The items given below are explained to new hires in official, on-camera briefings.  To clarify, this is done to make things crystal clear to the hires.  Furthermore, these briefings help prevent any disputes that might occur in the future.  The new hires also sign a statement confirming that they understand and accept all terms and conditions plus all duties.  Moreover, for the sake of clarity, these signed statements are prepared in Urdu and the host country’s language.  In addition, the employer receives copies of both the briefing as well as the signed document for their perusal and record.   

What is this briefing about?
  1. Salary and benefits offered by the hiring company.
  2. Overtime opportunities as per the host country’s labor law.
  3. Food – Provided or not provided by the employer?
  4. Details about the accommodation facility being provided by the employer.   
  5. Availability of transport facilities like pick and drop from residence to work site and back to residence.
  6. Provision of Air tickets – one way or two way?
  7. Details about the job contract and its requirements.
  8. Job description explained in complete detail.
  9. Leaves like annual leaves or total leaves etc.  All about the company leave policy.
  10. Probationary period
  11. Anything else that might be related to the employer’s expectations from the new employee and the employee’s from the employer.
  12. The new employee is required to sign a document stating that you understand and accept all of the above.  This document is for our archives.
Our Comprehensive Suite of Services Makes Recruitment Easy for You:

Our comprehensive suite of services covers all aspects of manpower recruitment for the Marine & Shipyard Industry.  We provide our clients will all relevant services under one roof, making recruitment easy and stress free.   Furthermore, our services are customizable as per the requirements of our clients.

Our Services:

Our key services have been summarized below

1. Manpower Recruitment

AGTSI offers complete recruitment, staffing, and talent search services for businesses and industries of all types. We are experts at identifying and selecting the best candidates for all your hiring needs. (Read More)

2. Trade Testing

Our team is dedicated to help finely assess the skills and knowledge of candidates by providing all-inclusive trade test services.  You will be given access to the best and most well-equipped trade testing labs/workshops in Pakistan at AGTSI.

As the best manpower recruitment agency for the worldwide Marine & Shipyard Industry in Pakistan we offer outdoor trade testing as well.  Outdoor trade testing is important for real time assessment of the skills and abilities of drivers, heavy machinery operators, mechanics, auto technicians and other fields requiring outdoor testing.  As a matter of fact, this allows companies to assess candidates in real-world settings while using actual equipment and facilities.  Please note here that we only use the best equipment and facilities for our outdoor tests.  (Read More)

3. Training / Customized Training

We train new hires or complete workforce groups for top-level performance through our refresher courses, short-term training, and customized training programs. (Read More)

4. Visa Processing & Travel Arrangements

Besides our other services, we can also provide visa processing services if the client wants.  Furthermore, our sister concern, AGT Travel, and Tourism can make travel arrangements for the client’s workforce if needed. 

Our Team of Foreign Experienced Industry Experts Guarantees Top Talent:

We have on our panel a host of internationally experienced experts from all popular industries and trades.  These experts are mainly responsible for vetting, screening, evaluation and assessment of potential candidates according to client and industry standards.  As is obvious, only the best candidates get shortlisted for you to interview and trade test.  This makes the whole process of recruitment a lot easier, reliable and faster and minimizes the risk involved.

AGTSl Also Provides Customized Training Programs for your New Recruits for the Marine & Shipyard Industry:

AGT Services International also provides personalized training programs for our clients’ new recruits if needed. We understand that every company has unique requirements, and our expert trainers are skilled in developing training programs that conform to your specific needs.

Our customized training programs cover various aspects such as company procedures, operations, protocols, best practices and additional skills, to ensure that the new hires are fully equipped to carry out their job responsibilities efficiently.

Our services are not limited only to curriculum provided by the client. Our industry experts will create a new curriculum from scratch if the client so requests.


AGT Services International is a reliable and experienced partner for companies operating in the Marine & Shipyard Industry. Our workers are highly skilled, intelligent, and loyal, and they have extensive experience in this sector. We thoroughly screen and verify the credentials of our workers to ensure that they meet the standards set by our clients. Trust AGT Services International to provide you with the most talented Pakistani workers for your business needs in the Marine & Shipyard Industry. Contact us today to experience the AGT Services International difference.


