How To Update Iqama Online with Alawwal Bank

How To Update Iqama Online with Alawwal Bank? Latest Guide 2024


Dive into the simple steps of updating Iqama online with Alawwal Bank and discover why it’s crucial to keep your Iqama information current. It’s not just about following the rules; having the right details on your Iqama is important for various activities and services in Saudi Arabia. Alawwal Bank’s online platform makes the process easy and convenient, so you can quickly update your information.

Why is it important to update Iqama with Alawwal Bank?

Before we start talking about how to update Iqama, let’s understand why it’s so important. Keeping your Iqama information current is not only a rule you have to follow, but it’s also really important for various things you might want to do in Saudi Arabia. If you use Alawwal Bank’s online platform, it makes updating your information easy and trouble-free.

Method #1: Update Iqama Alawwal Bank’s Thorugh App

Updating your Iqama with Alawwal Bank is made easy through the bank’s secure online portal. To begin the process:

Step 1: Log In to Alawwal Bank App Account

Access your Alawwal Bank App account by logging in.

Step 2: Check for Iqama Expiration

If your Iqama is nearing expiration within the next three months, you’ll find an “Update” option on your home screen. Simply click on it to proceed.

Step 3: Input Date of Birth and Accept Terms

On the following page, input your date of birth in accordance with your Iqama and acknowledge acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Confirm Successful ID Update

A system message will confirm the successful update of your ID details with Alawwal Bank online.

Method #2: How to Update Iqama Alawwal Bank Using Online Banking?

The internet banking method offers a streamlined approach:

Step 1: Log In to Alawwal Bank Internet Banking Account

Access your Alawwal Bank internet banking account by logging in.

Step 2: Navigate to “Personal Information” or “Settings” Tab

If the “Update” option doesn’t appear on your home screen, navigate to the “Personal Information” or “Settings” tab.

Step 3: Input Iqama Details Following On-Screen Instructions

Follow the on-screen instructions to input your Iqama details, making sure the information is accurate.

Step 4: Upload Necessary Supporting Documents

Upload any necessary supporting documents, including a valid copy of your Iqama or residency permit.

Review the entered information and submit your request.

Method #3: How to Update Iqama by Visiting an Alawwal Bank Branch?

For those who prefer the traditional approach, visiting an Alawwal Bank branch is an alternative:

Step 1: Locate Nearest Branch:

Utilize Google Maps or the “Branch Locator” feature on the bank’s website to pinpoint the closest branch.

Step 2: Obtain Customer Services Token:

Grab a “Customer Services” token upon your arrival and clarify the reason for your visit to the bank officer. 

Step 3: Submit Iqama for Processing & Complete Paperwork:

Provide your Iqama, and the officer will make a copy and present a form for your signature.

Step 4: Reactivate Account (If Needed):

After the necessary paperwork, your Iqama will be updated in the system. If your account was frozen, a quick ATM withdrawal can verify reactivation.

Final Thoughts:

Updating your Iqama with Alawwal Bank online is a straightforward process, catering to the diverse preferences of its users. Whether you choose the convenience of internet banking or the personalized touch of visiting a branch, Alawwal Bank ensures a positive user experience. Stay compliant with Saudi regulations and embrace the efficiency of Alawwal Bank’s digital services, making incremental improvements in the way you manage your financial information.