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AGTSI offers you the only real opportunity to recruit the most suited and appropriate manpower from Pakistan while making the whole process a lot less daunting, resource draining and unrewarding.  

Afterall, isn’t that what you’re looking for? More gain for less pain?  Read on to find out how!

AGTSI’s Awesome Portfolio of Services

Although we’ve mentioned our services in detail in another section of our website, here’s a short list to help give you an overview.  Keep in mind though, our portfolio of services is a bit different from that of our competitors; When working with us, you get all recruitment related services in one place, i.e., under one roof.  You do not need to fight this battle at multiple fronts, we do that for you, let us handle all the different aspects of the manpower recruitment process from A to Z. 

Recruitment Services: These include

  1. Mustering/Rallying Potential Candidates - Perform strategic advertising campaigns aimed at bringing together the greatest possible number of interested candidates.
  2. Screening (pre-evaluations) - Culling the large crowd of applicants down to a reasonable number that our experienced recruitment experts believe show the most potential.
  3. Interviews - Arranging and managing interview dates and appointments for your delegation.  Making all the necessary preparations to make things go as smoothly and efficiently as possible (for your delegation as well as future employees)
  4. Post Interview - Handling all the documentation etc. after the final selections have been made.  Instructing the selectees on the next steps in the process.
  5. Medical Examination - If third party medical exams are not a requirement then we can make arrangements for this to happen in-house, right at the time of the interviews.  We have the capacity to seat up to 400 people at a time.
  6. Travel Arrangements Plus - We also provide ticketing and airport drop off and related support services through our sister concern, AGT Travels & Tours.         

Our state of the Art Trade Test Center is has all facilities, equipment, materials, qualified personnel and dedicated labs available in-house.  No need to go to a third party!

  1. Technical Training: We offer in-house training services in up to 60 different industries and skills through our institute.  Refresher courses? Multi disciplinary skill set required? Training in a special skill or subject? We do it all.
  2. Language Courses: We can teach your new employees your local language to help remove the obvious communication gap.  
  3. Training in Procedures:  We can also train your future employees in general or specific company procedures as you may require. 
  4. Pre-departure Training: We always give the new hirees some training on the cultures and norms of the country they might be going to along with information about the local laws and customs along with company culture so that they fit in quickly and easily. 
  1. We handle all visa related documentation, submissions, approvals, visa stamping etc.  
  2. We also make appointments and pay fees for the workforce’s third party medical examinations and compile their results and conveying them to all interested parties.

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