Manpower Recruitment Services for Shipping & Marine Industry

Looking for reliable and efficient manpower recruitment services for the shipping and marine industry? AGT Services International has got you covered! We offer a comprehensive range of recruitment solutions to help you find the right candidates for your organization. Contact us today to learn more.


AGT Services International is a leading manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan. We have a proven track record of providing skilled and reliable workers to various industries worldwide. Our expertise covers all trades, ranging from general workers to skilled and semi-skilled workers, technicians, engineers, executives, and office staff. We specialize in providing manpower for UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Japan, Korea, China, and European countries, including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Poland, and Romania. We cater to various industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Production & Manufacturing, Hospitality & Tourism, FMCG, Security Guard Services, Food & Agriculture, Transport & Trucking, and Shipping & Marine Industry.

AGT Services International:
The best manpower recruitment agency for the Shipping & Marine Industry in Pakistan.

AGT Services International is a reliable and experienced partner for companies operating in the Shipping & Marine Industry. We have a large database of qualified and experienced workers who can fulfill a wide range of positions in the industry. Our workers have extensive experience in the marine sector, including shipbuilding, ship maintenance, and port operations. We specialize in providing a variety of workers in the Shipping & Marine Industry, from unskilled laborers to highly skilled and experienced professionals.  Some frequently hired Shipping & Marine Industry workers through us are mentioned below;


a. TIG welders

b. MIG welders

c. Stick welders

d. Flux-cored welders

e. Gas welders

f. Combination welders


a. Sheet metal fabricators

b. Structural steel fabricators

c. Pipefitters and pipe fabricators

d. Machinists and toolmakers

e. Composite fabricators

f. Metal finishing and painting fabricators


a. Welding helpers

b. Fabrication helpers

c. Painting and coating helpers

d. Machining helpers

e. Electrical helpers

f. Plumbing helpers


a. Welding inspectors

b. Painting and coating inspectors

c. Non-destructive testing inspectors

d. Electrical and instrumentation inspectors

e. Quality control inspectors

Engineers and Designers:

a. Naval architects

b. Structural engineers

c. Mechanical engineers

d. Electrical engineers

e. Design engineers

f. CAD designers


a. Welding supervisors

b. Fabrication supervisors

c. Painting and coating supervisors

d. Electrical supervisors

e. Plumbing supervisors

f. Quality control supervisors

AGT Services International Also Provides Customized Training Programs for your New Recruits for the Shipping & Marine Industry:

AGT Services International takes pride in providing personalized training programs for your new recruits in the Shipping & Marine Industry. We understand that every company has unique requirements, and our expert trainers are skilled in developing training programs that cater to your specific needs. Our customized training programs cover various aspects such as company procedures, operations, and protocols to ensure that your new hires are well-equipped to carry out their job responsibilities efficiently. Our services are not limited to the curriculum provided by the client. We can also create a new curriculum from scratch if the client so requests. With our manpower recruitment services, we ensure that our clients receive top-quality customized training for their recruits, directly up-grading their on job productivity and efficiency.

Pakistani workers:
The best choice for the Shipping & Marine industry.

Pakistani workers are highly skilled, intelligent, and loyal, making them an excellent choice for the Shipping & Marine Industry. They are used to working in extreme weather conditions in Pakistan and can handle scorching heat and freezing cold weather. Pakistani workers are smart as well as strong, and they can fulfill complex and difficult tasks better than workers from other regions of the world. They are also known for their hard work and dedication, which make them valuable assets to any organization. Pakistani workers are willing to work for the same employer on a long-term basis, which ensures stability and continuity in the workforce.

Pakistani workers prefer to work abroad:

Pakistani workers face many problems in their home country, such as low wages, high unemployment rates, and poor working conditions. Working abroad provides them with the opportunity to earn a better living, improve their standard of living, and support their families back home. Working abroad also offers Pakistani workers the chance to learn new skills and technologies, experience new cultures and places, and access better medical facilities.


AGT Services International is a reliable and experienced partner for companies operating in the Shipping & Marine Industry. Our workers are highly skilled, intelligent, and loyal, and they have extensive experience in the marine sector. We thoroughly screen and verify the credentials of our workers to ensure that they meet the standards set by our international clients. Trust AGT Services International to provide you with the most talented Pakistani workers for your business needs in the Shipping & Marine Industry. Contact us today to experience the AGT Services International difference.

Some of the trades in the Shipping & Marine Industry that AGT Services International can provide you personnel for:

Shipbuilding Workers

Ship Repair Workers

Marine Engineers

Naval Architects

Marine Electricians

Marine Mechanics

Marine Surveyors




Marine Painters


Crane Operators

Forklift Operators


Logistics Coordinators

Shipping Clerks

Port Managers

Terminal Operators

Shipping Agents

Marine Security Officers

Marine Safety Officers

Industries in we serve

Trucking & Transport Industry

Manufacturing & Production Industry