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Unlocking Your Potential - Pakistani Manpower for Fast Food Chains and Restaurants

Pakistan’s vast pool of highly skilled and dedicated manpower extends its reach to the fast-food chains and restaurant industry. AGT Service International, a renowned manpower recruitment agency based in Rawalpindi, serves as a reliable bridge between employers seeking professionals for fast food chains and restaurants and the talented workforce in Pakistan. With a strong emphasis on client satisfaction, AGTSI ensures the recruitment of the most suitable candidates for various in these sectors. By choosing AGT Service International, clients can rest assured that their recruitment needs will be met with exceptional service, meticulous screening processes, and a commitment to excellence.


AGT Services International is a licensed manpower recruitment agency committed to providing top-notch services to clients across the globe.

We specialize in providing manpower recruitment services to countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and several European countries including Romania, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Our expertise covers all trades, ranging from general workers to skilled and semi-skilled technicians, engineers, executives, and office staff.

We cater to various industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Production & Manufacturing, Hospitality & Tourism, Airline and Aviation, Automobile Repair and Manufacturing Industries, FMCG, Security Guard Services, Food & Agriculture, HVAC and RAC, Transport & Trucking, Healthcare etc. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver customized and precise manpower solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Trust us to provide you with the right manpower for your fast food chains and restaurants, manpower that will always keep your organization safe and secure.

Some Key Workers in Fast Food Chains and Restaurants Sectors that AGTSI Can Provide You With;

Kitchen Staff, Chefs and Cooks,Waiters and Waitresses, Restaurant Managers, Front Desk Executives, Concierge, Drivers, Supervisors, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC Technicians,  RAC Technicians, Inventory Managers, Food Delivery Riders, Safety Personnel, Security Guards, Warehouse Managers, CCTV Technicians and Operators, Accounts Officers, General Workers & Helpers, Janitorial Workers, Window Cleaners, Dish Washers, Customer Services Representatives,  Warehouse Workers,  Human Resource Executives

Benefits of Hiring Pakistani Manpower for Fast Food Chains and Restaurants:

AGT Services International, a licensed manpower recruitment agency, is committed to providing top-notch services to clients worldwide. With expertise in providing manpower recruitment services to countries across the globe, AGTSI specializes in delivering general and skilled workers for various industries, including the fast-food chains and restaurants sector.

Choosing Pakistani manpower for your organizaton’s safety and security needs can provide numerous advantages. Some notable benefits include:

Cultural Sensitivity and Warmth:

Pakistani professionals are known for their genuine warmth and friendliness. They possess strong cultural awareness and excel in providing personalized services to diverse clientele, which is especially important in the fast-food chains and restaurant industry where customer satisfaction is paramount. Their gracious, helpful, and courteous nature makes them valuable assets for any restaurant aiming to create a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience.

Strong Work Ethic:

Pakistani workers are renowned for their diligence, commitment, and discipline. They embrace challenges, adapt quickly, and strive to deliver exceptional results. In the fast-paced environment of fast food chains and restaurants, their strong work ethic ensures efficient and timely service, contributing to the overall success of the establishment.

They are Strong, Robust and Hard Workers:

Hard workers are the most prized type of workers in any industry.  Working hard is a part of Pakistani culture and is thought to be normal and is a necessity born of the economic conditions in Pakistan.  It is considered to be honorable to work hard and to financially support relatives and loved ones and to provide for them.  Hard workers are held in the highest regard by the people of the community.  

The tough living, working, and economic conditions in Pakistan have made its people very tough and robust, enabling them to handle the physically demanding tasks that can be involved in the operation of fast-food chains and restaurants. Whether it’s in the kitchen, serving customers, or maintaining the establishment, or making deliveries in freezing cold or scorching heat, Pakistani workers are well-equipped to excel in such challenging environments.

Strong, robust, intelligent and hard working is an exact definition of a Pakistani worker.  All these qualities come together in each Pakistani worker to make them the best workers in the world. And also an ideal fit for the fast food chains and restaurants sector.


