No.1 Recruitment Agency for Malaysia in Pakistan

No.1 Recruitment Agency for Malaysia in Pakistan.


As a Manpower Recruitment Services provider, AGTSI offers comprehensive solutions for companies in Malaysia. Our team of experienced recruiters source, screen, and select the most qualified candidates for our client’s specific needs and requirements.

Our office in Malaysia operates with the same commitment to efficiency and quality of service as we do in Pakistan. 

We also provide consultation services to ensure that our clients make informed hiring decisions. With our specialized expertise and commitment to excellence, AGTSI is the trusted partner for companies looking to strengthen their workforce.  No matter what category or skill of the worker, be it general construction workers, factory workers, service sector/hospitality workers, security guards, LTV/HTV drivers, welders and fabricators, salesmen, etc., we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today to see how we can support your business by providing you with the best manpower recruitment and hiring solutions for your company in Malaysia.

Although we cater to a very wide range of industries (see https://agtsipk.com/manpower-recruitment/), given below are some manpower categories in demand in Malaysia, click for details.

  1. General Construction Worker
  2. Factory Workers
  3. Service Sector Workers – Hospitality (Hotels and Restaurants)
  4. Security Guards
  5. Drivers (LTV & HTV)
  6. Welders and Fabricators
  7. Salesmen

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