Manpower Recruitment Agency for Oman in Pakistan

Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Oman in Pakistan

أفضل وكالة توظيف القوى العاملة لسلطنة عمان في باكستان

AGT Services International (AGTSI) is the best manpower recruitment agency in Malaysia and Pakistan. AGTSI has strong ties with several well-known companies in Oman. These companies opt to collaborate with us because of our standing as the premier manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan for Oman.

Why Are We The Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Oman in Pakistan for Employers?

AGTSI is renowned as the premier manpower recruitment agency for Oman in Pakistan. With a distinguished history of successful manpower employment in reputable Omani companies, our clients rely on us to source top talent from Pakistan to work in Oman. Here are several compelling reasons why partnering with us for hiring Pakistani workers is a strategic decision for your organization in Oman:

1. Rich in Experience

With years of experience working with Omani organizations, we have gained an in-depth understanding of their specific hiring needs. This enables us to identify and recruit the most suitable candidates for your organization quickly and efficiently.

2. Foreign Industry Experts on Our Team

Our team of foreign industry experts brings a wealth of experience to the table and ensures that you get the best possible candidates. We take the risk out of manpower recruitment and make the process seamless and hassle-free.

3. Comprehensive and Unique Suite of Services

We are the only recruitment agency in Pakistan that provides a complete suite of recruitment services under one roof. Our complete approach simplifies the process and saves you time and effort.

4. Fast, Reliable and Hassle Free Recruitment Process

Lastly, we make the entire recruitment process more manageable, reliable, and fast for you. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every step. Trust us to help you find suitable candidates for your organization’s needs.

The range of services available from the best recruitment agency for Oman in Pakistan

Are you searching for the top workforce recruitment agency for Oman in Pakistan? Look no further than AGT Services International. With years of experience working with Omani organizations, we have a deep understanding of their hiring demands and can provide you with unparalleled recruitment services. Here are some of the services we offer:

1. Manpower Recruitment Services

Our experienced team is dedicated to identifying and selecting the best candidates for all your hiring needs. We offer complete recruitment, staffing, and talent search services for businesses and industries of all types.

2. Trade Testing Services

At AGTSI, we understand the importance of assessing the skills and knowledge of candidates. That’s why we provide all-inclusive trade test services, including outdoor trade testing for drivers, heavy machinery operators, mechanics, auto technicians, and more. Our state-of-the-art labs and workshops in Pakistan ensure accurate and reliable testing results.  (Read More)

3. Training Services

We also offer customized training programs to help your workforce perform at their best. Our refresher courses and short-term training programs are designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Why do Omani Employers Choose Workers from Pakistan to Work in Oman?

1. Resilient With Excellent Learning Ability, Skills & Experience

Pakistan is a country with a vast pool of skilled and unskilled workers from all kinds of industries. Pakistani Job seekers are known for their hard work, loyalty, skills, and learning ability. Moreover, their ability to work in harsh weather is impressive. Oman has a hot desert climate similar to most parts of Pakistan, making Pakistani workers an excellent choice for Oman.

2. Because Pakistani Workers are Strongly Attracted to Oman

Pakistani workers are keen to work in Oman. They have a strong desire to work there and are eager for the opportunity to do so. Some of the reasons Pakistanis love working in Oman are;

3. A Strong Economy, Great Quality of Life, Excellent Prospects Beckons

Oman is a rapidly developing country with a strong economy. It is a central hub for industries such as tourism, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, agriculture and fisheries, providing lucrative job opportunities for Pakistani workers with great prospects and excellent living conditions.

4. Strong Ties with Oman

Pakistanis have a long history of working in Oman and have built strong ties with the country, which makes it attractive to Pakistani manpower. In fact, many Pakistanis consider Oman their second home due to their longstanding ties and familiarity with the government.

5. Proximity to the Saudi Arabia

All Muslims dream of going on the Hajj or Umrah, and this is true for Pakistanis, too. They realize that living and working in Oman brings them a lot closer to Makkah and Madinah. Consequently, they find Hajj and Umrah economical because of Oman’s proximity to Saudi Arabia, with permission from their sponsors, of course.

6. Affinity for Arab Culture

Pakistanis have a strong affinity for Arab culture, and Oman’s culture is quite similar to that of Pakistan. Many aspects of both cultures, including religion, family structure, norms, social structure, hospitality, etc., are much the same. Moreover, Pakistanis’ love of Arabic stems from their love and respect for the Quran. Oman’s proximity to Pakistan and the similarity in culture and language make living and working in Oman very attractive for Pakistanis.

7. Proximity to Home

Oman is relatively close to Pakistan, which makes it easier for Pakistani workers to visit and maintain ties with their families back home. Travelling between Oman and Pakistan takes less time than between Islamabad and Lahore, which is a significant advantage for workers who want to stay connected with their loved ones.

In conclusion, Pakistani workers are an excellent choice for Oman due to their resilience, learning ability, skills, and experience. Oman’s rapidly developing economy and its proximity to Pakistan, along with the similarity in culture, language, and affinity for Arab culture, make it an appealing destination for Pakistani workers.

Why Are We The Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Oman in Pakistan for Job-Seekers?

Oman offers excellent job opportunities with outstanding salaries and benefits. As the Government of Oman is focusing on improving the living and working conditions for expats, job security is also increasing. Additionally, the country’s fast-growing economy and healthy business environment ensure that salaries and benefits will continue to improve.

1. Strong Ties with Oman Companies

Our commitment to honesty and transparency makes us the best manpower recruitment agency for Oman in Pakistan. We prioritize customer satisfaction, which has earned us the trust of Oman clients. This trust has led to strong relationships with Oman companies.

2. Our Policy of Complete Transparency

AGTSI follow a strict “total transparency” policy, ensuring trust between all parties involved. We never compromise on merit and carefully check candidates’ documentation and references to ensure reliability. We are 100% transparent with our hires, never overstating or sugarcoating facts. Clear briefing sessions, recorded on camera, explain all terms and conditions, duties, and expectations to new Pakistani potential conditions. Hires sign a document in both Urdu and the host country’s language, and the employer receives copies of the briefing and signed document for their records.

3. Clear Briefing for New Hires

Our clear briefing sessions for new hires cover all aspects of the job, including salary and benefits, overtime opportunities, food and accommodation facilities, transport, air tickets, job contracts and requirements, job descriptions, leaves, probationary period, and any other expectations or requirements. By signing a document confirming their understanding and acceptance of all terms and conditions, hires enter our archives.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in finding a great job in Oman, AGTSI can help. As the best manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan for Oman, we prioritize transparency and customer satisfaction, fostering solid relationships with Omani companies. Leave your details on our Job Seeker Portal, and we will contact you.

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