Recruiting Ideas Outside the Box

20 Recruiting Ideas Outside the Box | Unlocking Creative Recruiting Strategies


Traditional recruiting strategies may not always produce the expected results in today’s challenging job market. As the difficulty grows and job seekers’ importance shifts, companies continuously aim for out-of-the-box recruiting strategies and ideas to attract top talent. Identifying the need for creative HR strategies; organizations explore creative ways to hire the best candidates for their teams. This article will discuss 20 recruiting ideas outside the box companies can explore to improve their talent acquisition efforts.

1. Create a Custom Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok filter

According to research, one of the most out-of-the-box recruiting strategies is creating a custom on social media. Customizing filters on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok can change the game when recruiting new candidates to join your team. These social media platforms have many users, so filters can help more potential candidates see what your company is all about and get interested in working with your organization.

For example, BMW Group used filters on Instagram to show off different jobs you can have at their company. Using social media filters, prospective candidates can virtually try on work clothes and get a snapshot of the job experience. Creating a custom on social media interested individuals in working for BMW and made their company look great on social media.

Another example is America’s Navy and the German Ministry of Defense. US Navy and MOD used Snapchat filters to let individuals see themselves wearing military gear. Using Snapchat filters made it easier for young people to imagine themselves serving in the military. Creating a custom on social media was a fun way to get potential candidates’ attention and show them what a career in the military could be like.

2. Use Video Creatively

When hiring new employees, using videos smartly can make a big difference. More and more companies are sharing videos on their websites and social media to show what it’s like to work there, share employee stories, and discuss the company’s beliefs. Here are some cool ideas for using videos to find new employees:

  • Sending personal video messages to people you’re interested in hiring through LinkedIn.
  • Making videos that show what a typical day is like for employees, especially on platforms like TikTok.
  • Putting recruitment videos on your company’s YouTube channel and using YouTube ads to reach more people.
  • Having employees talk about their experiences working at the company in videos.

Also, when you send emails or text messages to potential candidates, adding videos can make more individuals respond. Studies show that using videos in emails can make more people click on them by 65% and open them by 19%. Using videos, companies can show what they’re all about and attract great people to join their teams.

3. Using Billboards to Find New Hires

Billboard recruiting might sound unusual, but it’s a recruiting idea outside the box in today’s tough job market. Rather than posting job ads online, companies rent billboard space to catch job seekers’ attention as they move or walk by. This way, more candidates learn about the job openings. Billboard recruiting works even better when companies use ads targeting certain areas or groups. But the big signs you see along roads are digital billboards in busy cities and ads on buses, trains, and cars. These ads move around, so they reach lots of different people.

4. Attracting More Applicants to Your Company

Creating a positive impression at a new job can attract more people to apply. Employees’ willingness to learn makes the company seem demanding to others. Moreover, when new team members contribute positively and adapt well to the work environment, they can spread the word about the company to others interested in joining. Therefore, when everyone performs effectively in their new roles, it enhances the company’s reputation and makes it more attractive to potential hires.

5. Using Podcast Guest Appearances

Podcasting has become popular for reaching many people, and it’s a great chance for recruiters to show off their company. Podcasting is nowadays recruiting ideas outside the box. By being a guest on podcasts about their field of work, recruiters can talk to new groups of people and discuss job opportunities more fascinatingly.

Appearing as a guest on a podcast as part of your hiring plan can be a great way to talk to more people who might want to work for you and make more people aware of your brand. Here’s how you can use podcasts to find good people to join your team:

A. Identify Relevant Podcasts

Explore podcasts that match your industry, your company’s culture, or the particular jobs you’re trying to fill. Search for podcasts that many people listen to and talk about things related to your company or the abilities you want in job applicants.

B. Reach Out to Podcast Hosts

Write to the hosts or producers after finding podcasts you like. Tell them why you’d be a good guest and how you can help their listeners. Talk about any things you know about hiring individuals, work environments, or what’s new in different industries.

C. Prepare Engaging Content

Before you go on the podcast, get ready by making interesting content that people will like. Talk about how your company hires people, advice for people looking for jobs, or what’s happening in your industry. Make sure your content matches what the podcast listeners like, and also tell them a bit about your company without being too obvious.