What types of positions can AGT Services International help fill in the Marine & Shipyard industry?

AGT Services International can help fill a wide range of positions in the Marine & Shipyard industry, including welders, metal fabricators, pipefitters, electricians, machine operators, scaffolders, riggers, laborers, crane operators, forklift operators, and truck drivers, among others.

How does AGT Services International ensure that the Pakistani workers it recruits for the Marine & Shipyard industry have the necessary skills and experience?

AGT Services International carefully screens and verifies the skills and experience of Pakistani workers through trade testing, assessment, and reference checks. We have a panel of internationally experienced industry experts who assess the candidates' qualifications and ensure their suitability for the Marine & Shipyard industry.

Can AGT Services International provide manpower solutions for specific operations within the Marine & Shipyard industry, such as shipbuilding, ship maintenance, or shipbreaking?

Yes, AGT Services International can provide manpower solutions for specific operations within the Marine & Shipyard industry, including shipbuilding, ship maintenance, port operations, dry docks operations, ship repair, and shipbreaking. We can source candidates with relevant expertise and experience.

Does AGT Services International handle the necessary documentation and visa processing for recruiting Pakistani workers in the Marine & Shipyard industry?

Yes, AGT Services International manages the necessary documentation and assists with visa processing for recruiting Pakistani workers in the Marine & Shipyard industry, ensuring compliance with immigration requirements and a smooth deployment process.

Can AGT Services International provide customized training programs for the new hires in the Marine & Shipyard industry?

AGT Services International offers customized training programs for new hires in the Marine & Shipyard industry, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client. These training programs can be based on company-specific procedures, safety protocols, technical skills, or industry standards.

How long does it typically take for AGT Services International to identify and recruit suitable candidates for Marine & Shipyard industry positions?

The duration of the recruitment process can vary depending on factors such as the specific job requirements, availability of suitable candidates, and visa processing time. AGT Services International strives to provide efficient recruitment solutions and aims to match clients with suitable candidates in a timely manner.

What qualifications or experience do Pakistani workers need to have to be considered for Marine & Shipyard industry positions through AGT Services International?

The qualifications and experience required for Marine & Shipyard industry positions may vary depending on the specific job role. AGT Services International assesses candidates based on their relevant skills, experience, and qualifications to determine their suitability for the positions.

How can Pakistani workers apply for job opportunities in the Marine & Shipyard industry through AGT Services International?

Pakistani workers can apply for job opportunities in the Marine & Shipyard industry through AGT Services International by contacting them via their website or reaching out to their customer service team for more information on the application process.

Does AGT Services International provide support and guidance to Pakistani workers during the recruitment and deployment process for the Marine & Shipyard industry?

AGT Services International provides support and guidance to Pakistani workers throughout the recruitment and deployment process for the Marine & Shipyard industry. This includes assistance with documentation, visa procedures, travel arrangements, and orientation programs to help them settle into their new work environment.

How can Pakistani workers enhance their skills and qualifications to increase their chances of getting recruited in the Marine & Shipyard industry?

Pakistani workers can enhance their skills and qualifications by acquiring relevant certifications, completing vocational training programs, gaining practical experience through internships or apprenticeships, and staying updated with industry trends and advancements. AGT Services International can provide guidance on training opportunities and industry-specific certifications.

What are the advantages ofworking in the Marine & Shipyard industry abroad for Pakistani workers?

Working in the Marine & Shipyard industry abroad offers Pakistani workers opportunities for better income, professional growth, exposure to new technologies and working practices, a better standard of living, and the chance to experience different cultures. It also provides them with access to job stability and improved healthcare facilities.

Are there any language requirements for Pakistani workers applying for Marine & Shipyard industry positions abroad?

Language requirements may vary depending on the specific job and location. AGT Services International can provide information on language requirements for each available position and offer language training or proficiency tests if needed with the help of AGT Institute (

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