Hiring manpower from Pakistan can be a cost-effective solution for fast food chains and restaurants. Wages in Pakistan are quite low as compared to other economies.  The competitive wage structure allows employers to benefit from skilled professionals at competitive rates, which can be particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to manage their budgets effectively.  You can hire world class talent from Pakistan for about a quarter of the price.

Long Term Employees:

Workers from Pakistan prefer long term employment because they must also support and provide for their families back home and therefore, prefer job stability over much else.  Pakistani workers try and avoid changing jobs as much as possible.  Such employees tend to work harder, and are willing to put in extra effort to gain favor with their employers.  This makes them highly valued employees in any business or organization.

Love to Work Abroad:

Pakistani workers often face various challenges back home, making them enthusiastic about working abroad, including in the fast food chains and restaurant industry. Working abroad offers them an opportunity to overcome economic and social issues while gaining exposure to new cultures, experiences, and places. This desire to work abroad also enables Pakistani workers to easily adapt to foreign cultures and work environments, ensuring a seamless integration into the fast food chains and restaurant industry of their employers.

Cultural Adaptability:

Pakistani workers are known for their adaptability and ability to work in diverse cultural settings. They possess excellent communication skills, enabling effective collaboration with co workers from different backgrounds.

Language Proficiency:

Many Pakistanis are good in English, making communication with customers and employers quite convenient. Additionally, proficiency in other languages is also prevalent.  Moreover, we at AGT, with the help of our training institute (AGT Institute of Technical and Professional Education) can teach your new Pakistani recruits any language that you desire, through our crash courses, before they leave Pakistan to join their new job as your employees. 

Why Should AGTSI be Your Trusted Manpower Recruitment Partner for Fast Food Chains and Restaurants?

AGT Services International stands out as one of the premier manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan, specializing in providing manpower for the international fast food chains and restaurants sector.  Our company offers a comprehensive suite of services, including candidate sourcing, screening, and selection. We conduct thorough background checks, verify qualifications, and assess candidates’ suitability for specific roles, ensuring that our clients receive top-tier talent. Here’s why AGT Services International is the preferred choice:

Our Experience as Trainers and Teachers:

Being a renowned training institute for a many different industries, trades and professions, including the fast food chains and restaurants sector, gives AGT Services International a big advantage when it comes to recruiting talent.  Our training institute’s expertise significantly enhances our ability to select, evaluate, and recruit personnel for fast food chains and restaurants. We have a deep understanding of the industry’s requirements, technical aspects, and training standards, enabling us to identify top talent and match them with the right opportunities. By leveraging our knowledge, connections, and practical experience, we consistently deliver the best talent to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Extensive Network & Industry Connections:

With our extensive network of industry contacts, AGT Services International has built strong relationships with all types of fast food chains and restaurants related businesses. This network allows us to source the most qualified and suitable candidates for our clients, streamlining the recruitment process.

Rigorous Selection Process: Our Team of Over 100 Industry Experts:

We employ a meticulous selection process, including candidate screening, interviews, and skill assessment and compatibility. We have on our panel over 100 internationally experienced experts from all industries and professions including fast food chains and restaurants sector.  These experts are mainly responsible for vetting, screening, evaluating and assessing of potential candidates according to client and industry standards.  This makes the whole process of recruitment a lot easier, reliable and faster and ensures that only the best candidates get shortlisted for the client.

Our Low Cost Hiring Solution:

As a low cost hiring solution, AGT also trains fresh candidates for clients in all aspects of operations at fast food chains and restaurants, for their warehouses, businesses outlets, kitchens, customer satsfaction department, offices and more. 

Being a training institute as well, we have over 100 international industry experts on our panel.  These experts train the most promising candidates as per industry standards, with an emphasis on hands on, practical training.  These trainees are young, energetic individuals who are eager to prove themselves and are hardworking, loyal and eager to perform.   Furthermore, being inexperienced (although well trained), they are perfectly happy working for lesser salaries as novices, compared to their experienced counterparts.

