How to Use a Foreign SIM in KSA? Easy Methods 2024!

Activate Roaming in Saudi Arabia: Easy Steps Fast Activation

When you want to stay connected while travelling, You might worry about expensive roaming fees. Did you know you can use a foreign SIM in KSA without extra fees?

To initiate the activation process, we will go through the procedure for each one separately. This information is derived from the experiences of individuals in Saudi Arabia. We’ll provide you with details on Jazz, Zong, Airtel, and Jio SIM cards.

Enable Roaming in KSA For the Following Networks:

How to Use Pakistan’s SIM in Saudi Arabia?

Learn to use Pakistani SIM cards effortlessly, without stressing about expensive roaming fees. First up, Jazz, then we’ll go through the rest one by one.

Can We Use Jazz Sim in Saudi Arabia?

To activate your Jazz SIM for international roaming, visit and follow these steps:

  1. Go to, the official Jazz website.
  2. Scroll down to the “Consumer Complaint/Contact Us” section.
  3. Find the “Write to Us” form.
  4. Fill in the form details, selecting “Inquiry” under “Nature of Query” and “Prepaid” under “Product.
  5. Provide your name, contact number, email, and other necessary information.
  6. In the “Customer Remarks” section, detail your inquiry about international roaming activation, including your Jazz number and CNIC.
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  8. Submit the form.
How to Activate Jazz Roaming in Saudi Arabia?

After the submission, within a few seconds, you should receive a response from Jazz on their website and via the email address you provided.

How to Activate jazz Roaming in Saudi Arabia?

This straightforward process will help you activate international roaming on your Jazz SIM without any complications.

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How to Activate Zong Roaming in Saudi Arabia Online? 5 Easy Ways

To activate Zong roaming from anywhere around the world, even if your SIM is out of balance and only registered under your name, follow a simple and convenient process.

  1. Open Google and search for “Zong online chat.
  2. Locate the “Start Chat” option.
  3. Complete the required information, such as your name, email, phone number, CNIC, and so on.
  4. In the ‘Question‘ section, mention that you’re in Saudi Arabia and need assistance activating international roaming for your number.
  5. Tap “Start Chat” and wait for a reply.
How to Activate Zong Roaming in Saudi Arabia?

A Zong representative will quickly guide you through the process of activating your roaming service.

How to Use Indian SIM in Saudi Arabia?

Learn to activate an Indian SIM card in KSA without roaming charges. First, we start with the three easy ways to activate Airtel roaming in KSA.

How to Activate Airtel Roaming in Saudi Arabia?

When an Airtel user travels from India to Saudi Arabia, a question arises in his mind: Can I use an Airtel sim in Saudi Arabia? The answer is you can, not only in KSA but also in Dubai and Qatar.

To activate your Airtel SIM in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), follow these three recommended methods:

  1. Keep your SIM active with a monthly balance recharge to avoid it being blocked. Don’t wait until the last moment, as inactivity for three months may lead to SIM blockage.
  2. While not necessary, maintaining a minimum main balance of 200 is advisable. This makes sure you can make or get calls without any issues.
  3. To activate international roaming, send the SMS ‘IRSTART’ to 121. This step is important for connecting internationally.

Airtel SIM is a reliable choice. It helps with important things like staying connected, receiving Bank OTPs, and using mobile payment apps like Google Pay and PhonePe.

It’s better to use this method to activate international roaming instead of going for a costly roaming package.

To keep your Airtel SIM working well in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, or Qatar, just follow these three steps. It helps avoid any issues and ensures your communication stays smooth.

How to Activate Jio Roaming in Saudi Arabia?

To enable Jio SIM network connectivity in Saudi Arabia

  1. Access phone Settings.
  2. Navigate to “SIM Card and Mobile Network.”
  3. Select “Advanced settings.”
  4. Set Data roaming and International roaming to “Always.
How to Activate Jio Roaming in Saudi Arabia?
  1. Return to the main menu.
  2. In the main menu, open the dialing pad.
  3. Write *#*#64663#*#* to open the settings and check if the SIM is ready.
  4. Lastly, verify if the mobile is updated; if not, update it.
How to Activate Jio Roaming in Saudi Arabia?

After you finish the steps, go to the phone’s dial pad and type *#*#4636#*#*. Another menu will appear, where you should choose the SIM slot. Turn ‘OFF’ the mobile radio power, then turn it back ‘ON’. Finally, restart your phone.

mobile radio power

Follow these steps to make sure your Jio SIM works smoothly in Saudi Arabia through Zain, giving you a reliable 100% network connection.


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FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which SIM is Best For Internet in Saudi Arabia

The ideal SIM card for tourists in Saudi Arabia varies based on your needs and budget. For the best network coverage and fast data speeds, go for STC. If you prefer an affordable plan with good value, Mobily or Zain are solid options.

Can I Use an Airtel SIM Card in Saudi Arabia?

Using an AIRTEL (India) SIM card puts it on international roaming. This means the SIM, originating from India, can be used on any mobile network in Saudi Arabia.

Which Pakistani SIM Can I Use in Saudi Arabia?

Ufone is your ideal travel partner for data needs, being the only Pakistani operator providing International Data Roaming services to Prepaid subscribers in Saudi Arabia.

Is it Possible to Use a Zong SIM Card in Saudi Arabia?

Zong 4G’s roaming services in Saudi Arabia come with the extra benefit of WhatsApp audio and video calls, a feature unavailable with local operators. This allows customers to stay in touch with their loved ones back home without concerns about extra charges.