D. Promote Your Appearance

After publishing your podcast episode, use your company’s social media and email newsletters to tell people about it. Ask your coworkers to share the episode with their friends and family so more people can listen. You can also put the podcast on your job website or include it in emails to people who might want to work with you.

E. Engage with Listeners

After you’re on a podcast, watch the comments and messages from listeners. Answering their questions or comments can help you connect with them and show that your company cares about talking to individuals in the community.

6. Find Unique Places for Offline Ads

Finding special places to put up ads that are not on the internet is really important for finding people to hire. Online sites are good for finding potential candidates, but not everyone is always online. Here are some outside-the-box ways that ads that are not online can help with hiring:

A. Asking People You Know

Asking your friends and people you work with if they know anyone who would be good to hire is a smart idea. This way, you can find good candidates through people you already know.

B. Going to Job Fairs

Going to job fairs lets you meet people looking for jobs in person. Talking face-to-face with someone can help you get to know them better and decide whether they fit the job well.

C. Going to Networking Events & Conferences

Going to events where people in your industry gather is another way to find new people to hire. You can meet people who are passionate about their work and might not be looking for jobs online.

D. Putting Up Ads in Real Places

Putting ads on TV, radio, and newspapers can help you reach people who aren’t online. Also, advertising in local places where many people go, like community centers and shops, can help you find people in your area.

E. Using Bulletin Boards in the Community

Putting up ads on bulletin boards in busy places like schools or train stations can help you find people looking for jobs. It’s a way to make sure lots of people see your ads.

By trying out these outside-the-box ways to advertise in places not on the internet, you can find great people to hire who might not be looking for jobs online.

Traditional offline job advertising involves posting ads on bulletin boards in bustling locales such as train stations, eateries, and cafes. Risk to turn by selecting unique locations to spark conspiracy.

Consider the approach taken by Volkswagen when they desired proficient new mechanics. The automotive massive sent damaged vehicles to repair shops throughout Germany, secretly implanting job advertisements under each car. This creative campaign collected attention from mechanics, who struggled with the ads while tending to the damaged vehicles, resulting in a surge of job applications.

7. Deliberate on Implementing Regular Walk-in Recruitment Gatherings

Walk-in interviews make hiring easier for both companies and job seekers. These interviews help companies quickly find the right people for the job and the company culture. The company recruitment team can make decisions faster and save money because they don’t need to spend much on advertising. Companies can see how candidates interact and act professionally during the interview. Sometimes, they even hire people immediately if they’re a good fit. For job seekers, walk-in interviews are suitable because they don’t need to schedule an appointment.

Companies get feedback fast and can improve their job search based on it. Also, meeting employers face-to-face can make a big impression and lead to a job offer on the spot. Overall, walk-in interviews save time and help both companies and job seekers.

Deloitte Corporation, based in New York City, has introduced a unique approach to recruiting. The company hosts monthly “Coffee with Recruiters” sessions where individuals can drop in and chat with hiring managers over a cup of coffee. Also, they organize “After-Hours Recruitment Mixers” targeted at professionals who work late shifts. Inspired by networking events in the tech industry, these gatherings provide an informal setting for potential candidates to connect with company representatives. It’s not just about job interviews; it’s about encouraging relationships and creating opportunities for meaningful conversations about career paths.

8. Use Radio Ads

Employers can use radio ads to reach lots of potential job seekers. Many people listen to the radio weekly, so it’s an out-of-the-box recruiting strategy to connect with qualified candidates. Whether driving, working, or hanging out at home, radio ads can grab Job seekers’ attention and tell them about job opportunities. Plus, there are other platforms like Spotify and Pandora where ads can reach even more interested people. So, radio ads are a smart way to inform job seekers about available jobs.

9. Engaging with Social Media Comments

The comments section of social media platforms can be a treasure for recruiters seeking active and engaged candidates. By actively participating in dialogues and reaching out to potential candidates, recruiters can build connections and source talent more organically.

