Our Process

How we work togather

There are three ways in which we collaborate with our clients to help them hire their desired workforce, which are standard for this industry. Upon receiving your demand specification, any of the following three methods my be adapted by mutual agreement. These are given below by industry-wide preference;

Our Pre-Assessment Criteria

We have a set criteria for pre-screening candidates before sending their details to you for further assessment. A candidate only makes it through to you if our staff of highly experienced industry professionals consider him or her capable of fulfilling the following requirements.


Dose the candidate have the highest possible skill level as required by the client?


Dose the applicant have the necessary experience required?


Is the applicant sufficiently qualified as per requirement? Is the qualification recognized by relevant authorities?

Physical ability

Dose the applicant exhibit appropriate health and physical ability as per job requirement?

verification of all docs & background check

Have our experts verify the authenticity of the candidate’s Is he blacklisted anywhere? Is he a law abiding citizen?

Psychological assessment

Will the candidate be able to work in trying conditions and under pressure? Is he committed? What are his motives? Will he skip? Is he Loyal?

Our Headhunting Process

All the CVs that we collect through our headhunting activities are thoroughly scanned to reject the ones that we feel do not meet our stringent quality standards. The ones that make the cut are then fed into our Data Bank. This data bank is our go-to for whenever there is a customer demand.

In order to generate these CVs, our headhunting process relies on the following key sources:

  • Our Marketing and Advertising activities. These activities are designed to generate fresh CVs for specific customer demands and help us stock up on fresh candidates in general. 
  • AGT Institute’s student body. We have trained over 40,000 individuals to date, who are currently on jobs. When required, we choose and select the ones that were the top of their respective classes when studying here and have gained valuable practical experience in the field after graduating from the institute.
  • Walk Ins and referrals. Having trained, trade tested and recruited thousands of individuals, we are one of the most well known names in our field in Pakistan and thus get a huge number of walk-ins and referrals. Specially from people who’ve returned from the Gulf. Our Business App users and our affiliate institutions (government and private) also regularly send us people interested in working abroad.