Manpower Recruitment Agency

Stating that we are the No.1 Manpower Recruitment agency in Pakistan is a huge claim.  Here’s why we can do so;

Greatest Reach In the Market

Thanks to our headhunting team’s well-planned and well-designed advertising campaigns, we reach a huge number of ‘the right people’ for the jobs in a short period of time  it doesn’t matter if it’s general construction workers, factory workers, service sector/hospitality workers, security guards, LTV/HTV drivers, welders and fabricators, salesmen or doctors, engineers and accountants or some other industry.  This makes it possible for us to go through a large number of applicants and come up with the a big number of suitable candidates quite quickly.  This gives our clients a large number of people to choose the best ones from.  Thanks again to the ardent marketing and advertising strategies of our headhunting team, we are around 30% faster than our competitors in turn around!

It Takes One To Know One

Our Quorum of Qualified Industry Specialists

Working with us opens the doors to a great resource of technical expertise for you.  We have more than 50 training courses from different industries and skill segments being taught at our AGT Institute of Technical & Professional Education right now, this means that we have a large number of qualified, highly skilled and experienced industry specialists and professionals belonging to all sorts of industries, working for us as teachers and trainers.  Having extensive practical experience, in most cases, extensive international experience, our trainers are masters at identifying skill, talent and potential for any industry imaginable.  None of our competitors can claim such prowess because they just don’t have the resources or the infrastructure.  As a matter of fact, many of them hire our services to take care of the trade testing and training for their contracts. The bottom line here is that we can find just the right people for your workforce, without hassle and with complete surety.  

Trade Tests Anyone?

Our state of the art in-house Trade Test Center

Unlike our competitors, we can boast about having one of the best Government approved, fully equipped, state of the art trade test centers in the industry!  

Our trade test center is fully equipped with the latest in tools and technology to help you test your potential employees.  Whatever material may be needed will be made available by us.

Our trade test center is managed and maintained by our technical training institute, AGTIT&PE.  Although we offer our trade testing services to our competitors, the Government or other local companies too, our direct customers from other countries, like you,  looking for human resource recruitment and hiring services get first priority.

We’re Pros, We Mean Business!

Dedicated Specialists for Every Step in the Process.

Very few companies, if at all, have the resources, infrastructure and manpower that we do when it comes to offering manpower recruitment services.  You will mostly see one or two people operating their recruitment business, going it alone.  These are hardworking people, but unfortunately, not professionals.  

Ours on the other hand is not a small setup.  We have a huge facility, capable of seating up to 400 candidates at a time.  Staff members, each a specialist in whatever particular aspect of the manpower recruitment and hiring process he is responsible for.  Our staff is extremely courteous and flexible and will bend over backwards to satisfy our clients.

We do not take your business lightly and will throw all our combined skills and efforts at it to make it happen as smoothly, quickly and efficiently, keeping it all extremely professional. 

And The Winner Is…

You get all of this and more under one roof!!

Not only do you get to take home the best workforce ever, you get to do it all in one place with the best service and facilities at your fingertips! And all of this without having to go through the rigmarole of jumping from one facility to the next every step of the process.  This makes the whole process of manpower recruitment a lot faster, cost effective and much more user friendly.  To summarize, you get lots and lots more ‘bang’ for the buck working with us rather than with our competitors.  

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