10. Utilize the Power of Influencers

In today’s world of finding the right people for jobs, recruiters must think out of the box. That’s where influencer marketing helps. Influencer marketing is like having a popular friend help spread the word about a job. By teaming up with trusted influencers with a big online following, recruiters can reach and build trust with more people. This helps cut through all the other job postings and ensures recruiters stay up-to-date with what’s working. Adding influencer marketing to your recruitment plan can make a big difference, attracting the best people to join your team.

For example, imagine you run a company that helps travel nurses find jobs. You could work with a popular travel nurse on TikTok to tell their followers about your job openings.

Influencer marketing isn’t just an out-of-the-box recruiting idea – it works. Lots of people, about 80%, make decisions based on what influencers recommend. So, by using influencer marketing in recruiting, Companies could change the game and find some amazing new team members.

11. Text with potential candidates:

Communicating with potential job candidates through text messages is another great out-of-the-box recruiting strategy for recruiters to make things easier and better for everyone. Texting software helps recruiters talk to many people quickly, like screening candidates, setting up interviews, or reminding applicants about important things. People usually quickly open and respond to texts, so it’s a good way to keep in touch. Recruiters can still make each message feel personal, even when talking to many candidates simultaneously.

Some platforms even let recruiters customize messages easily, making candidates feel special. Texting with recruiters is convenient for candidates because they can chat without making phone calls or sending personal emails, which is especially helpful if employees are at work. Studies have found that candidates who get texts from recruiters feel much better about the job search process, showing that texting is a valuable tool for recruiters.

12. Implementing Career Page Chatbots

A recruiting chatbot is a good tool that helps make applying for jobs easier. The recruiting chatbot works like a helpful robot that talks to you and collects information needed for job applications. These HR chatbots can do all kinds of things, from keeping friendly conversations with candidates to understanding their questions and intentions. When setting up a chatbot for your company, it’s important to figure out your company’s needs and goals. You’ll want to choose a recruiting chatbot that treats everyone fairly, talks to candidates in a friendly way, works well on phones, keeps your company’s style consistent, and works with your job application system.

You can customize the chatbot to match your company’s logo, colors, and voice, making your company look even cooler! With the right chatbot, you can make hiring faster, get more people to finish their job applications, and make candidates happier overall.

13. Exploring Niche Job Boards

Specialized job boards, known as niche job boards, are becoming more important in the hiring world. These websites focus on specific industries, jobs, or groups of people, which makes them great for finding the right candidates. Recruiters like using niche job boards because they help them find the perfect fit for their job openings. As more recruiters realize how helpful these boards are, they use them to find the best people for the job, even if they aren’t actively looking for work. This means more options for companies and more opportunities for job seekers.

These job boards let recruiters connect with candidates and show off their company culture. Case studies in healthcare and technology prove that niche job boards work. So, if recruiters want to succeed in finding the right people for their jobs, they need to start using niche job boards as part of their hiring strategy.

14. Hosting Hiring Events

Planning a successful recruitment event takes careful preparation and confirming everything runs smoothly. The main goal is to bring recruiters and candidates together in a way that helps both sides. Whether a face-to-face event or online, the aim is to find good prospective employees for job openings and show why the company is a great workplace. It’s important to talk clearly about the event, advertise it well, and sort out all the little details. Recruiters should also use the event to not only fill the jobs they have now but also to find people who might be right for future jobs and to make friends in the talent community.

15. Reviving Old-fashioned Tactics with a Modern Twist

While digital recruiting solutions are valuable, there’s still merit in traditional tactics with a modern twist. From attending job fairs to utilizing direct mail campaigns, recruiters can use these time-tested methods alongside innovative technologies to attract candidates.

16. Craft an Innovative Job Title to Capture Candidates’ Interest

Have you ever noticed how some job titles and descriptions seem more exciting than others? Let’s find out why job titles and descriptions are so important! Job titles work like magnets, attracting people’s interest in a job. An engaging title, such as “Social Media Sorcerer,” can make a job sound exciting!

But wait, there’s more to it than just the title. The job description is like the heart of the job listing. It gives you all the details about the job – what you’ll do and what skills you need. A good job description makes you go, “Wow, this job sounds fantastic!”

