Our Trade Testing Services

AGTSI also provides Trade Testing Services.  We can pre-assess the skills, knowledge and qualifications of your new hires with the help of our foreign experienced industry experts and our state of the art labs and workshops for any and all trades and industries. 

Our Trade Test Center:

AGT Services International is one of the few overseas manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan that can provide its clients manpower recruitment services, trade testing services, and training services, all under one roof, under one organization.
Our trade testing center is approved by NAVTTC (National Vocational and Technical Training Commission), Government of Pakistan.  Further more, it is based on state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops fully equipped with all the necessary tools, materials, and equipment for all sorts of trade tests. We can also make special arrangements for unconventional or company-specific tests upon prior intimation.

Outdoor Trade Testing is available:

We also provide any kind of outdoor trade testing. These outdoor tests are usually for LTV/HTV drivers, heavy machinery operators or sometimes for other trades like mechanics and automotive technicians. We do these tests with the help of various companies on our panel who allow us to use their equipment and facilities. Like all our indoor tests, we only hire and use the best equipment and facilities for our outdoor tests too.

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General Labor/ Helper
Civil/ Construction

Quality Assurance

All necessary measures are beingtaken while conducting trade tests. It aims to ensureQuality Assurance like strict adherenceof Exam (Test)Policy and follow Open Merit System in true letter and spirit.

Resources & Facilities

AGT has improved, expanded and diversified technical and vocational trade testing quality services,forits valued local/international clients.The AGT provides a range of state of the art trade testing services to its clients around the world including manpower recruiting companies/construction companies/builders/other organizations in the following trade that includes:

Trade Testing Report System

AGT Tech is offering a “Trade Test Report System” for Recruiting Agencies/Companies. This system facilitates the agencies in compiling Test Reports of students. The same is processed in the following manner:

  • E-mail to the relevant recording agency/company

  • Courier (TCS) to the HR department of relevant recruiting agency/company

  • Results are uploaded/dispatched within two days’ time (i.e. 24 to 48 hrs). Subsequently, the HR department of the respective recruiting agency can verify/check the results through the Passport/CNIC number of the respective candidate.

Authorized English Language Test Center

AGT has been approved by the UK Border Agency as a service provider for different Colleges, Universities, and Governing Bodies as English LanguageTest Center. Notably, A1 Level, A2 Level, B1 Level, and B2 Level English language tests are being conducted at AGT. Usually, these tests are for spouse visas, student visas, settlement visas, and immigration to the United Kingdom.

AGT use to conduct these tests with a complete money-back guarantee. Successful candidates are issued Certificates from AGT Institute. AGT has Audio Video English language classrooms in accordance with Border Agency and British Council requirements.

Trained Staff For Promoters (Recruiting Agencies)

We provide highly qualified, well-trained professional staff to all Promoters. It helps in the smooth functioning of the trade testing center in the desired manner. Promoters are encouraged not to bring their own staff because all matters are well-taken care of by the AGT Trade Test Center Staff.

NOTE: AGT only provides staff at the request of the Recruiting Agency. The Recruiting Agency may also bring their own staff to conduct tests.

Conference Halls For Delegates

AGT Tech has an impressive 5 conference halls for delegations. All conference halls are technology enabled and equipped with the following facilities:

  • Video conferencing facilities

  • High-standard audio equipment

  • New furniture

  • Wall-mounted whiteboards

  • Air conditioned executive offices

  • ICT Infrastructure

  • Locker

  • LCD TV

To ensure quality services and facilities at AGT campus, management is committed to provide perfect acoustics and exemplary space in each conference hall. All conference halls have been well-used for the purpose of tests and interviews by foreign delegates, students, and international recruiters.Many national and international icons hailing from different trades have been invited in the past to conduct trade tests and interviews.

Campus Building

Located in the heartthrob city, Rawalpindi, the AGT has an advantageous location that offers round-the-clock accessibility through public and private transportation, which is very convenient for the students, staff, and faculty. The Institute is located in a building having five (05) floors. Each floor has a covered area of 5000 sq ft approx.

Parking, Security And Safety

Parking facility is available at campus for all concerned promoters. AGT has highly effective campus security arrangements for safety and security of its student, faculty and staff.

Facility Of Interpreter

Another distinctive feature of AGT is the true availability of an interpreter, which can translate/interpret English into Urdu and Arabic into Urdu so that language understanding does not become a problem.

Facility Of Latest Electronic Token System

AGT has latest electronic token system. First come, first get principle is being followed. This system is only installed at AGT in the region. It facilitates the candidate in tests/interviews processes.

Facility Of Stand By Generator

Load shedding is one of the major problems in Pakistan which badly affects trade testing activities. For this purpose, AGT has installed 100 KVA standby generators to address this issue. It greatly helps in the following matters:

  • Supply of continuous electricity

  • Not stoppage in Technical Tests.

  • Smooth conduct of Welding Tests in case of electric shut downs.

Facility Of Photo Lab & Color Photo Copier

Photo Lab and Color Photo Copier facilities at AGT are other distinctive features of this Institution. It helps to meet the emergent requirements of promoters/recruiting agencies at the time of fulfilling the prerequisites of trade tests.