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About Arfat Group of Tirocinium (AGT)

Our Parent Group

A Brief History

Arfat Group of Tirocinium or AGT for short, was established in 2005 as an educational institute providing technical and professional education in a small number of courses. The number of courses grew over time along with the actual facility as well as resources.

In light of the excellent quality of educational services being provided here, AGT soon made a name for itself as one of the best such institutes in Pakistan.

Given that almost 400 new students walked through the doors of AGT every month, all of them suitable candidates for job openings abroad, we were regularly approached by local and international companies to help them resolve manpower issues. Also, being equipped with all the equipment and lab facilities necessary for trade testing, we soon became the number one trade testing facility as well. 

This constant demand drove the emergence of AGT Services International, our subsidiary dealing in overseas manpower recruitment and human resource development.

AGT is now a group of 05 companies active in different business sectors. 

From amongst our sister concerns, AGT Institute of Technical & Professional Education is a key player in our manpower supply business and is responsible for organizing and overseeing all our training (post or pre-hiring) and trade testing services at the back-end. 

Subsidiaries of Arfat Group of Tricinium (AGT)

AGT Group Organogram

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