KSA Multiple Exit re-entry and Iqama Fees for Expats Outside Saudi Arabia

KSA Multiple Exit re-entry and Iqama Fees for Expats Outside Saudi Arabia. 2024 Guide


Lately, there’s been a big change in Saudi Arabia that people all around the world are talking about. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) decided to double the fees for expatriates, which are people living in Saudi Arabia from other countries when they want to renew their multiple exit re-entry visas and Iqama. This decision is important because it directly affects how much money foreign workers need to pay. In this article, we’ll take a close look at this change, understand what it means for people living in Saudi Arabia, and find out why the decision was made about KSA multiple exit Re-entry and Iqama fees for expats outside Saudi Arabia.

Change of Multiple Exit Re-entry & Iqama Fees for Expats Outside Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government recently made a decision to double the costs for certain things that foreigners have to pay when they are not in Saudi Arabia. These things include exit re-entry visas and renewing residency permits called Iqama. They also looked at different fees for different situations, like when someone wants to stay a bit longer or renew their residency from outside the country. So, if you’re a foreigner in Saudi Arabia, these changes might affect the money you need to pay for certain permits.

1. Single Exit Re-Entry Fee

One important part of the new rule is about the money you need to pay for a single exit re-entry visa. The starting cost remains the same, but if you are not in Saudi Arabia when you want more time on your visa, the fee has gone up. It used to be SR 100 per month, and now it’s SR 200 per month.

2. Multiple Exit Re-Entry Fee

Changes were made to the costs for getting more than one permission to leave and return to Saudi Arabia. The usual cost for the first three months stays the same at SR 500, and for each extra month, it’s SR 200. But now, if you’re an expatriate outside Saudi Arabia and you want to keep using your multiple exit re-entry visas, you’ll have to pay twice as much, which is SR 400 per month.

3. Iqama Renewal Fee

The new rule also talks about the fees for renewing Iqamas. It makes a difference if you’re inside or outside Saudi Arabia when renewing. If you’re in Saudi Arabia, the fee stays the same, at SR 650 per year. 

4. Dependent fee Saudi Arabia

But if you’re a friend or family member of someone from another country or a worker from outside renewing your Iqama from somewhere else, you’ll have to pay double the fee, which is SR 1300.

5. Explaining the Impact

These changes affect how much money people from other countries need to pay when they want to visit or stay in Saudi Arabia. If you are not in Saudi Arabia right now, the cost for extending your visa or renewing your residency card has doubled. It’s important for individuals and their families to take a close look at their money plans because of these increased fees.

6. Companions of Expatriates

It’s important to explain what we mean by “companions of expatriates.” In simple terms, companions are family members like parents, siblings, and spouses who traveled together to Saudi Arabia. They are the people listed under the sponsored category in the Absher system.

7. Process Simplified

Let’s make it easy to understand. If you’re an expatriate (someone living in another country) and you’re not in Saudi Arabia, renewing your exit re-entry visa will cost you double, which is SR 200 each month. If you have multiple exit re-entry visas, extending them will be SR 400 per month. And if you’re renewing your Iqama (resident ID) and you’re a family member of an expatriate, it will cost double too, specifically SR 1300 when you’re not in Saudi Arabia.

As we explore this topic further, it’s essential to learn from what others are saying, making sure we understand everything and filling in any missing details. People who provide workers for jobs in Saudi Arabia, like our team at agtsipk, keep a close eye on the rules in Saudi Arabia.

Some changes have been made by the Saudi Cabinet to the residency law. This includes not only the rules for coming and going (exit re-entry visas) and keeping your residency permit (Iqama) up to date but also covers the permits for family members of foreign workers and people who work in homes.

In addition to these changes, they’ve also updated how residents and travelers get their documents. Now, Saudi citizens can get a new or renewed passport in just one day by paying a fee of SR 500. The Ministry of Interior is in charge of making sure these new rules are followed.

Final Thoughts:

In short, the recent updates about KSA Multiple exit Re-entry and Iqama fees for expats outside Saudi Arabia mean that the costs for coming back and renewing permits have doubled. This has a big effect on people from other countries working here. These workers need to understand the money impact and the new costs during these big changes. People living in another country, called expatriates, are vital for Saudi Arabia’s development and success. So, it’s necessary for them to get used to these they must get changes and keep helping for a good and successful future for everyone.