A Brief History of agt services international

License # OEP& HRD /3388/RWP

From humble beginnings to one of Pakistan's best manpower recruitment agencies.  AGT Services International at your service.

"We are not makers of history, we are made by history" - Martin Luther King Jr.

History | Beginnings

Even though AGT Services International (Manpower Recruitment Agency) was established in 2013, prior to that, we were running a technical and vocational institute with the name of AGT Institute of Technical and Professional Education, which remains one of our core businesses today.

AGT Institute of Technical and Professional Education was established in 2005.  We offer one month, two month, three month, six month, one year certificate and diploma programs.  These certificate and diploma programs are offered in construction technology, electrical technology, mechanical technology, safety (HSE) & security officers, languages programs, as well as Information Technology and mobile phone repairing courses – all courses are offered with complete fee-back guarantee.

Soon after it was established, AGT Institute became famous across Pakistan due to its state of the art, fully equipped labs and workshops, combined with knowledgeable, Gulf returned, experienced instructors and teachers. All this drew students from all over the country who wanted to pursue courses in AGT Institute.

History | We Steal The Show

After seeing the positive feedback about our graduate students in local and international industries and companies, more than 200 manpower recruitment agencies from all over Pakistan approached AGT Institute with the following requests;

  1. They demanded our student data to recruit them for their overseas clients.
  2. They demanded to use our institute’s labs and workshops for trade testing services. 

Soon even international clients started asking specifically for people trained by us.  This led to AGT Institute being recognized as the go to resource for great talent.    So much so that almost 3 to 4 foreign companies would visit AGT Institute for trade testing services every month.  This was a record rate of turnover for any single institution in the history of manpower recruitment in Pakistan.  By then, recruitment agencies were hiring out more than 200 of our students every month to international clients.  

History | A New Chapter

In short, our students were proving to be so successful at their jobs abroad that recruitment agencies and foreign clients both sought our services.

International companies wanted to work directly with us because they realized that;

  1. We had the proper labs and equipment to provide them trade testing services.
  2. We offered customized training.
  3. We had the ability to properly train new hires for their upcoming projects.

This resulted in continuous requests from foreign companies for us to get officially licensed.  For as far as they were concerned, we were key players in the recruitment industry and they wanted to deal with us directly. 

Consequently, the Chairman and CEO, Malik Faisal Arafat, decided get a manpower recruitment license in the year 2013.  We were now set to provide state-of-the-art manpower recruitment services to organizations world wide as AGT Services International.

To date, our organization is playing its role in the development of businesses all over the world by providing the best manpower recruitment services possible.  We continue to work hard at making our manpower recruitment services the best available in Pakistan.

AGT Services International Specializes In Providing Manpower For The Following Trades & Industries

Hospitality & Nursing
Sales & Marketing
Safety & Security
General Labor/ Helper
Civil/ Construction