Our Core Team

The Company Governance
Malik Faisal Arfat CEO AGT Rawalpindi

Chairman Malik Faisal Arfat

Malik Faisal Arfat started his career as a lecturer and trainer (visiting faculty) in 2003 to go on to launch his own training institute in 2005, which has now become Arfat Group of Tirocinium. He also started providing consultancy services related to training in 2008 to the government and private sectors. He is now known as one of the foremost training and recruitment experts in the industry.

Our Talented Heads of Team

Shehnaz Sharif

Mrs. Shehnaz Sharif

HOD Business Development Department, AGT
15 years experience in business development & intl. relations Liaison with our clients (more…)

Mr. Waqas Umer Khan

Regional Manager, Gulf
18 years experience in overseas recruitment Client meetings and immediate response (more…)

Mr. Ch Shoaib

Director Sales & Marketing
Over 15 years of experience working with various multinational companies (more…)
Usman Javed

Mr. Usman Javed

Sr. Manager Operations & Finance
10 years experience Document processing & Control Protocol & arrangements upon arrival (more…)
Faisal Rehman

Mr. Faisal Rehman

Admin Manager
10 years experience in administration (more…)
Perveez Akhtar

Mr. Perveez Akhtar

Principal, AGT IT&PE
8 years experience HOD trade testing & training departments (more…)

We are more than 50+ staff members for the help of our prestigious Clients.