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Mobily APN Setting | Simplified Mobily Internet Setup | Android Edition in KSA 2024

How to Customize Mobily APN For MMS And Internet?

In the ever-changing world of mobile phones, it’s important to ensure a phone is set up the right way. This is especially true for Mobily APN setting 4G/5G internet and picture messaging (MMS) in Saudi Arabia.

Usually, Mobily’s SIM cards are set up by themselves, but sometimes you might need to do it manually for the best performance.

This process is applicable to the following smartphones.

Mobile Phones:Nokia

Mobily Internet Settings Configuration:

Follow these straightforward steps to manually configure your Mobily internet settings and ensure an ideal connectivity experience.

Step 1: Access Your Smartphone Settings

Open your Android smartphone and navigate to “Settings.”

Access Your Smartphone Settings/ Mobily configuration

Step 2: Go to Connections/More

Select “Connections/More” and tap on it.

 Go to Connections/More_ Mobily configuration

Step 3: Go to Mobile Networks

Now tap on “Mobile Networks“.

Go to Mobile Networks/ Mobily configuration

Step 4: Add a New APN

Select the Access Point Names further Click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new APN.

Add a New APN/ Mobily configuration

Now, proceed with the following steps to set up your APN and MMS settings, effectively addressing and resolving continuing internet connectivity issues you might face.


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Mobily APN Settings For 4G/5G:

The configurations for PREPAID and POSTPAID settings are largely identical, with only slight variations in the MMS settings.

For Multimedia Messaging (MMS), There are specific adjustments. Let’s examine the details:

Mobily Internet Setting For Prepaid Users:

Name: Mobily Prepaid Internet
APN Type:Default
APN Protocol:IPv4
Enable/Disable APN:APN Enabled

Mobily Internet Setting For Postpaid Users:

Name:Mobily Postpaid Internet
APN: web1
APN Type:default
APN Protocol:IPv4
Enable/Disable APN:APN Enabled

Mobily MMS Settings: Both Prepaid And Postpaid

Name:Mobily MMS
APN: mms1
MMS Proxy:
APN Type: mms
APN Protocol:IPv4
Enable/Disable APN:APN Enabled
These settings provide a complete breakdown for both Prepaid and Postpaid configurations, with specific adjustments for Multimedia Messaging. Ensure accurate input of these settings for an ideal mobile experience.


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If you face problems with connectivity, take these steps into consideration:

  • Restart your device.
  • Factory reset if problems continue.
  • Contact Mobily customer care for additional support at 1100.

Visit a Mobily Franchise/Office:

If manual configuration seems troubling, visit a Mobily franchise office. Their skilled team can offer guidance or set up APN settings suitable for your particular device.

Stay Updated:
Ensure your device has the latest OS Installed. For further assistance, reach out to Mobily customer care support or leave a comment below for personalized guidance.

Final Thoughts:

Simplifying the configuration of Mobily APN settings, this process ensures a smooth journey through the digital landscape. Experience the full capabilities of Mobily’s 4G/5G internet and MMS services on your Android device and maintain an ideal and connected digital experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I modify my APN settings for unlimited data Access?

Navigate to your device’s Settings menu and locate either Wireless & Networks, More Networks, or Connections. Then, proceed to Mobile Networks and choose Access Point Names. Locate the option to add a new APN and tap to initiate the process.

Can APNs give free internet?

APN does not facilitate free internet access. It can be viewed as a conduit that plays a role in transferring Internet data from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the device.

Does APN change IP address?

The APN manages the assignment of an IP address. This IP address serves as the conduit for servers to transmit and receive data with the device. IP addresses may change during each data session initiated by the device, a phenomenon known as dynamic IP. Additionally, the APN can establish a static IP address for the device.

What is APN 5G?

APN, or Access Point Name, serves as a gateway linking your mobile device to the internet via your carrier’s network. To harness the blazing speeds of 5G, it is imperative to configure the accurate APN settings on your Android device.