Manpower Recruitment Agency in Malaysia

AGT Services International is a preferred manpower recruitment agency in Malaysia.  We provide a compendium of manpower recruitment, hiring, and trade testing-related services to firms based in Malaysia, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Singapore, Germany, Romania, Japan, Poland, South Africa, and many other countries, etc.  Unlike other manpower agencies in Malaysia, we are labeled with very high standards of the services we offer. AGTSI assure working completely transparent and professional manner.

Our manpower recruitment agency in Malaysia is attributed to competence and professionalism with dependable manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan and Malaysia.  We not only recruit and hire people but also furnish trade testing.  Our manpower recruitment agency panels professionals from all skill sets qualified enough and AGTSI trade testing and training certificates are recognized globally.  We bank skilled professionals and are a specialized manpower agency in Malaysia for categories like

In E&I

  • Industrial Electricians,
  • E&I Charge-hands,
  • Electrical Engineers.

In Hospitality

  • Kitchen Helper,
  • Supervisor,
  • Hotel Clerk,
  • Waiter,
  • Bellhop,
  • Janitor,
  • Housekeeping Staff,
  • Porters

Providing Mechanical workforce as a true manpower recruitment agency in Malaysia

  • Piping,
  • Millwright Fitter

In Construction

  • Civil Engineer,
  • Shuttering Carpenter,
  • Finishing Carpenter,
  • Steel Fixer,
  • Chainman,
  • Building Electrician

In Safety & Security

  • Security Guard,
  • CCTV Camera Technician & Operator

General Labor / Helper

  • Factory Worker,
  • Construction Labor,
  • General / Mechanical Helpers

In Transport

  • Heavy Machinery Operators,
  • Mechanics

AGTSI also conducts trade tests for all these skill sets.  We are recruiters with highly skilled manpower supply available and skill level most suitable to the job opening.  AGTSI manpower agency in Malaysia has trade tested over 120,000 candidates for overseas manpower recruitment.  AGTSI also owns a list of over 40,000 qualified and experienced candidates from all kinds of trades to be hired by companies in Malaysia.  AGTSI welcomes clients to visit in-house trade testing facilities as well as all the facilities that would be required to conduct interviews of over 400 candidates at a time.  We also provide the client firms with separate offices, fully equipped, allowing them to conduct the interviews with complete privacy.  The AGTSI manpower agency in Malaysia also offers pre-screening services and do all print and electronic media, government clearances, completion of all related paper up to the final departure of the manpower hired through AGTSI. We are surely the best bet for hiring as a manpower recruitment agency in Malaysia. We also serve as recruiters in Iraq.

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