Crafting job titles and descriptions is like telling an exciting story. It’s all about using the right words to capture people’s attention. A good job title can make you interested and excited about the job.

Imagine seeing a job ad for a “Digital Innovation Architect” or a “Customer Experience Wizard” – wouldn’t that make you want to know more?

17. Using Stealthy Job Ads

Stealth hiring, also known as secret hiring, helps companies hire people without letting everyone know. Stealth hiring keeps things secret, finds great workers through trusted sources, hires quickly and smoothly, handles tough situations, and keeps the company’s money safe while helping it grow. The Stealth hiring method focuses on keeping things private, being fast, and finding good workers, which helps companies hire the right employees while keeping important information safe and staying ahead of the competition.

For example, Apple quietly advertised a job for an engineer to lead an important project. They hid the job notice in a secret place on their computer system, making it hard to find unless you knew where to look.

Likewise, Amazon employs various stealth hiring methods to attract top talent across its business units, including e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital entertainment. The company continually conducts targeted recruitment campaigns to place candidates with specific technical skills or industry experience. Amazon also invests heavily in employer branding initiatives to grow a desirable image among job seekers, attracting them to explore career opportunities within the organization.

Tesla, led by CEO Elon Musk, is known for its innovative approach to electric vehicles, renewable energy, and talent acquisition. The company often engages in stealth hiring by directly approaching individuals with specialized skills or expertise in areas such as automotive engineering, battery technology, and artificial intelligence. Tesla’s recruitment efforts highlight candidates passionate about its mission and ready to welcome its fast-paced, entrepreneurial culture.

They might include a banner saying “Congratulations,” colours the new employee likes, or hints about their favourite hobbies.

18. Encouraging Former Employees to Return

Encouraging old employees to come back helps when hiring new people. Hiring old employees is one of the recruiting ideas outside the box that is often used by big companies nowadays. First, these old employees already know many people at the company, so they can fit in quickly and start working well instantly. Second, they often bring back new skills they learned from other jobs, which makes the company even better. Third, old employees don’t need as much training because they already know how things work. Plus, having them back can help the company understand what a working company is like, so veteran staff can improve it. Returning old employees makes hiring new ones easier and saves time and money.

Bringing back talented workers who did well before has many extras, like filling job openings faster and making the training process smoother. These old employees know a lot about how things work in the company and have proved they can do well.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn practices returning hiring by rehiring former employees who have acquired valuable experience and skills. Former employees understand the benefits of returning former employees who already understand the company culture and can hit the ground running in their new roles.

Microsoft: Microsoft has a dedicated program called the “Microsoft Alumni Network,” which aims to stay connected with former employees and provide opportunities for them to return to the company. They recognize the importance of rehiring hires to bring back top talent and Promote community among current and former employees.

19. Gamify Your Employee Referral Program

Using your employees’ connections is a great way to find good people for jobs through personal recommendations. When employees suggest candidates, it helps the company find new talent quickly and expands the pool of potential hires.

But even though it’s a good method, not many employees are involved in suggesting people for jobs. 

20. Embrace the Strategic Approach

The time it takes to fill a job can be pretty long, according to LinkedIn. It can be more than 33 days in some industries. To make things faster, it’s smart to have a plan.

Usually, when a company hires someone, it’s a quick process. Once they choose a candidate, that’s it. But it’s better to keep in touch with candidates even after the decision is made. This helps build a strong group of potential hires and makes it quicker to fill roles.

One way to do this is by staying in touch with candidates and letting them know about new job openings when they come up. Also, keeping them engaged can be done by sending them a monthly newsletter. This newsletter can include helpful stuff like tips for interviews, updates on job opportunities in the industry, and stories of candidates who succeeded.

Final Thoughts: Recruiting Ideas Outside the Box

In conclusion, by adopting these out-of-the-box recruiting strategies, organizations can differentiate themselves in a competitive hiring market and connect with top talent. From using emerging media channels to reviving old-fashioned tactics, there are countless opportunities for recruiters to think outside the box and open new routes for talent acquisition.