How to Update Iqama in Bank Al-Bilad – Enjaz? 4 EASY WAY

How to Easily Update Iqama in Bank Al-Bilad | Enjaz in Saudi Arabia 2024 Complete Guide

Update Iqama in Bank Al-Bilad | Enjaz


Making sure your Iqama stays up-to-date with Bank Al-Bilad isn’t just a rule – think of it as your ticket to a smooth journey in Saudi Arabia. Here at AGT, your trusty recruitment agency, we’ve done our homework. We chatted with expats and Saudi locals to understand the details.

Turns out, keeping your Iqama in check is a game-changer for stress-free banking. So, we’ve put together this guide, keeping it simple and real, based on hands-on experiences. Let’s breeze through updating your Iqama with Bank Al-Bilad via Enjaz – just like a friendly chat!

Methods to Update Iqama in Bank Al-Bilad 

Bank Al-Bilad has designed a user-friendly online platform, accessible through both their website and mobile application, making the Iqama update process quick and convenient. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide, amalgamating insights from various sources, to ensure a smooth experience for customers.

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Method 1. Access Bank Al-Bilad’s Official Website

Open your preferred browser and navigate to Al-Bilad website.

Iqama Update Process through Bank AlBilad Net Banking

Step 1. Login to Your Account

Once on the website, log in to your Bank Al-Bilad account using your username and password. This process is applicable to both the official website and the mobile application.

Iqama Update Process through Bank AlBilad Net Banking

Step 2. Addressing Browser Trustworthiness:

It’s common to encounter an “untrusted browser” error after logging in. To resolve this, click on the option to set your browser as trusted.

Iqama Update Process through Bank AlBilad Net Banking

Step 3. Verification Process:

Upon selecting the trusted browser option, a 4-digit activation code will be displayed on the screen. Simultaneously, you will receive a call from the bank on your registered mobile number.

Iqama Update Process through Bank AlBilad Net Banking

Step 4. Entering Activation Code:

Answer the call and enter the 4-digit activation code displayed on your screen. A bank representative will verify this code during the call.

Iqama Update Process through Bank AlBilad Net Banking

Step 5. Waiting for Code Expiry:

Allow the code to expire naturally or wait until the countdown reaches 0:00.

Step 6. Closing Verification Window:

Click on the close option, typically represented by an arrow on the right side of the window, located below the verification code.

Iqama Update Process through Bank AlBilad Net Banking

Step 7. Navigating to Profile and Update ID Expiry Date:

Once the verification process is complete, navigate to the menu button on the left side under your bank account name. Scroll down and select the “Profile” option. From there, click on “Update ID Expiry Date.”

Step 8. Updating ID Expiry Date:

Upon logging in, the system alerts you if your ID is nearing expiry. It displays your date of birth. Click on the “Update” button and then proceed by clicking “Continue.”

Iqama Update Process through Bank AlBilad Net Banking

Step 9. Confirmation of Update:

Following these steps will confirm the renewal of your Iqama, and the system will reflect the updated expiry date.

Iqama Update Process through Bank AlBilad Net Banking

Method 2. Update Iqama in Bank Al-Bilad Through Visiting a Bank 

Step 1. By Visiting a Bank

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach or face specific circumstances, visiting a Bank Al-Bilad branch is a viable option.

Step 2. Locate the Nearest Branch

Use Google Maps or the Bank Al-Bilad Branch Locator to find the nearest branch.

Step 3. Customer Services

Upon arrival, please obtain a “Customer Services” token and patiently wait for your turn.

Step 4. Explain Purpose to Customer Services

Explain Your Purpose: When called, explain your intention to update your Iqama. The officer will guide you through the process, including making a copy of your Iqama and signing a form.

Step 5. Verification and Activation

Verification and Activation: If your account was frozen, the officer will provide information on reactivation times. Confirm the activation by withdrawing funds from any Bank Al-Bilad ATM.

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Method 3. Updating Iqama/CIF through Enjaz Call Center 

Step 1. Collaboration with Bank Al-Bilad

Enjaz, in collaboration with Bank Al-Bilad, provides a straightforward method to update your Iqama or CIF number through their call center.

Step 2. Call Enjaz Helpline

Dial Enjaz Helpline number at 920011541 and choose the English language.

Step 3. Select Option 2 for CIF Update

Press 2 to update your CIF number and talk to a customer service representative.

Step 4. Verification and Confirmation

Provide necessary information such as your Iqama number, date of birth, and CIF. Upon successful verification, your Iqama will be updated within 24 hours.

Method 4. Understanding the CIF Number in Enjaz

Step 1. CIF Numbers in Enjaz Card Accounts

Enjaz utilizes a CIF (Customer Information File) number, which serves as your account number on the Enjaz card.

Step 2. Retrieve Your CIF Number: Enjaz Helpline Guide

Retrieve CIF Number: Call Enjaz Helpline at 920011541, choose English, and press 2. A customer service agent will provide you with your CIF number.

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Final Thought

Updating your Iqama with Bank AlBilad through Enjaz is a streamlined process that caters to the modern resident’s needs. Bank AlBilad remains committed to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for its valued customers.

For any additional assistance, Bank Al-Bilad offers multiple contact options, including a verified WhatsApp number and Enjaz customer service. Stay informed, stay updated, and experience the ease of Iqama updates with Bank Al-Bilad and Enjaz.

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