Customized Training Programs for your New Recruits for the Safety and Security Sectors:

AGT Services International also provides customized training programs for your selected candidates if you so desire. We understand that fast food chains and restaurants, each have unique requirements, and our expert trainers are skilled in developing training programs that conform to these specific requirements or needs. 

These programs are designed upon whatever the client wishes to train their manpower in, such as company specific procedures, operations, protocols, best practices, safety, additional skills etc., to ensure that the new hires are fully equipped to carry out their job responsibilities efficiently. 

Our customized training services are not limited only to curriculum provided by the client, rather, our industry experts will create a new curriculum from scratch if needed.

Reliability & Integrity; Ethical Recruitment Practices:

We prioritize transparency, ethical practices, and long-term partnerships. Our track record of successfully placing workers in well known fast food chains and restaurants world wide speak volumes about the quality and reliabilty of our services.

Our agency prioritizes ethical recruitment practices, ensuring transparency between all parties involved. Our commitment to ethical recruitment extends to providing accurate and transparent information to job seekers, guiding them through the process, helping them make informed decisions.  The new employees are given a comprehensive briefing drawn upon the terms and conditions of their employment contract; 

We call this our ‘Clear Briefing’.

Clear Briefing Given to Candidates:

The items given below are explained to new hires in official, on-camera interviews.  To clarify, this is done to make all terms, conditions and requirements clear to the hires.  Furthermore, these briefings help prevent any disputes that might occur in the future. 

Upon completion of the briefing session, the new hires are required to sign a statement confirming that they understand and accept all terms and conditions plus all duties.  Moreover, for the sake of clarity, these signed statements are prepared in both, Urdu and the host country’s language.  The employer receives copies of both the recorded briefing as well as the signed document for their perusal and record.   

What is this briefing about?
  1. Salary and benefits offered by the hiring company.
  2. Overtime opportunities as per the host country’s labor law.
  3. Food – Provided or not provided by the employer?
  4. Details about the accommodation facility being provided by the employer.   
  5. Availability of transport facilities like pick and drop from residence to work site and back to residence.
  6. Provision of Air tickets – one way or two way?
  7. Details about the job contract and its requirements.
  8. Job description explained in complete detail.
  9. Leaves like annual leaves or total leaves etc.  All about the company leave policy.
  10. Probationary period
  11. Anything else that might be related to the employer’s expectations from the new employee and vice versa.
  12. The new employee is required to sign a document stating that they understand and accept all of the above.  This document is for our archives.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Services Makes Recruitment Easy and Fast:

Our comprehensive suite of services takes care of all our clients’ recruitments related to hiring from Pakistan.  We provide our clients will all relevant services under one roof, making recruitment easy and stress free.   Furthermore, our services are customizable as per the requirements of our clients.

Our Services:

Our key services have been summarized below

1. Manpower Recruitment

AGTSI offers complete recruitment, staffing, and talent search services for businesses and industries of all types. We are experts at identifying and selecting the best candidates for all your hiring needs. (Read More)

2. Trade Testing

Our team is dedicated to help finely assess the skills and knowledge of candidates by providing all-inclusive trade test services.  You will be given access to the best and most well-equipped trade testing labs/workshops in Pakistan at AGTSI.

As the best manpower recruitment agency in Paksitan for various industries, we offer outdoor trade testing as well.  Outdoor trade testing is important for real time assessment of the skills and abilities of drivers and food delivery guys.  As a matter of fact, this allows companies to assess candidates in real-world settings while using actual equipment and facilities.  Please note here that we only use the best equipment and facilities for our outdoor tests.  (Read More)

3. Training / Customized Training

We train new hires or complete workforce groups for top-level performance through our refresher courses, short-term training, and customized training programs. (Read More)

4. Visa Processing & Travel Arrangements

Besides our other services, we can also provide visa processing services if the client wants.  Furthermore, our sister concern, AGT Travel, and Tourism can make travel arrangements for the client’s workforce if needed. 

