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About Arfat Group of Tirocinium (AGT)

Our Parent Group

A Brief History

The Arfat Group of Tirocinium (AGT for short) was founded in 2005 as an educational institution providing technical and professional education in a limited number of technical and vocational programs. The number of programs grew over time along with the actual facilities and resources.

Given the excellent quality of educational services offered here, AGT quickly gained a reputation as one of the best technical and vocational training institutions in Pakistan.

In a short period of time, we had about 400 new students walking through AGT’s doors each month, all of whom were great candidates for overseas vacancies.  Seeing this and our state-of-the-art trade testing facility, local recruitment agencies began approaching us to gain access to our students and our trade testing center.

This constant demand led to the establishment of AGT Services International, a subsidiary of AGT specializing in the recruitment and development of talent for overseas markets.      

AGT is now a group of 05 companies active in different business sectors. 

Out of these subsidiaries, AGT Institute of Technical & Professional Education plays a key role in our recruitment business and is responsible for organizing and overseeing all training (post or pre-employment) and trade exam services. 

Subsidiaries of Arfat Group of Companies

AGT Services International

A specialist in recruiting general labor, skilled labor and professionals from Pakistan for corporate clients worldwide.


A Government-accredited technical and vocational training institution offering training in over 50 different programs with the help of experienced industry specialists. More than 50,000 students have been certified successfully, to date.

AGT Trade Testing

A nationally recognized trade testing center based on state of the art, fully equipped labs and workshops and the best industry experts. It is capable of conducting all kinds of trade tests according to international criteria.

AGT Cyber Solutions (Software House)

AGT Travels & Tourism (AGTT&T)

Offers air ticketing, Hajj and Umrah packages, visa services, file preparation, document attestation, hotel reservations and national and international tourism packages.

AGT Real Estate Management & Deveoplers)

Undertakes real estate management, development, building and investment.

AGT Group Organogram

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