How to convert Zain or Mobily number to STC

How to Easily Convert Zain or Mobily Number to STC – A Step-By-Step Guide

Introduction: Convert Zain or Mobily Number to STC

I currently reside in Saudi Arabia, where I have had the opportunity to interact with two main groups of people: the local Saudis and foreigners who have come to the country for various reasons, such as employment, Umrah, Hajj, and other purposes. Many individuals in this diverse community face challenges when it comes to switching their mobile phone SIM cards from Zain or Mobily to the STC network.

Because people were having trouble switching from Zain or Mobily to STC, I decided to do some research to figure it out. After I learned how to do it, I decided to create an article that offers a straightforward and user-friendly guide on how to make this transition.

Convert Zain or Mobily Number to STC: Quick Answer

By OnlineBy Visiting The Branch
Download the mySTC App.Visit an STC office in person.
Choose “Switch to STC” in the app.Bring your Iqama for identification.
Specify your current mobile provider (Zain, Mobily, etc.).Pay the necessary portability fee.
Enter your current mobile number.Get a new STC SIM card.
Verify with a one-time password (OTP).Use any remaining balance on your old SIM.
Select your SIM type (prepaid or postpaid).Activate your new STC SIM.
If you have an iPhone, choose between a physical SIM or an eSIM.
Agree to app terms and provide your national ID number.
Use the Nifaz app to finalize the process.
Complete the MySTC survey for location details.
Convert Zain or Mobily Number to STC: Quick Answer

Method 1: Convert Zain or Mobily SIM to STC Online

Discover a hassle-free way to switch your mobile service from Zain or Mobily to STC using the mySTC app. This simple guide walks you through the process, making it easy and convenient.

Download the mySTC App

  • Start by opening your mobile app.
  • Look for the option “Become a New Customer” at the bottom of the app window.
Download the mySTC App

Choose “Switch to STC”

  • After clicking “Become a New Customer,” a new window will appear.
  • In this window, select “Switch to STC.”
Choose "Switch to STC"

Specify Your Current Provider

  • Another window will open, asking you to identify your current mobile network provider. You can choose from providers like Zain, Mobily, Lebara, or Virgin.
Specify Your Current Provider

Enter Your Number

  • After selecting your current network, you will be prompted to provide your current mobile number, which you wish to convert to STC.
  • Enter your number in the designated box and click the “Continue” button.
Enter Your Number

Receive and Enter OTP

  • You’ll get a single-use password (OTP) sent to the mobile number you’ve provided.
  • Kindly input this OTP within the app to authenticate your request.
Receive and Enter OTP

Select Your SIM Type

You will be prompted to select either a prepaid or postpaid SIM card type.

Physical SIM or eSIM (for iPhone users)

  • If you opt for a physical SIM, STC will deliver it to your address within two to three days.
  • If you have an iPhone and prefer an eSIM, you’ll need to select a package and complete the order summary.
Select Your SIM Type

Agree to Terms and Authenticate

  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the app.
  • Click on “Authenticate with AIM.”
  • A new window will appear, where you’ll need to provide your national ID number and click “Continue”
Enter you ID number

Enter Details in Nifaz App

  • Open the Nifaz app and enter the number provided by the MySTC app.
  • Enter your password in the Nifaz app.
  • This step will complete the conversion process.
Enter Details in Nifaz App

Complete the MySTC Survey

  • After successful conversion, you may be asked to complete the MySTC survey.
  • After finishing the survey, you’ll receive details regarding your current location.

Confirmation from CITC

  • After these detailed steps, you can expect a confirmation message from CITC within a few hours. This message will confirm that your Zain SIM has been successfully converted to the STC network.

When the agent tells you that I am coming, you’ll create the required code. Afterward, you’ll share the code with the agent for getting the STC sim.

Confirmation from CITC

The process to switch from Zain or Mobily to STC is the same. The only difference is that you select the network you’re switching from (Zain or Mobily) within the app. After that, everything else is the same for both.

Method 2: Change Mobile Network by Visiting the Branch

Switching to STC from your current mobile provider is easy and quick when you visit an STC office. This hassle-free process involves providing your Iqama for identification, covering the necessary fee, and receiving a new SIM card. Make sure to use any remaining balance on your old SIM before activating your new STC SIM for seamless connectivity on the upgraded network.

Visit an STC Office

  • To commence the process of switching to the STC network, you should personally visit an STC office.

Provide Your Iqama for Identification

  • Ensure you have your Iqama, which serves as your official identification card in Saudi Arabia, as it’s a requirement for the process.

Settle the Necessary Number Portability Fee

  • Transferring your number to STC incurs a fee that you will be required to cover.
  •  It’s important to cover this cost for the process to proceed.

Receive a Fresh SIM Card

  • During your visit to the STC office, you will be provided with a brand-new SIM card. This SIM card acts as the gateway to your new network.

Utilize Any Remaining Balance on Your Previous SIM

  • If there is any remaining credit on your old SIM card, it’s advisable to use it up before making the switch. This ensures you don’t lose any funds left on the previous network.

Activate Your New SIM

  • Once your old SIM card is disconnected, you can activate and start using the new STC SIM. This new SIM card enables you to stay connected with the STC network.

Recognizing the diverse community in the country, where locals and foreigners alike face challenges in switching their mobile service providers, this step-by-step approach caters to various needs. Whether opting for the convenient online method using the mySTC app or the traditional in-person approach by visiting an STC branch, individuals can choose the path that suits them best.

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In a diverse Saudi Arabia, the need to convert Zain or Mobily SIM to STC is common. This step-by-step guide provides two methods for a seamless transition.

Visiting an STC branch offers a traditional approach, involving personal interaction, fees, and a new SIM card. Alternatively, the mySTC app provides a convenient online method. This guide strives to streamline the conversion process, enabling individuals to select the approach that best fits their needs. Staying connected is vital, and this guide empowers individuals to meet their communication needs with ease in the digital age.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I convert my Zain SIM to STC?

To convert your Zain SIM to STC, you can use the MySTC app or visit an STC store. Follow the online process in the app or request a SIM replacement in-store.

How do I change my Zain SIM network?

Changing your Zain SIM network is easy with the MySTC app. Download the app, log in, and explore the SIM services section. Request a new SIM for your desired network, provide necessary identification, and follow any activation instructions.

Is Zain better than STC?

The preference between Zain and STC depends on individual needs. Both offer competitive services. Research customer reviews and assess data packages to make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

How to activate STC SIM in KSA?

Activate your STC SIM by inserting it into your phone. Dial 1500 and follow the prompts. For detailed steps, check the STC website or contact customer service.

How to register STC SIM online?

Register your STC SIM online through the MySTC app or the official STC website. Follow the registration process, providing the necessary details for activation.

How do I convert to STC eSIM?

To convert to STC eSIM, visit an STC store or use the MySTC app. Follow the provided instructions to switch from a physical SIM to an eSIM for a convenient and secure experience.