How can Pakistanis find a job in Saudi Arabia?

Are you considering a career abroad, where you can experience a new culture while earning a good income? Saudi Arabia is a popular choice for many Pakistanis seeking opportunities overseas. This Gulf country offers a wealth of job opportunities across various sectors. 

Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment

Finding a job in Saudi Arabia is a great opportunity for many Pakistanis, and the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment provides helpful resources to make the process easier. The government offers official job listings that include details like job titles, salaries, locations, and employer information. Start by looking through these listings to find jobs that fit your skills and qualifications. Make sure you have all your important documents ready, such as your CV, educational certificates, and passport. Contact the relevant Overseas Employment Promoter (OEP) mentioned in the listings to learn more about how to apply.

Here are the steps once you apply and if you are shortlisted:

  • Attend interviews and undergo medical exams.
  • Secure a visa and work permit with help from your employer or OEP.
  • Confirm your travel and accommodation details before departure.
  • Verify the legitimacy of job offers and recruitment agencies through official channels to avoid scams.
  • Stay updated on any changes in regulations.

By following these steps and using the official job listings, you can find and secure a job in Saudi Arabia smoothly and safely.

How to Secure a Job in Saudi Arabia Using a Recruitment Agency: A Quick Guide

Finding a job in Saudi Arabia through a recruitment agency involves several steps to ensure a smooth process. Here’s a quick guide to help you:

1. Find a Reputable Agency

  • Search for trusted recruitment agencies specializing in Saudi Arabia.
  • Use online research, referrals, or industry contacts.

2. Prepare Your Documents

  • Update your CV/resume for the Saudi job market.
  • Include a professional photo and necessary personal details.

3. Understand Visa Requirements

  • Learn about visa requirements for working in Saudi Arabia.
  • Check if the agency assists with visa processing.

4. Contact and Apply

  • Reach out to agencies through their website or contact information.
  • Introduce yourself, share your qualifications, and inquire about job openings.

5. Interview and Approval

  • Prepare for interviews by researching companies and practicing common questions.
  •  Negotiate job offers with agency assistance and accept suitable offers.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of finding a job in Saudi Arabia through a recruitment agency efficiently.

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13 Methods to find a job in Saudi Arabia

1. Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment

The Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment helps Pakistanis find jobs in Saudi Arabia and other countries. You can visit their official website here to see job listings.

What They Do:

Job Listings:

The website lists jobs in Saudi Arabia and other countries. You can find jobs in different fields like healthcare, engineering, and construction.


They make sure that recruitment agencies follow the rules. This protects Pakistani workers.


They provide guidance on visas and other paperwork you need to work abroad.


They offer help before you leave, like training on your rights and cultural standards in the host country.

Working Together:

They work with embassies, international groups, and other countries to make sure Pakistani workers are treated equitably.

2.Online Job Portals:

Using job portals like, Naukrigulf,, and LinkedIn is useful for finding jobs in Saudi Arabia. These sites let you create profiles, upload resumes, and apply directly to job listings. They also have search tools to find employment by industry, location, and experience level. Networking features help you connect with professionals and recruiters, increasing your chances of getting interviews. Active participation in groups and discussions on these platforms can further improve your visibility to employers.

3. LinkedIn:

Create a strong LinkedIn profile that explains your work experience with achievements and uses industry words. Connect with professionals to make the network bigger and learn more. Join groups that relate to the field to find out about job openings and industry news. Share what you know and join discussions to get noticed and make connections. Update profile regularly with new skills. This will help catch the eye of recruiters and show you’re serious about work.

4. Recruitment Agencies:

Finding a reputable recruitment agency is crucial for Pakistanis seeking jobs in Saudi Arabia. Agencies like AGT Services International , Delta International, Teleport Manpower, Razzaq Enterprises, and Bin Faisal specialize in connecting candidates with suitable positions across various industries. They leverage their networks with local and international companies to uncover hidden job opportunities and provide support throughout the application process, including CV improvements and interview preparation. Partnering with these trusted agencies improves your job search efficiency. It increases your chances of securing a fitting role in Saudi Arabia, ensuring job offers comply with local regulations and align with your career goals.