Ongoing Support:

AGT Services International maintains constant communication with clients and employees, providing support throughout the recruitment process and even after placement. We ensure smooth integration and address any concerns promptly.

Building Trust with International Clients:

AGT Services International prioritizes client satisfaction and understands the significance of trust in the recruitment process. We strictly operate on a complete transparency policy with our clients.

Track Record of Success:

AGT Services International has a proven track record of successfully matching top talent with reputable international employers. Our satisfied clients testify to our commitment and dedication.

Long-Term Partnerships:

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, focusing on their success and growth. Our dedicated account managers provide ongoing support, ensuring client satisfaction throughout the partnership.


AGT Service International offers fast food chains and restaurants the opportunity to unlock their true potential through Pakistani manpower with the assistance of AGT Services International. By leveraging the cultural sensitivity, language proficiency, strong work ethic, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability of Pakistani workers, employers can enhance their operations and deliver exceptional services to their customers. AGTSI’s expertise, vast network, and commitment to ethical recruitment practices make them the preferred choice for fast food chains and restaurants seeking to build long-term success in the dynamic hospitality industry.


1. Why should I consider hiring Pakistani manpower for my fast food chain or restaurant?

Pakistani professionals are known for their warmth, hospitality, and strong work ethic, making them ideal candidates for the fast food chains and restaurant industry. Their cultural sensitivity and language proficiency also ensure excellent customer service for diverse clientele.

2. How can AGT Service International assist in hiring Pakistani manpower for my fast food chain or restaurant?

AGT Service International serves as a reliable bridge between employers and the talented workforce in Pakistan. They employ a meticulous selection process, including candidate screening and skill assessments, to ensure the recruitment of the most suitable candidates.

3. Can AGT Service International provide training for fresh Pakistani recruits?

Yes, AGT Service International offers low-cost hiring solutions and can provide training for fresh candidates in various roles related to the fast food chains and restaurant industry, tailored to meet specific client requirements.

4. Are Pakistani workers cost-effective compared to hiring from other countries?

Yes, hiring manpower from Pakistan can be cost-effective due to the competitive wage structure, allowing employers to benefit from skilled professionals at competitive rates.

5. What languages are Pakistani professionals proficient in?

Many Pakistanis are fluent in English, enabling seamless communication with international guests and employers. Additionally, proficiency in languages such as Arabic and Chinese is also prevalent.

6. Can AGT Service International provide language training for new Pakistani recruits?

Yes, AGT Service International, with the help of AGT Institute, can provide language training through crash courses for new Pakistani recruits, as per client requirements.

7. How do Pakistani workers adapt to the fast-paced environment of fast food chains and restaurants?

Pakistani workers are known for their strong work ethic, discipline, and adaptability, which allows them to excel in the fast-paced environment of the fast food chains and restaurant industry.

8. Are Pakistani workers known for their loyalty and long-term commitment?

Yes, Pakistani workers prefer long-term employment, valuing job stability to support their families back home, making them highly valued employees in the fast food chains and restaurant industry.

9. How can AGT Service International ensure ethical recruitment practices?

AGT Service International adheres strictly to legal and ethical practices, ensuring compliance with labor laws, regulations, and international standards, prioritizing transparency and fairness in the recruitment process.

10. Can AGT Service International provide ongoing support throughout the recruitment process?

Yes, AGT Service International provides continuous support, ensuring seamless communication and resolution of any issues that may arise during the recruitment process.

11. How can AGT Service International build trust with international clients?

AGT Service International has a proven track record of successfully matching highly skilled professionals with reputable international employers, focusing on client satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

12. Are Pakistani workers well-equipped to handle physically demanding tasks in the fast food chains and restaurant industry?

Yes, the tough living conditions in Pakistan have made its people very robust, enabling them to handle physically demanding tasks in the fast food chains and restaurant industry effectively.

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