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5. Company Websites:

You can also visit company websites to explore career opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Many companies, both local and international, post their job openings directly on their sites. This direct access not only keeps you informed about current vacancies but also provides valuable insights into company culture and expectations. By regularly checking these websites, you stay updated on new opportunities across sectors such as oil and gas, healthcare, finance, and technology, demonstrating your proactive approach and genuine interest in potential employers. 

6. Networking:

Networking is a strong strategy for finding job opportunities, especially in the Middle East. Beyond job boards and applications, personal and professional connections can offer unique understandings and access to hidden job markets. Building and encouraging relationships through networking events, industry gatherings, and social platforms like LinkedIn are important steps in establishing a strong professional network. In this region, where personal relationships hold considerable weight in business and hiring decisions, networking becomes not just a tool but a strategic advantage for career advancement.

7. Government Websites:

Government websites like the Saudi Ministry of Labor’s “Taqat” are important for job seekers and employers. They list job openings, show market trends, and explain labor laws. These resources help create a suitable job market and support economic growth in Saudi Arabia.

8. Job Fairs and Events:

Attending job fairs and networking events is a great way to meet recruiters and potential employers face-to-face. These events give a chance to learn about different industries and job openings. They also help to expand your professional network, which is important for finding new job opportunities and advancing your career.

At these events, you can talk directly with recruiters, which can make it more memorable compared to just submitting a resume online. You can also gather valuable information about companies and industries that might not be available elsewhere. Workshops and seminars at these events can teach you about industry trends and offer tips for improving your job search skills.

9. Direct Applications:

When applying directly to specific companies, research their recent projects and goals. Show how your skills match what they need. Understand their culture to personalize your application and stand out.

10. Professional Associations:

Joining industry-specific associations or sections of commerce is a great way to expand your professional network and boost your career. These groups offer events like conferences and workshops where you can learn from industry leaders and meet potential mentors. Being a member shows dedication to your field and can improve credibility with employers. Many associations also provide access to job boards in the industry, making it easier to find relevant job opportunities. Plus, they advocate for members’ interests and keep you informed about important changes in the profession. Overall, joining these associations can help you grow professionally and stay connected in the industry.

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11. Local Newspapers and Magazines:

You can also search for jobs in Saudi Arabia by reading local newspapers and magazines. These publications are important for advertising job openings, especially for roles that require knowledge of the local area. They help businesses connect with candidates. This is particularly beneficial for jobs overseas looking to expand their team. While online job boards are popular, local print media remains effective in targeting candidates with specific regional expertise and cultural fit.

12. Consulting Services:

If you have special skills, consider consulting in Saudi Arabia. Many companies there need experts in fields like technology, finance, healthcare, and education. Consulting can offer various projects and good pay. Networking and understanding local rules are important for success.

13. Social Media:

Social media platforms are valuable for job seekers farther just following companies. Engage with their posts to show interest and build relationships. Share relevant industry news or insights to showcase your knowledge. Connect with employees at these companies to gain insider perspectives and potentially discover unadvertised job opportunities. Remember to maintain a professional online presence as recruiters often review candidates’ social media profiles.

Why is AGT Services International the Best Recruitment Agency Option?

AGT Services International is the best workforce recruitment agency in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia. With a long history of success in placing Pakistani workers in the country, AGT Services International has established itself as a leader in the field. The agency boasts a wide network of contacts in the industry.

AGT Services International also offers a variety of services to streamline the job search process, including visa processing and job placement assistance.

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In conclusion, finding a job in Saudi Arabia requires using various strategies such as online job portals, LinkedIn, reputable recruitment agencies like AGT Services International, direct applications, government resources, job fairs, professional associations, local newspapers, consulting services, and maintaining an experienced social media presence. AGT Services International stands out as the top choice for Pakistani job seekers due to its strong industry connections, visa processing, job placement assistance, and successful track record. By leveraging these methods and partnering with AGT Services International, Pakistanis can significantly improve their chances of securing good jobs in Saudi Arabia.

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